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Sandalwood Essential Oil Energy Healing Benefits

The energetic benefits of using Sandalwood Essential Oil are many and varied. It is a potent, ancient remedy for healing on all levels.

Like Rose Essential Oil it is very aromatically healing. Possessing an incredibly alluring, sophistocated aroma, it has been extensively used in perfumery throughout the ages.

In fact, Sandalwood Essential Oil is the base oil used to create many ancient Eastern perfumes, which are also know as Atars. This is a practice which is still very much in use to this day.

Sandalwood Essential Oil & Our Energy Body

Sandalwood Essential Oil exerts healing effects on all of our Chakras, bringing all into balance. It aligns us with our intuitive abilities and gently guides us to come at life from a loving perspective, thereby appeasing & focusing the mind. It is this focus which permits us the clarity to listent to our intuition and our hearts desire, allowing us to make profoundly healthy choices for ourselves as individuals.

On the basis that “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, it is everyone’s spiritual destiny to develop intuitive abilities and to learn to discern what is healthy and what is not healthy for us as individuals. We will know this because of how an idea or proposition feels.

If an opportunity feels appropriate, then this prospect is a healthy one. But, if it feels inappropriate, then this option is better taken by someone else…

Simple! (The true answers always are!)

Sandalwood Essential Oil For Emotional Healing

Sandalwood Essential Oil also engenders self love and love of others. It facilitates the releasing of old emotional wounds, slights, jealousies & injustices, thereby facilitating a compassionate outlook.

Sandalwood Essential Oil & Rose Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil vibrates energetically at a very grounding frequency of 96 MHz. Rose Essential Oil resonates at 320 MHz, which is the highest resonance of all essential oils.

But, where Rose Essential Oil teaches us about the strength needed to yield in certain situations, Sandalwood Essential Oil teaches us courage. Courage is a French word meaning Coeur, (heart), and Rage, which literally translates into “the rage of the heart”.

Courage is all about desire and an appetite for Life as well as creative expression… Courage is even about the call of the wild, where we can experience our greatest communion of all that is important in this world. Communing with nature is like fast-tracking our focus back to our spiritual imperatives, and allows us to more easily remember our Divine origins.

Rose, alternatively, is all about surrender & acceptance & listening to that still, small voice within.

Sandalwood is the Yang to Rose’s Yin.

Rose Essential Oil and Sandalwood Essential Oil are both present in FACIAL OIL No. 2 where they work in synergy to elicit profound emotional healing.

I am working through a lot of emotions that are coming up and find the facial oil No. 2 on my vagus nerve incredible.

Jacqui, London

***The vagus nerve governs the parasympathetic nervous response, aka the rest, relax and restore response in the body, which allows us to heal on every level.

Sandalwood Essential Oil & Our Humanity

Sandalwood Essential Oil helps us to align ourselves with the Life Force of incarnated souls. It is very much the energetic essential oil of humanity.

Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil is great for those trying to master the following Universal Laws

Sandalwood Essential Oil & Universal Law

  • Law of Judgement
  • Law of Responsibility
  • Law of Integrity
  • Law of Acceptance
  • Law of Flow
  • Law of Oneness.

Contraindications: There are no known major side effects of Sandalwood Essential Oil. It is an important ingredient in FACIAL OIL No. 2, (Wild As The Wind’s best selling product), and thus has been tested on thousands of people. However, on a rare occasion skin irritation has been recorded, but it is very unlikely Sandalwood Essential Oil was the culprit. 

-> Always dilute essential oils & perform a patch test before general use.
-> Those with kidney disease, pregnant or breastfeeding women & children & babies should not use sandalwood internally.

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