Rosemary Essential Oil For Stress Related Skin Conditions

Rosemary Essential Oil

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INCI Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil is an immune boosting, hair restoring remedy that also provides mental clarity. But it’s because of it’s stress reducing capabilities as well as it’s antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that it will be added to the next Wild As The Wind face oil, FACIAL OIL No. 9, which is currently in development.

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Rosemary Essential Oil For Stress Related Skin Conditions

Because of it’s stress reducing benefits it is believed to support hormone health and is considered beneficial in eliminating Eczema, Dermatitis, Oily Skin, and Acne and for toning the skin, bringing it back into balance by removing dryness.

Rosemary Essential Oil For Stress Relief

Rosemary Essential Oil is an excellent brain and nerve tonic, which increases concentration and cognitive function as well as helping to stimulate mental activity.

On an emotional level it is an effective remedy for depression, reducing Cortisol and, therefore, stress, as well as mental fatigue, and forgetfulness.

In the article Stress Is The Cause Of All Illness, the extremely detrimental effects of stress are listed. Needless to say, anything which can reduce and eliminate the effects of stress, as well as actually reducing the stress response before it has even happened, is a very valuable asset in our healthcare regimes.

Rosemary Essential Oil For WiFi Induced Stress Conditions

Rosemary Essential Oil is considered to be the best defence against the stress of EMF, which is causing untold damage to us and our pets. It is also reeking havoc on wildlife and in nature as a whole. Insects and birds are baring the brunt of this.

Rosemary Essential Oil protects and restores nerve tissue and DNA.

Rosemary Essential Oil is one of the critically important ingredients in Hormone & EMF Detox, which goes a long way to help protect us from DNA damage whilst at the same time reducing the amount of stress related damage we sustain from the constant electromagnetic stress in our environments.

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Rosemary Essential Oil For Stress Related Emotional Conditions

Rosemary Essential Oil is immensely emotionally supportive. Like Frankincense Essential Oil this delightfully aromatic herbal essential oil has the ability to provide mental clarity, where there was confusion and panic, and mental focus where there was a lack of vision. Sandalwood Essential Oil is also excellent for this purpose.

It is an exceptionally clearing essential oil, and will, in fact, clear the sinuses and respiratory tract, even to the point of eliminating respiratory infection, if used correctly. It’s the ability of Rosemary Essential Oil to clear away all unnecessary and troublesome impediments which allows it to so successfully reduce stress and provide much needed emotional support.

Rosemary Essential Oil & Gut Health

It is believed that Rosemary Essential Oil addresses most of the symptoms of leaky gut and broad spectrum food allergies, which are at the root cause of many dermal issues. The medical community is increasingly aware that, owing to environmental toxins, in the form of endocrine disrupting Xenoestrogens, hormone imbalance is likely to play a key role in many chronic skin conditions.

Rosemary Essential Oil’s role in reducing stress and supporting immune function (80% of which resides in the gut), are critically important factors in addressing the root cause of many skin conditions. This is also true of the many cognitive dysfunctions it helps to quell.

It’s because Rosemary Essential Oil improves cognitive function that this exceptional essential oil has rightly earned it’s reputation as the oil of remembrance.

Buy Essential OilsFurther reading: Stress Is The Cause Of All Illness.

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