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The Wild As The Wind Shop is open for business :: June 2020.

Your new website is a total pleasure, & as a customer you’re made welcome right from the start when your first purchase arrives with a handwritten note…
I love everything I have tried so far.
And appreciate all the wealth of information provided..
It feels personal not just pressing a button to order an item
Well done you

Susan Hardy

Our response…

Thanks so much Susan, your feedback is profoundly appreciated. I love that you are sequentially working through the Wild As the Wind products, trying them all out for yourself and reaching your own conclusions about them. Did you realise that to date you have bought Essential Oils, Nigella Sativa Oil, FACIAL OIL No. 2, Hormone Balancing Essential Oil Blend, Dead Sea Mud, Shungite Orb & Bath Salts.

In fact, you have bought such a broad variety of Wild As The Wind Products that I’ve not had the time to add half of them to the new shop!

I’m really glad you are finding the new website easy to use as well. Thank you so much for letting me know.x x xx

There’s a customer reward programme, (my way of saying thank you) for everyone’s kindness towards Wild As The Wind… you can find out more about it here… (it is essentially a guaranteed discount, amongst other things… Customer Reward Scheme

Thanks again Susan,
Sending love,

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