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Thieves Essential Oil 2020

When I first launched Thieves Oil 2020 I didn’t realise there would be such a big demand for actually diffusing this essential oil blend. This is why I only produced a pre-diluted Thieves Oil 2020 suitable for topical use.

However, I was quickly asked by a number of people if I would make an undiluted Thieves Oil 2020 so that they could diffuse this immune boosting essential oil combo around their houses and flats.

Of course, I was only too happy to oblige.

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: Thank you so much again! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pure blend of Thieves. We have been using it in our diffuser every day and will most likely place another order soon. Look forward to getting in touch with you about your other products!

PS love all of your personalised touches, handwritten notes with lovely tips. Thank you!

Amber, Cirencester


Thieves Essential Oil 2020 Ingredients

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 Directions For Use

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 is a blend of pure essential oils which are known to be antibacterial and anti-viral as well as supportive of respiratory, hormonal and immune health.

Diffusing Thieves Essential Oil 2020

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 contains essential oils in their most potent and purest form and It is, therefore, only suitable for diffusing in an essential oil diffuser, or alternatively in an essential oil burner, in it’s undiluted form.

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 For Bodily Use

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 must not be used topically or taken orally until it has been properly diluted with a food grade base oil, like Nigella Sativa.

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 For Topical Use

There are two advised dilutions for topical use, but if you would like to consider other options please read Using Essential Oils for ideas.

However, a couple of the essential oils within Thieves Essential Oil 2020 contain a large amount of Eugenol, and unless you are very well versed in the blending of oils, or you only intend to use your own personal blend maximally two times a week, and only externally, then there is a little scope for going off-piste.

However, if you are in any doubt, stick to the following instructions.

Body Oil / Massage Oil

Massage Oils should always be diluted at a 1% dilution in a good base oil, such as Almond Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, or Pomegranate Seed Oil etc…

Try not to use your Thieves massage oil more than four times a week if you are using it as a full body massage oil.

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 In Your Bath

Simply use your massage oil dilution in your bath. Add 20 to 30 drops to your bath water after your bath is drawn.

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 For Local Topical Use

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 is suitable for use on specific, confined areas, like the Vagus points, or the pulse points on the wrists once it has been diluted correctly.

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 for these purposes can be diluted at strength because you are only applying a couple of drops of your diluted preparation up to eight times a day… Or four drops up to four times a day.

Dilute your Thieves Essential Oil 2020 at a 5% dilution for this purpose and clearly mark your bottle with the contents and their dilution.

  • Keep away from children.
  • Not to be used on children under the age of ten.
  • Ten to 14 year olds may use a 2% dilution, not a 5% dilution.

Using Thieves Essential Oil 2020 in this way is useful for strengthening your immune system as well as helping to rid your body of bacterial, viral and fungal infections etc.


2 drops of your Thieves Essential Oil diluted at 5% up to eight times a day

4 drops of your Thieves Essential Oil diluted at 5% up to four times a day.

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 For Internal Use

Not to be taken internally by those under 14 years of age.

Dosage: Four drops maximum per day, taken internally, once properly diluted, for no more than a 10 day stretch.

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 is best taken in two doses, morning and evening, by adding two drops of Oregano Essential Oil to your favourite food grade carrier oil / base oil, preferably swallowing it all down in one go. Follow with a warm drink if possible.

**Wild As The Wind do a food grade, Organic Nigella Sativa Oil.



  1. Anna Chithrakala says

    Hi Rachel,
    It was so lovely to receive your handwritten message along with the Thieves oil 2020 blend. I am genuinely touched by your words and beautiful intentions.
    I am wondering what the dilution needs to be to ratio wise with a carrier oil for topical use and for internal use? If it is on this page I missed it.
    With warmth and gratitude,

    • Thanks Anna, I have just added instructions for you x x x However, I have just checked, and it looks like you have actually ordered the pre-diluted Thieves Oil 2020, which is already diluted at a 5% dilution with food grade Nigella Sativa.

      Half a teaspoon (tsp), of this oil contains two drops of essential oil. So you can further dilute this with something like Olive Oil from your kitchen, or add it to a glass of warm water for internal consumption… up to a maximum of twice daily, for a period of ten days only. Take a break of one month before resuming, if desired.

  2. Emilia Banasik says

    Isn’t Thieves essential oil Young Living invention?

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