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Twitter Logo 150pxAn invaluable list of free and paid Twitter tools that will do all of the heavy lifting for you on Twitter, saving you time and money, whilst optimising ROI on the Twitter platform.

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Twitter Tools

There are an increasing number of incredibly valuable tools for Twitter, a lot of which are free to use.

These tools can seriously improve the value of your Twitter input, allow you to analyse your Twitter performance, assist in lead generation, allow you to identify Twitter power-users in your niche, create fantastic Twitter graphics that will allow you to enjoy optimal Twitter exposure for your tweets, and can ultimately save you countless hours of manual labour.

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Best Twitter Tools

This list was originally created as 'Free Twitter Tools', but some of the listed items have morphed into paid services, (although most remain free to use indefinitely).

I have also listed a couple of great paid Twitter tools as they deserve to be included. Hope you enjoy them all.

Aug 01, 2013 - - 587
Followerwonk: Twitter analytics, follower segmentation, social graph tracking, & more

Free and Paid services. Whilst the free version is very basic it allows you to locate Twitter accounts that are of particular interest, and for this it's invaluable. There's no analytics with the free version though. Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph. Dig deeper into Twitter analytics: Who are your followers? Where are they located? When do they tweet? Find and connect with new influencers in your niche. Use super-actionable visualizations to compare your social graph to others. Easily share your reports with the world.



Sep 18, 2013 - - 499

Swayy gives you the content that engages your audience

Jul 31, 2013 - - 531
Buffer - A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media

Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you're reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and we automagically share them for you through the day.

Sep 19, 2013 - - 457

See who unfollowed you on Twitter. Are they bots or real people? Track your account for free and get answers.

Dec 09, 2013 - - 463
ManageFlitter - Work faster & smarter with Twitter

ManageFlitter is a critically acclaimed set of Twitter Tools loved by over 1 million people. Unfollow, Follow, Twitter Search & Analytics.

Dec 10, 2013 - - 553
Twitter Counter: Check Your Twitter Stats

Check your stats on followers, tweets, retweets and more for free on the #1 Twitter stats site. Get free buttons for your website also...

Dec 10, 2013 - - 542
Simply Measured

Free Social Media Analytics Tool

Mar 21, 2014 - - 378
Zoom Profiler

Analytics: Find out the most mentioned domains, users and most important tweets of any Twitter account.

Jun 27, 2015 - - 480
Pablo by Buffer - Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds

Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you're reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and we automagically share them for you through the day.

Aug 05, 2015 - - 394
Spider by oneQube™ - Real-Time Social Listening and Discovery

powerful real-time social databases. FIND EVERYONE RELEVANT TO YOUR BUSINESS ON TWITTER and capture them in a searchable social database, analyzed, measured and ranked by influence for engagement. Search Twitter 24/7 for the people & businesses you're targeting. Gain insights about your brand, content, competitors, industry trends, and respond in real-time.

Aug 05, 2015 - - 487

Topsy Social Media Analytics allow you to search by time and place, set alerts, and analyze sentiment for every tweet ever made. Search our entire database free.

Aug 05, 2015 - - 454

The pulse of the web - find trends

Aug 12, 2015 - - 388
Feedly: organize, read and share what matters to you.

Feedly connects you to the information and knowledge you care about. We help you get more out of you work, education, hobbies and interests. The feedly platform lets you discover sources of quality content, follow and read everything those sources publish with ease and organize everything in one place.

Aug 12, 2015 - - 499
Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder: Analyze, curate and display

Jul 31, 2013 - - 429 will analyze a URL and show you its most influential retweeters, potential reach and timeline. Due to Twitter API limitations, It works best on blog post URLs that are between 1 day and 2 weeks old.

Jul 31, 2013 - - 473

Find out when is the best time for you to tweet. TweetWhen shows you when your tweets have the most impact.

Jul 31, 2013 - - 505
Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter's own advanced search function will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Jul 31, 2013 - - 423

MediaOnTwitter is a wiki of media contacts who use Twitter. It’s been around for a while and is a pretty comprehensive list.

Jul 31, 2013 - - 505

Once you're satisfied with your ExpertTweet request, click the big blue Tweet It! button. Once you click Tweet It, we'll send your tweet to the ExpertTweet community (everyone following ExpertTweet on Twitter. ExpertTweet automatically adds (via @yourusername) to the end of your tweet.

Jul 31, 2013 - - 438

"The most comprehensive Twitter analytics, period"

Twitalyzer provides one-click access to the richest body of metrics for Twitter accounts available today. By combining basic Twitter measures with demographic data, widely used metrics like Klout, and our own proprietary scores, Twitalyzer is a "one stop shop" for all of your Twitter analytics needs.

Aug 05, 2013 - - 420

BackTweets enables you to search through an archive of old tweets and find the ones that link back to your site.

Sep 17, 2013 - - 528

Twitter #analytics and much more...

Sep 18, 2013 - - 412

EverPost filters and curates the best content for you to share, everyday.

Nov 24, 2013 - - 447
Intweetiv: The Content Optimization Engine for Twitter

Intweetiv is an online marketing service allowing businesses and influencers to plan and optimize their content marketing strategy for Twitter.



Feb 10, 2014 - - 446

This tool sends you an email with the most popular tweets by a pre-selected group of five people.

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Have you ever tried ? I think you may like it!
    It allows to analyze, classify and display Twitter’s information. It has a free version a very cool metrics and PRO features.


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know about what you do. I love TweetBinder! I have added you to the list and have voted you up. You can improve your position in the list if you also invite others to vote you up, or simply vote yourself up if you like.

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