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Here’s a selection of the kind words some of the lovely Wild As The Wind customers have shared with us. We are very grateful for all of your Wild As The Wind Testimonials, so please keep them coming! ♥

Being a very young business, that is developing all the time, certain products are more well established than others. Like our first ever product FACIAL OIL No. 2, which we launched at the same time we introduced our novel Bath Salts packaged in a face cloth…

Wild As The Wind Reviews

Do you use a Wild As The Wind product? If so, we would love to showcase your feedback here.

Please add your feedback in the comments section on this page, or on social media, or even via email. Please drop us a quick note to tell us how your products are helping you personally.

All The Great Reviews That Never Were

We get a lot of people mentioning that they absolutely must write a review about their amazing Wild As The Wind products who then never get round to penning the actual review. The All The Great Reviews That Never Were Page lists some of the better ones!

FACIAL OIL No. 2 Testimonials

As FACIAL OIL No. 2 is our longest standing product, alongside Wild As The Wind Essential Oils, it has inevitably received more feedback than our other, more recently developed products.

So we have had to create a dedicated FACIAL OIL No. 2 Testimonials page as there are just too many of them to fit comfortably on this page…

Thanks so, so much…! It’s very much appreciated.

But, please don’t stop sending them in! As you will see when you visit the FACIAL OIL No. 2 Testimonials page, the reviews have been separated into a number of sections, into which a small number of reviews have been placed.We need more reviews about all of the following… so, if you feel you have something to add, please send your feedback in as soon as possible.

Thank you!

★★★★★ 5 Star Facebook Recommendation: Hi I have just started using Rachel’s skin care products and they are amazing especially the facial oil.
Rachel is an amazing source of information and she is passionate about wellness. I can’t recommend Wild as the Wind enough.

Kim, Bristol

Reviews For Wild As The Wind Products

We are still waiting to receive reviews about quite a few Wild As The Wind products.

We are especially keen to hear what you have to say about the Pain & Inflammation Vanishing Oil as well as the Cellulite Vanishing Oil. We’ve had plenty of feedback face to face, and so we know how well they work… but we haven’t had much written feed-back about these products yet. So, please help us, and everyone else out by sending something in…

Rose Otto Essential Oil

Hydrosol Facial CleansersDead Sea Mud

Hormone Balance

Bath Salts

Pain & Inflammation Vanishing Oil

Essentil Oils

Hormone Health

Hydrosol Facial Cleansers

Rose cleanser and toner . . . . aahhhh! Heavenly scent. Deep cleans and freshens all in one. So easy and really effective. The perfect companion to use alongside Facial Oil No 2 ~ Fabulous!

Darlene, Surrey

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: Wow this is wonderful, thank you so much!

Penny, Salisbury

I recently bought Facial Oil No 2 and Frankincense Cleanser and Toner No 3 on the Etsy shop. I love both products and my friends have remarked on how good my skin looks recently. Thanks Rachel!

Karen, Weston-Super-Mare

I have been using Wild As The Wind Cleanser & Toner for 6 weeks, it is absolutely amazing and I can honestly say that I have never had so many compliments on how beautiful and clear my skin now looks.

This fantastic product totally cleanses my skin of day to day grime. I find that it really opens the pores, this prepares my skin for Wild As The Wind Facial Oil! By using the cleanser and toner first it allows all of the beautiful oils to be locked in. Love love love both products!!

Debbie, Wells

★★★★★ 5 Star Google Review :: Very helpful lady at Wells Market demonstrated cleanser and toner and facial oil number 2. Little more than I would usually pay but was assured of good results. Bought both and went straight home to give whole family facials. Skin feels fresh and glowing. Daughter hopes it will clear her complexion. Will keep you posted as to how she gets on.

Update on daughters skin…. It is looking so much better. Clearer, healthy and scars are fading away. Will definitely recommend this product. 💖

Melly, Somerset

I have been using the cleanser and toner and facial oil 2 for several weeks.

I love how these products feel on my skin and I feel they create a radiance I have not experienced before.

The oils smell divine and create a feeling of well being too.

Highly recommend them as a beautiful holistic experience.

Jo, Glastonbury

I love using your cleanser/toner because [of] the easy spray bottle. The scent is heavenly and feminine, and when I wipe my hydrosol soaked cotton pad over my face it leaves a warm even glow.

