What Can We Learn From Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is in the news again. People are complaining about only having one minute with her due to the overwhelming queues in her temporary home at the Louvre, whilst work is done to the wing where she normally resides.

The one minute restriction is to ensure that the enormous crowds, who line up to see the Mona Lisa every day, will all have their turn to admire her beauty, and that fabled smile.

But, unlike modern day celebrities, she hasn’t had to undergo a complete identity change each time she makes a public appearance in order to remain relevant and interesting. Mona Lisa hasn’t changed once in hundreds of years…

What Can We Learn From Mona Lisa?

If anything can show us we have been played for fools it’s the useless and self-destructive attempts to stay looking younger and more beautiful, as though we can somehow cheat death and ultimately become immortal…

Well, I have news for the people who believe this is how you do it… IT WON’T WORK!

Gaining spiritual enlightenment through accepting our humanity and all of our flaws is the way to transcend death and enter into an everlasting future. It is self love and self care which allow us to know and accept ourselves fully, ultimately revealing the key to our own personal doorway to eternal life.

Wot it ain’t, sista, is going under the knife at every available opportunity, and being injected with bits of pigs in order to create the pretence of youth!

Natural Beauty

Has anybody seen Donatella Versace recently? She was a beautiful woman, but these days that’s all very much gone.

There is no doubt in my mind Donatella Versace would look a whole lot better today if she hadn’t started down the road of self-mutilation, which we euphemistically refer to as plastic surgery.

Has anybody seen Tilda Swinton recently? Tilda is 58 years of age, and she looks amazing. Or have you seen Kate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock, both in their early fifties and still really ‘rocking it”!?

These are women who really look after themselves, and who have a profound interest in life which means they don’t spend every live-long second obsessing about how they look!

We Are Obsessed With The Mona Lisa Because She Is Interesting

The reason why so many people, women and men alike, go clamouring to see the Mona Lisa, every day, is because of her famous enigmatic smile.

Even though we have had centuries to figure out this un-blushed and un-bejewelled woman, she still remains an enigma to us. No-one knows, for sure, the origin of her smile, or, indeed, what she is thinking.

It is not what is emblazoned on her body which transfixes our gaze… but the hint of her inner world and inner beauty which has left us enraptured for centuries.

This mysterious woman speaks volumes to what is truly alluring, fascinating and magical about women. Inner secrets of joy, kindness, wisdom and a breadth of knowledge, which begins with the Self, is what makes us so attractive.

We’ve Been Had!

Advertising is the practice of creating a problem in order to present us with a solution, which comes with a price tag.

It was Sigmund Freud who first identified our base natures and deep insecurities. His nephew, armed with these insights, went on to invent PR, which is effectively the means through which he began to “manipulate the masses” for monetary and political gain.

PR gave birth to the current advertising model around the late 1950’s

Since then we have been so dumbed down and so fired up with fear that we are pretty much putty in the hands of the advertising executives… but, it’s time to start seeing through the smoke and mirrors which spew from their money-spinning murky world and take back our power!

Did you know that the brain can only cope with about 15 minutes of decision making before it becomes decision-fatigued? This is how addicts stay addicted.

We are expected to make hours worth of decisions each day and then go and do a shop on the way home from work. It’s pure base instinct which propels around the aisles most days… so, we buy sugary foods and things to make ourselves feel better, placing one unhealthy and unneeded item into our baskets after the other, with the small voice of reason and dissent utterly squished by the need for immediate gratification and superficial resolution.

Great…! Cream cakes, microwave meal, new lippy and a magazine… jobs a good’un!

By the way…. it’s that magazine that’s going to help perpetuate the cycle until you’re all spent up as well as all washed up, and left feeling and being of no earthly use to anyone!

To understand how corporate interests are manipulating our insecurities and base instincts to enrich themselves at our expense I recommend a much longer article I wrote for the International Times entitled 5G :: The Big Picture

Triumph Of Style Over Substance

We have been led to believe we need to spend all our money and time in the pursuit of attracting the opposite sex… But! What happens then…?

How can the vain and the vacuous maintain a relationship? Surely, talking about their looks and how other things look has to wear a little thin after a while?

Sadly, some do actually make this overtly unfeasible way of negotiating life and relationship work… but, is it the truth?

Do looks and things make us happy?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Looks and things CAN’T make us happy because happiness is a FEELING!

And, it’s the people who have learned to accept themselves, who no longer fall pray to the ads which insidiously tell them they aren’t good enough, who embrace life, living it to the full, who have something really fascinating to contribute to their relationships… They have done the work and are able to love themselves, enabling them to truly love others in an unconditional and supportive way. They stand in their truth and radiate what it is to feel alive. They are happy come what may.

They are beautiful from the inside out, and nothing will stand in their way!

Accentuating The Positive

Before the comments section explodes, I’d just like to weigh in to support FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8, both of which are billed as anti-ageing…

No! I am not, nor is Wild As The Wind, in any way hypocritical!

Here’s why…

These amazing face oils ARE anti-ageing and DO reduce the signs of maturity… but they do it by supporting our health. In other words, they partly do it from the inside out.

Ageing is a product of poor diet, worry, no time for ourselves and living in a toxic environment… which is pretty much summed up in the description of our average trip to the supermarket above.

These things age us beyond all recognition! But, FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8 are both designed to unravel all of that and help protect us against the toxic world we live in.

These face oils work at a systemic level. That means they help us function better at a cellular level, so that our internal health shines through in the health of our skin.

These face oils also heal any skin which they come into contact with… So, it’s a double whammy of healing we get from them.

So please play nice in the comments section! Thank you 🙂

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