Why Use A Facial Oil?


Why Use A Facial Oil?


There’s a whole host of reasons for trading in your face creams for facial oils. Here’s just a few of the more compelling ones…

  1. A good facial oil will often be chemical free. (But, not always, so remember to check the label.)
  2. The chemicals in big brand creams are doing you no good at all. Check out the worst offenders in Skincare Ingredients To Avoid.
  3. The first ingredient in face creams is usually innocuous enough… WATER, or AQUA, as it is usually termed, or even disguised as De-Ionised Herbal Infusion(!!!)… And, unless it says that it’s purified, then it’s tap water! The first ingredient is the one being used in the largest quantity within the face product. Creams are typically anywhere between 75% and 95% water. Yup! That’s between 75% and 95% water!!! Are you happy to be paying big brand prices for something which is mostly tap water?
  4. There’s no water in facial oil!
  5. The water in face creams tend to evaporate before they are absorbed, taking with them important nutrients.
  6. A lot of the chemicals in creams will dry out the skin. In it’s defence, the skin will start producing more sebum. The skin grows increasingly oily and users run the risk of suffering from blocked pores, blackheads and even Acne.
  7. A lot of very expensive anti-ageing creams are 75% water.
  8. Did I mention that there’s no water in facial oils?

Wild As The Wind Face Oil

The Wild As The Wind facial oils are all hand blended using the finest essential oils and base oils. We don’t use any other ingredients than that… no nasty chemicals… no preservatives… and certainly no “non-ingredients” like tap water! We think it’s scandalous that most face creams… even the really expensive ones… are anywhere between 75% and 95% water.

Not many people realise Wild As The Wind facial oils are made using essential oils… but they are. And, not many people realise that the carrier oils used add quite a few healing properties to the long list of health-giving properties of the essential oils.

Every ingredient in Wild As The Wind face oils works really hard… there’s no room for shirkers!

Why Wild As The Wind Facial Oils Are Different

A good face oil really has to work hard. It usually has be be suitable for combination skin, like our biggest selling face oil, bought primarily for it’s anti-ageing and it’s suitability for problematic skin… FACIAL OIL No.2

But, the job doesn’t stop there. Wild As The Wind face oils can also help to reduce:

  • Hormonal issues, caused by gut dysbiosis, that trigger all manner of skin problems, including Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Dermatitis and Acne
  • Age spots, thread veins and dark rings under the eyes
  • Scarring, lighten discolouration and diminish blemishes
  • Systemic toxicity that trigger all manner of dermal eruptions
  • Fungal skin conditions

FACIAL OIL No. 2 mediates many of the symptoms of these, and other dermal conditions, and it is even formulated to speed up wound healing and reduce the appearance of scars. The same is true of FACIAL OIL No. 8, of course.


Facial Oil For Problematic Skin

Whilst, to some, the idea of putting an oil on imperfect skin, prone to Acne and Rosacea, for example, would seem like dowsing a fire with fuel. But, there is actually no better way of topically improving the condition of problematic skin than with a completely natural facial oil that is incredibly full of nutrients. All of the Wild As The Wind face oils are formulated to deliver optimal nutrition for the skin, allowing it to heal and recover.

Facial Oils Should Be Alternated

It is important to remember our bodies grow accustomed to the same ingredients used every day. It is therefore essential to intersperse the use of your favourite face oil with another product to ensure continued efficacy. This is why FACIAL OIL No. 8 was created. FACIAL OIL No. 8 is lighter than FACIAL OIL No. 2, but it has been developed to achieve the same benefits as FACIAL OIL No. 2.

Facial Oil Suitability

Wild As The Wind facial oils have been tested on thousands of people, with only a handful of people ever showing even the mildest of reactions.

The few very mild reactions recorded have all been very short-lived… with those displaying some kind of sensitivity professing an increase in colour to the skin, (pink), and an increase in temperature of the skin in a couple of cases, (warmth). In all cases the mild responses to Facial Oil No. 2 were localised to the test area to which the oil was applied.

*We advise a patch test on the soft skin on the underside of the forearm prior to use on the face.

The reason I love the No 2 facial oil is for a long time now, and I mean a long time now, I have only used Dermalogica skin smoothing cream as my skin can be very dry and sensitive. But, after using Facial Oil No 2 I find my skin feels softer and has more of a youthful look.

Ann, Whorle

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: I love this oil! My skin is very tricky to balance, with Rosacea and Reynaud’s symptoms and generally sensitive and prone to spots. When I recently ran out of this oil I truly noticed what difference it had been making: much less redness and a faster recovery from spotty outbreaks as well as lovely moisturising and delicious smell. Also, I had been using it on my hands during the cold spells and, such a miracle!, for the first time in years I did not suffer from a single chillblain (usually a horrid November – March scenario)! – Thank you, Rachel, for this amazing creation and for delivering such brilliant, personal and prompt customer service.

Sonja, Bruton, Somerset

I first used Facial Oil No 2 because I have very sensitive and problematic skin (acne rosacea) and most products that I have used, including very natural ones have not really helped the situation enough. However I can use Facial Oil No 2 even on the areas of my skin which haven’t had any form of moisturising for years because whatever I used previously would cause or increase breakouts.  he oil is very calming, nourishing and my skin has become so much clearer, smoother and looks so much more healthy.  Rachel, whose knowledge is immense and is incredibly helpful, has also introduced me to Facial Oil No 8 which is slightly lighter for the summer months and is equally as good (and smells just as divine as Facial Oil No 2).

Claire, Castle Carey

More FACIAL OIL No. 2 Testimonials And, FACIAL OIL No. 8 Testimonials are just as good.
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