Natalie: Chelwood, Bristol

On her face, she uses the Cleanser & Toner first which really refreshes the skin and puts Facial Oil No. 2 on it. She has noticed her skin is looking more life like, she has more colour in her face, the skin is very smooth and more elastic and…

Ines, Bristol Re. Renata, Slovenia

Dead Sea Mud

My daughter and I had a pamper night and the Dead Sea face mask was amazing. My face felt baby soft afterwards and it was easy to use.

Sarah, Wells

I used to have a really unsightly red rash all around my nose and upper lip every winter. Bumps, like emerging spots, would cluster within the reddened skin. Stress would make them ten times worse. I tried lots of different ointments and creams that promised good results but none of them worked.

The best I could do was cover it all up with foundation, but I think this just made it worse in the long run… Then I discovered Dead Sea Mud. It worked wonders. I couldn’t believe how fast it would clear the rash… and it cleared it completely…. It only takes two or three intensive applications of the mud before the rash just goes. I apply it in the evenings for two or three days on the trot and then the rash just fades away.

Rachel, Somerset

Hormone Balance

Thank you for providing me this lovely product, hormonal oil, it is working deeply.

Greetings from the sunny Canary Islands

Bath Salts

The bath salts with geranium [Psoriasis and Eczema blend] were a real treat and the psoriasis on my knees is lots better and not as angry looking and scaly.

Well done on making some marvellous natural products.

Sarah, Wells

These bath salts smell AMAZING!

Rachel, Somerset

Beauty-full… really lovely, nurturing & cleansing on every level…

Lara, Bristol

Pain & Inflammation Vanishing Oil

A friend told me about your oil after she visited your stall in Wells, I believe.

I have been in pain for weeks and I tried this oil [Pain & Inflammation Vanishing Oil] and it relieved and took down the swelling in my hand. So I am happy to give you feed back.

I was a hypnotherapist before retired so I’m into natural therapies.
So, I’m willing to give my opinion and honest reviews.

Many thanks.

Kathleen, Sheffield

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: A lovely oil which I have started using for painful joints

Penny, Salisbury

Oregano & Neem Preparation

My wife purchased a solution for fungal nail infection in Wells market 5 months ago, recommended by you, after having the issue for 3 years. Nothing from the doctor or chemist has worked.
But finally there seems to be a big improvement thanks to your solution. Thank you so much for your advise and help.

On behalf of Susan, from Somerset

Ultimate Insect Repellent

I recently used the Wild As The Wind insect repellent whilst on holiday in Australia and I wasn’t bit once!

Natalie, Charterhouse-on-the-Mendips

Essentil Oils

Your [Essential] Oils are amazing!

Julie, Somerset

Frankincense Essential Oil

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review: Pain and swellings have gone thanks to this miracle oil. The help from shop owner is amazing and I wish we could have these oils on NHS. I highly recommend this seller for her skill and knowledge and will purchase more items in the future.

GH, Etsy

On a recent mini break around the Bath area I was suffering from a bad migraine which I just could not get a handle on. Luckily we came across Wells Market. [where ] I met Rachel. When I approached her I was really unwell. The pain was as severe as I ever experienced. Thankfully Rachel got me to inhale Frankincense [Essential Oil]. Within a few minutes I was pain free and ready to enjoy the remainder of my trip. I am so grateful to Rachel and her extreme knowledge of aromatherapy and its benefits. I look forward to purchasing more products in the future. Thank you Rachel. Love & Light Laura 

★★★★★ 5 Star Google Review :: Fantastic products, which work really well. I’ve just watched a woman cure her migraine by breathing in some frankincense essential oil at the Wild As The Wind stand at Wells. Amazing!

Irene, Bath

[I] purchased frankincense oil from you at Wells Market and I have to say it is the best I have ever come across…so thanks…

Jane, UK

There are a lot of people who are working for [Do Terra in Malta] and there is quite a bit of info being distributed on how to use them whether food wise, for cleaning, health wise and many work shops on emotions etc using these oils.

They also have this scheme where you can accumulate points. They say there are the only oils that can be ingested.

You make your own blends if you wish. I find them very different to yours. Yours are more upmarket in my opinion and not the same at all to these.

