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Smart Meter Documentary

Everyone should watch this Smart Meter Documentary!

It exposes the many direct health risks of domestic installation of Smart Meter technology, and it also exposes us to the very real risk of cyber terrorism on an international scale.

There is a smart-grid initiative in almost every industrialised nation, happening at the same time… and what that provides is the potential for disaster to happen on a catastrophic scale.

Mike Mitcham, from the UK, is an IT Systems Consultant at http://stopsmartmeters.org/, a US based pressure group and information hotline.

Remote controlling of major grid shut-downs will cause havoc within communities and countries.

An unannounced black-out will cause havoc on the roads. As electrical signals shut down there is a very real risk of carnage…

Electrical modes of transport, like the underground, would stop… so would the lights and air-con… the potential for hysteria would be great.

A black-out at night would cause a litany of accidents… but, people undergoing surgery would be at a very definite risk, and people on life support even more so…

Then there’s the risk of looting and chaos as people quickly engage in opportunistic activities…

Oh… and then there’s the sure knowledge that the entity who has shut down the power supply remotely will commit an act of terrorism on a grand scale…

But, whilst health risks and terrorism are the worst of it there are other risks and concerns…

UK Smart Meter YouTube Video

I also urge you to watch this great UK Smart Meter YouTube video. It is excellent, and tells you all you need to know in the UK.

Still watch the feature length documentary below as it really shows you the lack of humanity driving the Smart Meter industry…

Award Winning Smart Meter Documentary Shows…

The very well made Award Winning Smart Meter Documentary, featured below, shows massive price hikes after the installation of Smart Meters.

It also exposes the very real risk of fire when Smart Meters are switched back on remotely.

The Smart Meter Documentary also exposes the very real and significant health risks of Smart Meter technology owing to dirty energy, and pulse technology that emit potentially deadly levels of radiation.

It also reveals that, in the US, properties are routinely broken into for the purpose of installing Smart Meter technology.

Take Back Your Power 2017

I very much hope that everyone watches this Smart Meter Documentary, which has been published on YouTube and can be watched without charge.

It highlights the fact that the value of the information gathered from Smart Meters is worth more than the value of the energy supplied.

The collection of this data will inevitably lead to the very significant diminishing of our civil liberties.

Smart Meters are BIG BROTHER!

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Smart Meter Documentary :: Take Back Your Power 2017

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