Why Monitor Backlinks?

Backlinks are still one of the most important Google ranking factors. Without good quality backlinks your website is less likely to appear in the first three pages of Google.

In 2014, Matt Cutts, who heads up the spam team at Google, reassures webmasters that backlinks will remain an important ranking factor for years to come in one of his  Webmaster Q&A YouTube videos, (featured below).

But, just because backlinks are such an important ranking factor this is not the only reason to monitor your website backlinks…

Link Profile:

Website link profiles are extremely important. Aside from informing webmasters how many backlinks are linking to their website, it also reveals the different types of backlinks that are present. ‘Follow backlinks‘ are the type of links that attribute SEO value. ‘Nofollow’ backlinks, conversely, do not provide any SEO value.

Follow backlinks with targeted anchor text formerly attributed the most weight in terms of SEO. Anchor text is the script within web  content that is underlined and highlighted, (usually in blue). The anchor text is used to form the referring hyperlink, or backlink.

Anchor text featuring keywords for which the recipient website wishes to rank for used to invariably help the recipient website rank better for the keywords used.

Note: The quality of the backlinks has always been variable. The more authority a referring site possesses directly impacts the value of the backlinks it provides.

Because backlinks and keyword rich anchor text have been roundly abused by spammers Google now tracks these things much more assiduously. Backlink profiles featuring a disproportionate number of backlinks with keyword rich anchor text will ultimately attract a Google manual action.

Consequently, it is imperative to ensure that your websites link profile has no more than 20% anchor text backlinks as Google has determined that any more than this is indicative of an unnatural backlink profile.

Monitoring your backlinks is, therefore, imperative to ensure that you are Google Best Practice compliant.

Backlinks Are A Complex Issue

There’s a lot more to backlinks than simply type. The value that a follow link attributes to a referral website is determined by a number of factors. The page rank of the referring site influences the value score, but the relevance of the referring site is also of utmost importance.

There are many other subtle factors influencing backlinks from an SEO perspective… too many to mention here.

Suffice to say, if all of the above is news to you, then it is in your interest to appoint a professional to monitor your backlink profile, or alternatively, invest in backlink software to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a great backlink profiling option. With entry level pricing making it significantly more affordable than other equivalent offerings, we recommend that webmasters try the 30 day free trial and then subscribe to the service.

Wild Digital uses Monitor Backlinks to track the Wild Digital website backlink profile, and we also use it to monitor our competitors backlinks.  Competitor backlinks provide invaluable insights into which content marketing activities are most successful.

We rely so heavily on Monitor Backlinks software we decided to deepen our working relationship.

Wild Digital recently joined the Monitor Backlinks affiliate programme which allows us to provide new users with a significant discount.

67% Monitor Backlinks DiscountSimply use the coupon code below to qualify for the following discount:

To get your first three months of Monitor Backlink for the price of one, simply go to the Monitor Backlink website to create your account.

You will then need to scoop up your coupon code, (below), and enter it here.

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Avoiding Backlink Issues

Monitor Backlinks will not only allow you to avoid falling foul of Google Best Practice, it will also allow you to build on your current content marketing strategy and improve SEO.

Consistent application will lead to better positions within SERP’s.

Don’t Game Google

Countless people have attempted to game Google and failed. Countless others have had a modicum of success before being served a Google manual action, (Google penalty), only to witness the website they’ve been optimising and promoting for months, or years, plummet out of SERP’s, (search engine results pages), to languish in obscurity.

Manipulating Google by employing link schemes, or buying links via other means, will not be tolerated for long. Google will track you down and they will hurt you!

No matter how tempting the immediate returns appear to be: Don’t do it!

Gaming Google doesn’t pay. The Spam Team at Google are far too adept at countering link schemes and the like, and any gains made via unscrupulous methods will land your website in deep water before too long.

Here’s what to avoid.

Google Is Not Anti-SEO

Google supports SEO. In fact, Google provide a whole host of free resources to help webmasters perform SEO on their websites. However, if a webmaster opts to ignore Google Best Practice, their actions will be deemed to be unscrupulous and the Google Gods will seek retribution.

It’s not worth the risk…

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