Stefy, Malta

Do you live in South Glos? Are you from Nibley Green, Ozleworth, Wooton-Under Edge, Berkeley, (where Wild As The Wind attended this years Berkley Show, just below Berkley Castle), Chipping Sodbury, Nympsfield, Westonbirt or Tetbury?

(South Glos has all the best names!)

And do you use FACIAL OIL No. 2 or any of the WIld As The Wind Essential Oils? If so, we would really like to hear from you. Please get in touch…

Hemp Essential Oil

Since taking Hemp Essential Oil daily I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep. I find it easier to go off to sleep and I no longer wake in the night for hours at a time. It has also eased pain in my arm caused by weight training.

Ben, Temple Cloud

I first took Hemp Essential Oil when I was feeling tired and suffering from a cough which I had for weeks. Within minutes of taking a few drops of the hemp essential oil my cough had practically stopped. I take a few drops twice a day and I feel this also really helps me to relax my mind.

Sally, Bristol

I initially started taking Hemp essential oil every day to help with the pain in my hands. My knuckles [used to] swell up and I found everyday things to be a struggle. Since taking the oil the pain has definitely eased enormously.

Mike, Bristol

I find taking Hemp Essential Oil has really helped balance out my hormones, I am definitely less moody!!

Jan, Bristol

Since starting out on Hemp essential oil my mood has improved incredibly, I feel more relaxed and less irritable. I wish I took this a long time ago.

Kay, South Bristol

Pine Essential Oil

Yes, much as I wanted to rave about your organic pine oil and facial oil no. 2, I too could not figure it out on Etsy.

Shauna, Cheshire

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  1. Reviews & Testimonials

    Please feel free to add your review here in the comments. You can choose to review a single product or the Wild As The Wind business as a whole. Individual product reviews are perhaps more useful in the long-run, but general business reviews are excellent for helping people realise they can trust Wild As The Wind.

    Reviews, or testimonials, help other people decide if Wild As The Wind product(s) will be useful for them. So please state why the product(s) work for you instead of simply saying things like, “Loving my new facial oil”… we’ve had a lot of those, but we don’t use them because they don’t say anything constructive for other people.

    We are so glad that you are finding the Wild As The Wind products so helpful and healing.

    Thank you very much for your support. It is very much appreciated.

    • Hey Rachel, I’ve finished a small bottle of #2 Oil and recently bought a bigger one, lovely oil, deals with very dry skin (which has a perverse tendency to get spotty as well as red and inflamed) very well indeed and is a joy to use. A friend of mine who’s also a beautician also rates it and if she says it’s good it is 🙂

      Keep up the good work and see you at Wells in about a month for some more 🙂

      • Hi Izz, so sorry I didn’t respond to your comment until now. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂 I’m so glad FACIAL OIL No. 2 is working so well for you and that you have been kind enough to share your experience with everyone else. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

        Wishing you all the very, very best for 2109 x x x

  2. I have been using Wild As The Wind Cleanser & Toner for 6 weeks, it is absolutely amazing and I can honestly say that I have never had so many compliments on how beautiful and clear my skin now looks.

    This fantastic product totally cleanses my skin of day to day grime. I find that it really opens the pores, this prepares my skin for Wild As The Wind Facial Oil! By using the cleanser and toner first it allows all of the beautiful oils to be locked in. Love love love both products!!

    • Debbie, thanks so much for your really lovely testimonial 🙂 It’s very much appreciated 🙂

      Do you live in Wells? And is the FACIAL OIL you use No. 2 or No. 7?

      x x x

  3. I have been using the cleanser and toner and facial oil 2 for several weeks .
    I love how these products feel on my skin and I feel they create a radiance I have not experienced before.
    The oils smell divine and create a feeling of well being too.
    Highly recommend them as a beautiful holistic experience.

