Why Didn’t I Receive My Tracking Number?

All Wild As the Wind orders are delivered via Royal Mail 2nd Class Post.

Each parcel is allocated a unique tracking number so that it’s progress can be traced through the Royal Mail delivery system, if necessary.

However, unless it’s suspected a parcel has gone missing, then tracking is unnecessary.

Tracking numbers and tracking data are only issued to people who appear to have a missing parcel.

Missing parcel status is only allocated if a parcel does not arrive within accepted timeframes. Please see below

When Is Your Parcel Declared A Missing Parcel?

Under normal circumstances, Royal Mail 2nd Class Post can take up to five days to be delivered.

However, since all of the disruptions to normal Royal Mail service, owing to the impacts of Corona Virus, the recipients of parcels are being asked to wait ten days for delivery, from the date of posting, before raising the alarm.

You will receive an email notification of the date your parcel has been posted.

If you didn’t receive your email notification please read this: Why Didn’t I Receive Confirmation Of Posting?

For more information about missing parcels please consult the Missing Parcel FAQ’s

It Is Now Normal To Wait 14 Days For A Delivery

Sadly, if you are really unlucky, you may have to wait a couple of weeks for your order.

Sometimes orders can take 4 days to process before posting, because all products are either hand blended or hand bottled, and need to be made in batches based on demand. Plus, Wild As The Wind can receive anywhere between 10 and 40 online orders a week, all of which require a minimum of one handmade product before they can be fulfilled. This makes for a lot of diversified work in order to fulfil a small number of orders.

The Post Office has also halved their working day, and closes at 1.00pm instead fo 5.30pm.

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