Sending Money To Friends & Family On PayPal

Sending Money To Friends & Family On PayPal

I am receiving more telephone and email enquiries about products. I’m loving the personal nature of these exchanges!

I am happy to receive orders in this way, even though it can be very time consuming, and I’m already running at full capacity. Making everything by hand is a time consuming affair… but it is a labour of love all the same!

And, I completely understand why not everyone can use the Wildasthewinds Etsy page… So, this is definitely the way forward.

*However, if you can use the Wildasthewinds Etsy page it’d be very much appreciated.

Paying For Goods

Paying for items ordered via email and over the phone is possible via PayPal

There’s two options when using PayPal, as detailed below…

Using PayPal

Sign into your PayPal account, and do the following:

Click ‘My PayPal’ in the top right corner of the page

A new menu will appear

On the top left-hand side of the page select ‘Money’

This will reveal a sidebar on the left of the page containing several options.

Select the option to ‘Send Or Request Money’

Under the ‘Send Money’ heading at the top of the page, select one of the following

‘Send to Friends and Family’


‘Pay For Goods & Services’

Select one of these and simply add my email address:

rachelwildis [at]

Click ‘Next’

Add the amount and immediately beneath this select ‘GBP’ as your currency

You can add a note beneath this if you desire

Click ‘Continue’

Confirm your request and you should be all done.

Applicable Charges

If you select ‘Send to Friends and Family’ you will incur small charges for sending money.

If you select ‘Pay For Goods & Services’ I will incur the charges.


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