  4. Rachel, you are the best, I have stopped smoking and all thanks to you.. I never imagined somebody else could help me, I thought it had to come from within, but you encouraged me and shared your black pepper oil with me and voila…. I have stopped smoking I am a non smoker, I am so grateful for your advice and your wonderful black pepper oil, I carry it everywhere and don’t use it at all now, after 1week… fabulous thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxx

    • It really is fantastic news! So very well done! But, remember… You are still on the journey, and currently being buoyed by your achievement, the lustre of which may fade before you are in the safe zone… It’s imperative to remain resolute. To help you do this it’s best to have a record of the reasons why you wanted to stop smoking. I made a video detailing why I was stopping. I made it emotive and compelling… imploring the future me to not smoke, who, by virtue of the fact the video was being watched, was wavering on the brink of defeat. I watched it once, in desperation, about a couple of months into my quitting process. It saved me.

      To succeed you must always know you can do it… and you can, like so many before you. But, you need every means of help and support.

      I left the Black Pepper Essential Oil behind after two weeks. It became too heavy… but, it had seen me through the deep, dark episodes of getting beyond the physical addiction. I replaced it with Spearmint Essential Oil… I still need to sniff on something when the pang to smoke hit.

      Staying sober throughout the first three months of quitting is probably really important for most people. Our resolve melts when we get tipsy and we make bad decisions for ourselves. It’d be easy for your tipsy self to decide it is perfectly fine to have a cigarette.

      You CANNOT smoke a single cigarette. If you do you will fail to quit in 99.9% of cases.

      Addiction works in threes. The third day is harder than the second and fourth. The third week, you need to buckle up, and get your head down into the wind. That’s when you really need your resolve to kick in. The ninth week, you’ll feel it again, but once you’re through the third month, you’ll really begin to be a non-smoker.

      Make sure you exercise every day to get your endorphins to replace the dopamine deficiency you have. Cigarettes give us a dopamine hit, and are used as crutches by people who are deficient in this vitally important neurotransmitter.

      To understand dopamine deficiency and addiction I strongly advise you to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCzXbsGAXiI

      As well as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUkrPNxLau0

      Wishing you all the very, very best. x x x x x x x x x x x

  5. Sandra Graely says

    Ive just purchased my 3rd bottle of #no2 and thrown away 8 bottles/tubes of a well known expensive brand of facial products.
    I realised they were just sitting there not being used. Facial oil no2 was the only preparation I had used for some time and my skin is so much better for it

    Lines, age spots, open pores, rosacea have disapeared or are fading leaving my skin looking better than it has for the last 30 or so years. In addition my daughter recently complained that my skin looked younger than hers.

    Thank you Rachel for such a wonderful product.

    • I really am very pleased for you and that you are willing to share the fact that you are achieving these results. Your feedback is exceptionally valuable. I am regularly told that Rosacea is no match for FACIAL OIL No. 2, but few are willing to admit this formally, even though I preserve everyone’s anonymity if they wish me to. Prospective customers look to the Testimonials to see if their particular set of issues are covered, and whilst evidence to prove its efficacy for others is no guarantee it’ll work for them, confirmation of how well it works for their skin type is often enough for them to give it a go. Thank you so much.

      But, that’s not the only reason I really appreciate feedback… it also helps me understand the scope of the healing power of FACIAL OIL No. 2. Would you believe it has cured a severe case of Raynaud’s and associated chilblains? No? Me neither!?! Not until I received a fantastic review via the Wild As The Wind page on Google Maps.

      So, I learn so much as a result of people’s feedback, which permits me to help others, and I’m very grateful for that. Plus, it means I get confirmation that I am improving people’s lives, which is enormously rewarding 🙂

      Also, because I publish a lot of information to help people address their skin conditions from the inside, any clues as to the particular issues a person is dealing with can lead to me being able to share relevant information. I LOVE helping people embark on their healing journey.

      I would recommend Eczema & Psoriasis Causes & Cures as this article also covers some of the root causes of Rosacea.

      Thanks again Sandra. I really appreciate every word you have written.
      All the very best,
      Rachel x

  6. Karen Clayson says

    I recently bought Facial Oil No 2 and the Frankincense Cleanser and Toner No 3 on the Etsy shop. Lovely Rachel kindly upgraded my order to the bigger size of the cleanser as she said that is what she does when people buy the two products together at her Wells stall. I thought that was amazing customer service! I love both products and my friends have remarked on how good my skin looks recently. Thanks Rachel!

    • I’m so glad your friends are noticing and commenting on your improved facial skin condition. Really sweet of them… and really sweet of you to write in and let me know too. Thanks so much x

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