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Social Media MarketingSocial Media

The internet is changing at an increasingly rapid rate. One of the driving forces for this is the ubiquitous use of Social Media.

Facebook has over one billion subscribers, Twitter is an indispensable search engine for real time news and is used comprehensibly by the media and commercial concerns for public relations and customer service activities. The more visually oriented platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are proving tremendously popular, supporting hugely engaged, demographically specific groupings of people.

The importance of Social Media

Pinterest is currently the most likely platform to deliver ROI to small businesses because of the demographic cohesion of its users and because of the loyalty of its users. Facebook has been shown to deliver the second best levels of ROI to business users.

However, it must be noted that Pinterest and Facebook, due to the nature of their users, (i.e, predominanetly populated by the buying public), are much more likely to provide B2C (Business to Consumer), businesses, such as retailers, with viable opportunities to expand their business and achieve a good return on investment (ROI).

Twitter and LinkedIn are more commercially and professionally focused and are, therefore, much more likely to yield a good ROI for B2B concerns.

Google+ offers the best of two worlds, artfully serving the interests of both B2C and B2B sectors.

Wild Digital consistently conduct internal research into social media ROI as well as devoting a considerable amount of time to monitoring social media trends. The results are conclusive.

Social media platforms are a viable way to grow your business.

Managed correctly, social media marketing can achieve good levels of ROI

Social media is becoming an indispensable tool for optimising positions within search.

Wild Digital Social Media Services:

Wild Digital provide full service social media solutions to small to medium sized businesses in the UK. Please visit our social media management page for further information.

For further information please visit the Wild Digital Blog. Or why don’t you just pick up the phone and call us for a free consultation?


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