Ultimate Insect Repellent

The Wild As The Wind Ultimate Insect Repellent is designed to offend practically every bug around, whilst remaining entirely acceptable to human beings.

This is mainly due to the fact that many of the essential oils used in this punch packing blend are aromatically very pleasant, but nevertheless, they remain deeply toxic to many of the bugs that suck blood, bite and sting.

Ultimate Insect Repellent & Mosquitoes

Citronella Essential Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil are the two key ingredients in the Ultimate Insect Repellent that instantly repel mozzies.

Actually, they don’t actively repel so much as they disguise the scent of our blood. In reality Citronella Essential Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil provide us with some kind of invisibility cloak where mosquitoes are concerned… it’s like they’re acting as sentinels and intercepting every mosquito that flies by, calmly waving them on saying, ‘that’s right, move along now, nothing to see here…’

Ultimate Insect Repellent & Flies

There’s very few things that will repel flies, especially during the season of blood sucking biting flies. These loathsome things are not quite as vile as horseflies, but if you know upon what they gave spent most of their day, and how they eat their food under normal circumstances, they are ultimately the last thing we want taking a chunk out of us and making off with our blood.

As flies are really quite insanitary, there are a couple of constituents within this Ultimate Insect Repellent blend that will instantly kill bacterial and viral infections, as long as regular applications are made throughout the day.

*See the end of this article for details on application of Ultimate Insect Repellent

Ultimate Insect Repellent & Horse Flies

More than half of the ingredients within Ultimate Insect Repellent are designed to repel these wee beasties with the very big bite! These critters actually saw their way through your skin to drink your blood, and they leave a pretty appalling reminder of their visit behind.

Horsefly bites can often become infected, but not so if you apply Ultimate Insect Repellent after the fact. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of several of the essential oils in this blend will prevent your horsefly bite turning into something along the lines of a tropical sore.

Horseflies are one of the insects who will continue to attempt to find an area of skin where you have failed to apply your Ultimate Insect Repellent. They will exploit this to the max. It is, therefore, vital that all areas of exposed skin are coated with Ultimate Insect Repellent for it to be fully effective.

Ultimate Insect Repellent & Ticks

Although the Ultimate Insect Repellent blend would smell nicer without it, the reason why Thyme has been included is to ward off ticks.

Geranium Rose Essential Oil has also been included in the Ultimate Insect Repellent blend to keep ticks away.

Tick bites can be very serious indeed. Ticks carry Lymes disease, which is difficult to diagnose and can have an incredibly debilitating effect on peoples health.

Ultimate Insect Repellent & Bees

The Ultimate Insect Repellent has not been designed to repel bees for the simple fact that it doesn’t need to.

Bees are only able to sting once and then they die, so bees will not sting you unless they are already in mortal danger.

The best way to deal with bees is to stand still and wait for them to finish their hunt for pollen about your person. They will most likely have been attracted by perfumes or botanicals in your skincare products, but these things will only momentarily confuse the bees. After a few times of circling around you they will be off in search of the real thing…

Ultimate Insect Repellent & Wasps

Ultimate Insect Repellent is not really designed to deal with wasps, but there is nothing in the blend that will attract wasps either.

Like bees, the wasps are simply hovering around you in the hope of a free lunch. And, whilst they’re very unlikely to sting you unless you panic, and in doing so present a very real threat to them, wasps survive the stings that they meet out.

Using Ultimate Insect Repellent

Shake you rUltimate Insect Repellent well before use. Then spray it on exposed areas of skin and rub into all areas of exposed skin. Do not leave an area untreated. Horseflies will find an unshielded patch and go to town on it.

Avoid eyes and mouth, as well as clothing. Ultimate Insect Repellent is an oil based product that will eventually cause staining if clothing repeatedly comes into contact with it.

We recommend reapplying at least every three hours.

Ultimate Insect Repellent Ingredients

This product is 99% Organic.

The following is a list if the essential oils used in the Ultimate Insect Repellent blend. They are listed in no particular order.





Lemon Eucalyptus



Geranium Rose


Ultimate Insect Repellent also contains a single base oil: Organic Sunflower base oil and a small amount of Witch Hazel.


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