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Wild Digital offers a complete range of digital marketing and PR services in addition to a full suite of support services…

Our integrated approach to marketing permits us to provide clients with a complete and tailored marketing solution.

This is ideal for small businesses and start-ups as optimal support is given.

Established businesses and Small to Medium Sized Enterprises, (SME’s), may not require a complete marketing package. For this reason we offer modular support to compliment existing in-house marketing activities.

We deploy a broad range of systems and strategies to achieve results. Conventional marketing and PR support is available as is a full suite of digital services including: digital PR, search marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, content creation, content curation and email marketing.

Technical and design services include:

Website development and hosting: WordPress developemt + design services for web and print.

Copywriting: Web content, press releases, editorial content.

We also offer Crowdfunding Consultancy and Crowdfunding Campaign Management to businesses at all stages of development.

Contact us for a free telephone consultation to discuss your requirements

Marketing and PR Modules Explained

Marketing Intelligence: for start-ups who need to know where to start, and for mature businesses that wish to diversify. In-depth research of niche markets is an essential marketing function that permits clients to avoid costly mistakes and identify opportunities that they may not have been aware of. Capitalising on market insights allows businesses to grow in a streamlined and structured way, with maximum cost-efficiency and profitability at the heart of every decision.

Marketing Plans: present market insights and opportunities in an actionable format, identifying business development and marketing methodologies that can either be implemented by the client or by Wild Digital on behalf of the client. Marketing plans provide businesses with an all-encompassing template with which to grow in stature.

Marketing Strategies: are specific to a particular idea, as opposed to the more generalist approach adopted when creating a marketing plan. Marketing strategies are usually devised to support minor or major changes within a business, such as a small but essential modification to a product or service or the launch of a new product range or suite of services.

PR Strategies: are designed to support marketing activities by extending market reach and amplifying the marketing message. PR strategies are essential when launching new products and services, particularly those that are inspired by innovation. Every modification to a business is newsworthy, but stories that are truly inspiring are the ones that have most merit… and appeal.

Social Media Strategies: are developed in conjunction with marketing and PR strategies. The importance of social media makes it impossible to run effective marketing and PR campaigns without employing the use of social media. Strategies address two fundamental needs; the creation and establishment of a business within social media spheres, and the deployment of social media activity to assist in amplifying marketing messages and extending market reach.

Social Media Management: Whether you are new to social media or overwhelmed by the demands of keeping pace with social media developments or simply unable to factor in the time and resources to effectively participate on social media platforms, Wild Digital will provide you with a bespoke social media management package that will take all of the pain out of social media engagement leaving you to take advantage of the opportunities the social media involvement creates.

Reputation Management: The internet provides unparallelled opportunities for an affordable means of promoting a business and creating online marketplaces. It is also, however, not without the potential for problematic exchanges of information, that if left unchecked could escalate into potentially damaging scenarios. A number of high profile corporations have suffered the consequences of public sentiment turning sour and their brands have suffered as a consequence. But small businesses aren’t immune to these issues. Monitoring what people are saying about your business is a vital aspect of internet involvement. Not only will it ensure that problems are nipped in the bud, but it will also mean that the information gleaned from reputation management processes can be used to make well informed decisions about you business in the future.

Crowdfunding Consultancy: Crowdfunding is an exceptional means of raising funds to launch a start-up or fund expansion, but it’s a complex marketplace to navigate. We provide support to those who are new to crowdfunding and simply need assistance in  deciding whether on not to pursue the crowdfunding route, as well as businesses that have opted to commit to a crowdfunding campaign need assistance in selecting a crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding Campaign Management: Crowdfunding campaigns can be all-consuming and can, therefore,  have detrimental effects on the day to day running of a business. Opting to have your campaign managed for you will mean that your business will reap all of the benefits of investment, if successful, and will not suffer the ill effects of neglect. It is important to acknowledge that not every crowdfunding campaign is successful, but improved outcomes can be anticipated with with expert advice and handling.

If you would like to learn more about how Wild Digital can help your business please call us for a free telephone consultation.

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