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Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Pricing

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are very competitively priced. They are also all of the highest quality.

Wild As The Wind carry three different categories of essential oils:

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Are Very Affordable

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are usually significantly more affordable than the aromatherapy oils being sold online through other reputable suppliers.

However, there are sadly some less reputable suppliers selling aromatherapy oils at significantly lower prices.

If you see essential oils priced at heavily reduced prices to Wild As The Wind Essential Oils, then you are almost certainly looking at adulterated synthetic essential oils.

These adulterated synthetic oils will cost you less financially, but the cost to your health could be considerable. Using inferior, and potentially harmful oils, will not only prevent you from reaping the desired benefits of using essential oils, they may also negatively impact your health.

Sadly, there are a good number of aduterated essential oils being sold in the UK. It is estimated that as much as 90% of all the Lavender Essential Oil being sold worldwide is entirely synthetically engineered.

In addition, ‘fragrance oils’ are not essential oils.

*Fragrance oils are either made by adulterating essential oils, or they are chemically synthesised in a lab. Perfumes and Eau de Colognes are also made using adulterated essential oils. Both fragrance oils and perfumes carry health risks.

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Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Online Pricing

Wild As The Wind essential oils are the same price online as they are if you buy them in person. However, the big difference with online purchases is that these orders carry an additional shipping cost.

Wild As The Wind don’t charge for the time it takes to package and process your order, and we don’t charge for the packing materials or jiffy bags etc.

We do, however, charge for the postage as this is a direct cost incurred when shipping your orders.

Read what customers say about Wild As The Wind essential oils on the Essential Oil Testimonials page.

Wild As The Wind Postage & Packaging Costs

Wild As The Wind always use the Royal Mail for delivering your orders.

There are two postage options available for parcels:

  • 2nd Class Post (2 to 5 days) – the default option: £3.00
  • 1st Class Post (up to two days) – £3.45

These costs, depending on which you opt for, will always be applied to online orders.

However, there is no charge for additional items and so it is possible to order ten essential oils and only pay the cost of delivering one item.

Wild As The Wind Packaging

We use brand new jiffy bags because customers expect it, but the additional packaging used to protect the contents of the jiffy bags is always recycled.

The sorting offices use large rotating drums to sort parcels. Within the drum, which is not dissimilar to a front loading washing machine, but a lot larger, there are different sized slots through which the rotating packages will fall through. Or, at least, this is the idea!

Sometimes, instead of simply sorting the packages by size, larger parcels get stuck in the smaller slots, and the drum continues to roll round, shifting all the free parcels around so that they repeatedly smash into the parcel which is jammed.

Wild As The Wind use additional recycled padding within the jiffy bags to ensure that vulnerable bottles will not smash even if they become jammed in the machine in this way.

Wild As The Wind Postal Policy

Orders are fulfilled and posted within three working days of the date your order was placed.

If a parcel is lost or damaged in transit Wild As The Wind will track it down or replace the item.

If your parcel is permanently lost Wild As The Wind will replace your lost order for you. However, if your parcel is lost after it has been delivered, (including being delivered to a safe place, or a neighbour etc), then your order will not be replaced if you notify us your parcel has gone missing. Once your order has been delivered the responsibility for your parcel shifts to you.

It is therefore, incumbent upon you to ensure the following:

  • Your letterbox will be sufficiently large enough for your parcel to be posted
  • If your letterbox isn’t sufficiently large enough for your parcel to be posted then you will need to notify your postman what they must do with your parcel in advance.

If you fail to advise your postal delivery person of what to do with packages which don’t fit through your letterbox they will do one of the following:

  • Postal delivery personnel will make a judgement call if you have not notified them what you wish them to do. They can leave parcels in a porch, or an outbuilding, or even with a neighbour, and they will always post a card through your letterbox to advise you of what they have done.
  • If there is no safe place for your parcel they will return the package to the sorting office and advise you, via the postcard they post through your letterbox, to collect your parcel from them.

Once a parcel has been delivered it becomes your responsibility, and neither the post office or Wild As The Wind and liable for the loss of any parcels after this juncture.

***If, however, you fail to collect your parcel from the sorting office, admin charges and new posting charges will be applied. Plus, Wild As The Wind will never send a parcel to an address where there has been a failed attempt to deliver in the past.

Wild As The Wind reserve the right to blacklist customers who do not behave responsibly with regards their deliveries from Wild As The Wind.

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