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Social Media Marketing

Wild Digital has performed intensive research into the power of social media. Results reveal that publishing compelling original content on social media platforms is a critical factor influencing the placement of websites within SERP’s, (search engine results pages). This trend is only set to grow, especially in view of the fact that mobile internet usage statistics are going through the roof.

Smartphones support easy access to commercial websites, but the most common usage of personal mobiles is to gain access to social media networks.

Wild Digital provide the following social media services:

Social Media Consultancy

It’s essential to be operational on the platforms that are right for your business. Different recommendations will be made for businesses that provide products and services for other businesses, (B2B), and those that market directly to consumers, (B2C). We analyse your business and advise you on which social media platforms will provide you with the highest levels of exposure and ROI, (return on investment).

Social Media Set-Up

Setting up a social media account can be challenging if you don’t know the lay of the land. It is likely that vitally important steps will be overlooked which will negatively impact the performance of your social media marketing activities. If you prefer, Wild Digital can create your social media profiles for you, calibrating them for optimal performance.

Social Media Training:

We will teach you how to use the social media platforms that you opt to work with and teach you how to interact effectively on social media.

Social media for business is very different to using social media for interacting with family and friends. There are many social media tools that can be used to enhance the appearance and performance of social media business pages. In addition, there are tools to collect data, which analyse how your content is performing so that interactions and campaigns can be refined over time. There are also tools to help automate some of the more laborious elements of maintaining social media accounts.

We will introduce you to all of the tools that you will need for your tailored social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy

We will devise an actionable social media strategy for you to implement over time, or, if prefverred this can be handled by Wild Digital. A social media strategy will usually be created in tandem with your content marketing strategy.

Social Media Analytics

There’s a dizzying array of social media analytics programs. These fall into three main categories. There’s enterprise class software for medium and large scale businesses,  some offering lower tariffs for restricted versions more suited to smaller businesses. There’s also dedicated applications designed to support smaller businesses with tariff bands pitched at affordable levels. And then there are less sophisticated free social media analytics tools for social media management on a shoestring.

Wild Digital can either provide you with analytical reports detailing your social media activities so that you can refine your approach, or we can teach you how to interpret the data yourself.

Social Media Management

When you opt for a managed social media plan we will do all of the above, except we will also handle the publishing of material on social media platforms for you. We will also manage all of the social media engagement for you. Depending on the social media plan you opt for we will either issue daily or bi-weekly activity reports. The only exceptions are if you are using social media for lead generation, in which case we may report opportunities more than once in one day.

We recommend a managed plan for businesses who are new to social media marketing. Clients that are keen to become more hands on can therefore monitor activity and learn the management processes without making any costly mistakes. Telephone support is available, at affordable rates, for those that wish to discuss particular interactions and activities so that they can better understand the intricacies of their social media marketing strategy.

Call us now to discuss how we can help support your social media activities.

Going Solo

If you would like to attempt managing all of your social media activities yourself, please feel free to subscribe to the Wild Digital Blog where you will find complimentary information about the strategic use of social media and social media tools to enhance engagement and support content marketing activities.

Social media is a fantastic means of generating brand loyalty, obtaining customer feedback and rapidly disseminating information. Some businesses are even using platforms like Twitter to manage some of their customer services activities.

There are a multitude of benefits to social media marketing if handled correctly. When managed with finesse businesses experience fantastic returns on investment.

In order to explain what social media is it is simpler to explain what it is not rather than attempt to describe all of the things that it can be..

To dispel the first common misconception…

Social Media is not simply about publicising what you do. (If it were, it wouldn’t be called social media. Instead, it would be called something like ‘advertising super-channels’.)

As the name implies, social media, is what people use to engage with their friends in a social manner, albeit within a virtual environment. That being the case, being advertised at and sold to is the last thing that people want within this environment.

Put it like this…

How would you feel is someone marched up to you at a party and started telling you all about their business, the products they carry and the special offers that they have got on at the moment? And, what if they kept on insisting that you visit their shop / website / Facebook page, etc etc… Imagine that this individual simply barged through the door, thrust their hand in yours, shook it violently whilst telling you their name, along with how great they feel about themselves. Envision them launching into their sales patter before they have even asked you your name or found out how you are. They don’t know the first thing about you… but what the heck!? You’ve got money haven’t you? Well, you are good enough for them!

Trying to sell to people via social media is tantamount to committing the above crimes in the virtual space.

Social media marketing is, therefore, all about employing all that you know and understand about social interplay and using it deftly within social media platforms.

For further information please visit the Wild Digital Blog. Or why don’t you just pick up the phone and call us?

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