There Is a Cure For Covid-19 & It’s NOT A Vaccine

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Great news! The Chinese have nailed Corona Virus! And, as Dr. Klinghardt says in this very important video interview, there is ‘no way this would have been possible in the West”.

But don’t start celebrating just yet…

The Truth About Immunity

The food we eat absolutely DOES matter…

Practically everything we are being told about preventing Corona Virus is wrong.

Like the video above, Dr. Kilinghardt also reveals how the Chinese have successfully squashed the virus in it’s tracks. They did so very quickly because they adopted protocols which were designed to work, and not designed to make a few people very wealthy.

Dr. Kilinghardt reveals what the Chinese alongside all of the Vitamin C have been using to successfully treat infected individuals with 100% success… it’s not likely to help us much…

The Chinese are using a combination of the drugs Hydroxy Chloraquin and Azithromycin to achieve their 100% success rates.

*Numerical values below relate to the time at which declarations are made within the video featuring Dr. Klinghardt.

14.15 However, within days of Hydroxy Chloraquin being declared 100% successful at treating the virus the European Union withdrew this drug from circulation, making it impossible for Europeans to either buy over the counter, or have this drug prescribed.

*The drug is also not available in the USA.

***Update :: 21.03.20 Teva to send US millions of malaria pills with potential to help COVID-19

43.50 Dr. Klinghardt explains how Melatonin was removed in the UK and Europe, after it proved to be a powerful treatment for cancer. He follows this with the following statement:

There is evil going on here no question about it!

Is it because of this? :: We Are Being Played & Vaccines Will Be Our Reward

Or is there something even more sinister going on, as Dr. Vernon Coleman suggests in the video towards the end of this article?

You need to listen to everything Dr Klinghardt has to say in this long video… (1 hour and 16 minutes)

Chloroquine Isn’t For The Feint Hearted!

Covid-19 Has Closed Stores, but Snake Oil Is Still for Sale

After hearing President Trump say, without scientific evidence, that the antimalarial drug chloroquine could be a “game changer” in the fight against Covid-19, an Arizona man died and his wife was left in critical condition after they swallowed a form of the chemical used to clean fish tanks called chloroquine phosphate.

The same day, a government official reported that three men in Nigeria had overdosed on chloroquine, and warnings against taking this medicine were made public.

We Don’t Need These Kind Of Toxic Drugs

But, prescription grade Chloroquine is incredibly toxic even when taken as prescribed.

So why use such toxic drugs as Chloroquine if we don’t need to? And, we all know how devastating antibiotics can be for our long term health, don’t we? (If you don’t, then click the antibiotics link and find out… it’s a real eye opener!)

Other Proven Protocols Are Being Suppressed

Cuba to officially use new homeopathic medicine against COVID-19

There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that Ant-Viral Essential Oils could be effectively used to treat Covid-19.

Plus, high dosage Vitamin C is another tried and tested therapy for preventing and curing viral infections. But, as is discussed in this video interview, Facebook, Google and Amazon et al have had a meeting with the World Health Organisation, and they have been told to keep the Vitamin C information under wraps.

Anti-Viral Essential Oils :: Is The Press Criminally Negligent In Suppressing Them As A Viable Option For Covid-19?

Social Media Suppression

I personally have been threatened with having both my profile page, as well as the business page on Facebook shut down for sharing Vitamin C information.

Since publishing this article Dominic Cummings has made it clear he wants to institute laws to prevent anything other than the official line be disseminated on social media. This is totalitarianism, make no mistake about it. Read more in Our Economy Is Way More Sick Than Us!

This video interview reveals the long history of peer reviewed proof of the efficacy of treating viral infections with Vitamin C. We should all be taking 2g, (2,000mg), Vitamin C as an immune booster, along with Zinc etc… More info in Corona Virus Protocols… But, watch this video too!

This video presentation continues along the lines of there being dark forces at play, and suggests reasons why the measures being taken to ‘contain’ the virus, may be a lot more sinister than we would necessarily imagine. It is another must view video.

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