Wild As The Wind Wholesale

Wild As The Wind welcomes wholesale enquiries.

The Wild As The Wind range of skincare and bodycare products is available for wholesale supply within a 25 mile radius of BS25.

Please contact us for our wholesale tariff sheet.

How Our Wholesale Operation Works

All of our products are hand blended and then packaged by hand. Even our labels are hand printed.

We, therefore, require a minimum of 7 days prior notice of your order.

This means that we need you to email your order a minimum of seven days before the order is due for delivery. This allows us the time to hand-make your order and arrange for it to be delivered. Exceptional order requests must be telephoned in, and permission granted, before emailing through your order.

Wherever possible, we would appreciate as much advance warning as you are able to give. So, if you place your order with a longer lead time than seven days, then all the better.


We can deliver any day of the week as long as sufficient warning has been received.

We deliver without charge within a 25 mile radius of BS25 for orders that exceed £150 that have been received a minimum of 7 days prior to the delivery date. (Please note, express delivery charges will be incurred for emergency orders, and will usually be applied to exceptional orders under the minimum order value of £150.)

Terms Of Business

We are happy to tailor our terms of business to suit the needs of our vendors on the following basis:

We usually apply a probationary period to all new vendors to ensure that both parties are happy with the trading relationship.

We are a very small independent business and we are happy to adapt our business practices, wherever possible, to accommodate similarly small independent businesses. It is our firm belief that small independent businesses are essential for a workable, environmentally sound future. We, therefore, will do our utmost to support all small independent ventures.

Three month probationary period

At least one order must be placed within the three month probationary period, but is not limited to a single order within this period.

The probationary period will commence on receipt of your first order.

A three month probationary period applies to all new vendors.

Credit terms are not available during probation.

Payment will by required either C.O.D. or via BACS prior to delivery. We will invoice you prior to delivery advising you of the payment schedule.

Minimum order value

A minimum order value of £150 applies to all orders.

In exceptional circumstances a smaller order will be considered, but surcharges will apply. (Surcharges range between 10% – 30%. Vendors will be advised of the cost of surcharges prior to an order being fulfilled.)

Terms of credit

Terms of credit are available to established vendors, with a trading relationship of 3 months or more with Wild As The Wind.

We provide a maximum of 30 day credit to businesses that place regular orders with us.

We variously apply, with prior consent, 7 day, 15 day and 30 day credit to established businesses that have successfully completed the probationary period.

Sale or return

We are happy to operate on a sale or return basis for small, independent businesses. However, we cannot take responsibility for damage to goods, or theft of goods, whilst in the vendors possession. All damaged or stolen items whilst in the vendors possession must be paid for by the vendor.

Businesses operating on a sale or return basis must supply us with a 30 day / monthly update, to include units sold and a request for an itemised replenishment of stock. We will invoice, via email, for the items sold by the vendor within seven days of receiving the monthly report. This invoice will be for immediate payment.

Emergency Orders

We appreciate that it won’t always be possible for you to provide us with 7 days prior warning of your order. So, in exceptional circumstances, (usually for long-standing retailers of our products), we will do our best to meet your emergency orders.

Please phone emergency orders through so that we can provide you with a commitment to fulfill your order within a shorter timescale and provide you with an estimated delivery date.

You will need to email your order through once you have received our verbal commitment to honour your order.


Surcharges will apply to emergency orders:

We may need to call in agency support to fulfill our obligations, and so our wholesale price will, in this instance, be increased to reflect our higher costs. Increases will range from 10% to 30% depending on how much outside help we require.

We will notify you of the one-off increase in prices prior to fulfilling your order.

Express delivery charges will also apply:

Express delivery surcharges range between £10.00 and £25.00.

Unless we provide prior notification of the rate applicable to your express delivery, we will apply the minimum delivery surcharge to your express delivery order.

Orders under £150:

In exceptional circumstances we will accept orders under the minimum value of £150, but surcharges will apply to reflect the additional costs incurred by us, such as the increased cost, per unit, for delivery etc.

A request for an order with a value under £150 must be phoned through and permission granted by us prior to placing your order via email.

Free delivery will be available for small orders if seven, or more, days prior notice of the order is provided.

Surcharges range between 10% – 30%. wholesale customers will be advised of the cost of surcharges prior to an order being fulfilled.

Placing Your order

All orders must be submitted via email.

If your order value exceeds £150, and you are providing Wild As The Wind with at least 7 days prior notice, there is no need to phone through a request to place your order prior to submitting it via email.

If your order value is less than £150, or you are providing Wild As The Wind with less than 7 days prior notice, we require that you phone through a request to place your order prior to submitting it via email.


We prefer to keep our paperwork as paperless as possible…

We will confirm receipt of your order within three working days via email. This email will also usually advise you of the total cost, and the date of delivery, of your order. We will also advise you of any surcharges that apply.

If we require prior payment before delivering your order, or we have agreed Cash On Delivery terms, then our confirmation email will be presented in the form of an itemised invoice.

If we have agreed delayed payment terms, we will supply you with an handwritten, itemised delivery note when we deliver your order. This will usually specify terms of payment and must be signed by the person who placed the order, or a designated other.

Orders that require prior payment via Paypal or BACs will not be dispatched until payment has been received.

If credit terms apply:

Payment is due from the date of delivery if payment terms are applicable.

We will send an electronically generated invoice within the agreed payment period, and we will expect payment without a reminder being required.

Chasing payments means that we incur costs. We will pass these costs onto the vendors who fail to pay us by first request.

Penalties are as follows:

We will send two email reminders prior to finally resorting to phoning you to make our third, and final, request for payment.

Email reminders will be charged at: £10.00 each

Our third, and final, telephone reminder is charged at: £20.00

If a vendor routinely fails to pay on time we reserve the right to terminate our trading relationship.

We also reserve the right to factor out any outstanding debts that have not been serviced within 28 days of our third and final demand for payment.

Paying for your goods

We accept, with prior consent, BACs payments, C.O.D. and Card payments on delivery.

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