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Wild As The Wind carries one of the largest collections of essential oils in the UK and Europe. The Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Range includes ethically sourced essential oils, organic essential oils and wildcrafted essential oils.

*Wildcrafted essential oils are also certified as being organic… find out more here: Wild Crafted Essential Oils.

Extreme lengths are taken to ensure Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are the most therapeutic essential oils available. Because of this Wild As The Wind regularly receives really excellent Essential Oils feedback detailing the many ways in which Wild As The Wind Essential Oil customers benefited from their essential oils.

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Over 100 Essential Oils

In fact, the expertise of Wild As The Wind is not producing the essential oils in our organic essential oils and ethically sourced non-organic essential oils ranges. but finding and partnering with some of the best producers of essential oils around the globe. In bringing together the exceptional essential oils of these leading essential oil producers under the Wild As the Wind roof, we provide you with one of the best selections of essential oils available. Wild As The Wind offer well over 100 essential oils to choose from, all of which provide many therapeutic benefits.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Suppliers

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Suppliers have been selected based on their exceptional standards, and their commitment to producing some of the best essential oils in the world.

Wild As The Wind work extremely closely with our growers and producers of essential oils to ensure supreme quality as well as competitive pricing of the Wild As The Wind Essential Oil range.

People often ask us if Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are all produced in the UK… and the answer is, we wish they were… it would make life a lot more straightforward as well as keeping costs down. But, it’s not possible to source all of the Wild As The Wind Essential Oils in the UK because they’re made from plants which grow in different ecosystems around the world. This means it isn’t feasible to produce a comprehensive range of essential oils in the UK alone… but, we do source as many Wild As The Wind Essential Oils in the UK as possible without compromising quality.

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Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Quality

All of the Wild As The Wind essential oils are of therapeutic grade and will deliver profound physical, emotional and energetic healing properties.

However, the sad fact is that this is very much the exception within the essential oil industry…

Unfortunately, the opposite is very much the case, with essential oil industry experts speculating anywhere between 75% and 98% of all essential oils have been adulterated.

Tragically, the best price for an essential oil can guarantee you the worst product! And, the worst product is very likely to harm your health rather than improve it.

Read more about this sad situation in the following articles:

Essential Oil Adulteration

Essential Oils UK

Organic Essential Oils UK

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Feedback

Thankfully, Wild As The Wind essential oil feedback is exceptional.

And, quite often Wild As The Wind essential oils testimonials are very short and sweet…

Your oils are amazing.

Julie, Wells

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: Beautiful, high quality essential oils as always. 

Massage & Reflexology Therapist, Glasgow

I swear by your oils (and face oil No. 2). I have resolved all the issues with my baby using essential oils after none of the medications worked. If anything they made things worse.

Sarah, Wells

And sometimes, Wild As The Wind essential oils feedback is very in depth… like this snippet which compares Wild As The Wind essential oils with those of Do Terra…

There are a lot of people who are working for [Do Terra in Malta] and there is quite a bit of info being distributed on how to use them whether food wise, for cleaning, health wise and many work shops on emotions etc using these oils.

They say there are the only oils that can be ingested. You make your own blends if you wish. I find them very different to yours. Yours are more upmarket in my opinion and not the same at all to these.

Stefy, Malta

***The information about Wild As The Wind essential oils in relation to this well known ***MLM essential oil business, was unsolicited. It is an excerpt from an email received in 2019, and permission was sought to reproduce it here.

***MLM essential oil business = multi-level marketing essential oil business

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Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Business

The Wild As The Wind Essential Oils business model differs very much from the essential oils business model of the big American essential oils suppliers.

Rachel Wild, who set up Wild As The Wind Skincare back in 2017, was originally trained in marketing consultancy. And, it’s because of her professional career in marketing and business development consultancy, along with her **personal interest in skincare and healthcare, that Rachel Wild was tasked with setting up projects in India on behalf of the Body Shop, back in the early 1990’s.

**Rachel Wild trained in massage in 1991, and has been personally working with essential oils since the 1980’s.

Because Rachel Wild is highly skilled in online and off-line marketing she views the MLM essential oil businesses practices in a very dark light:

Multi level marketing is Pyramid selling. Not only is it profoundly exploitative, it is entirely unnecessary.

MLM delivers all of the profits to the top, leaving the people at ground level desperately scratching around trying to make a living. It’s feudal, and it has no place within the modern world, yet here it is!

The MLM essential oil business model is all about getting as many worker bees slaving away at ground level as possible. But, there’s very little investment in training the ground level workers, and so their knowledge is often shockingly poor.

There may be a sound grasp of the benefits of essential oils at the top of the feudal triangle, but once the pared down information has been passed like, a series of whispers, down to the lower echelons, a lot of the value of the essential oil training has been lost.

This is partly because it’s costly to train people properly, but it’s also because the people coming in lower down the marketing tiers of the feudal triangle are motivated by money rather than the health-giving benefits of the products. And, because the system supports those who introduce increasing numbers of money-minded individuals, there’s a big shift in emphasis from advising people about their best healthcare options to selling products regardless of efficacy.

The sad reality is it really doesn’t need to be this way. There is a real appetite amongst the buying public to find alternative healthcare, skincare and home-care products. Many are naturally turning to essential oils as the better option to the harmful chemically formulated alternatives.

But, they need good solid information, not someone who knows very little trying to coerce them into buying something they don’t really understand. MLM essential oil businesses are doing so much harm, by failing to serve their customers. It makes me very sad.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Business Practices

By contrast the business practices of Wild As The Wind Essential Oils is very different.

Wild As The Wind produce a lot of free online information. And, the healthcare insights provided are not exclusive to essential oils or the Wild As The Wind Essential blended skincare products.

The whole emphasis of Wild As The Wind is to try and help people gain better levels of health, and if that means writing about health issues for which other businesses provide the solutions, then so be it.

In the article Anti-Viral Essential Oils there’s a list of products to improve immunity, all of which are provided by other outlets. These outlets are not only named, but are described with links to their online resources, whether that be a website or social media page etc.

Then there’s entire articles about supplements and healthcare protocols which have nothing to do with Wild As The Wind essential oils or our other blended products. The most popular of these is The Ultimate Cause Of All Illness.

A quick visit to the blog will unearth many of these.

Read more about the Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Business Ethos.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils UK

Wild As The Wind is a UK based essential oils and skincare business.

However, despite Essential Oils UK and particularly Organic Essential Oils UK being our primary markets, we are increasingly selling essential oils in Europe.

Read more about essential oils ‘at a glance’ in our Essential Oils In Brief section.


  1. TheoCirque says

    HI Rachel,

    Could you please explain why your oils of therapeutic grade?
    There is a whole discussion around this terminology and would appreciate your feedback.

    Kinds regards,

    • Hi Teo, yes, of course 🙂

      My answer is simple. My essential oils are the real thing, whereas as the vast majority of essential oils on sale are adulterated. For example, it is known that 90% of the Lavender Essential Oil being sold in the UK and elsewhere is made using synthetic chemicals in a lab.

      Only natural essential oils, which are made using natural plants, have the true healing properties attributed to each essential oil. This is what makes them therapeutic. All of my oils come with a slew of certificates to authenticate the batches I buy from farmers around the world. This includes Certificates of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheets, International Fragrance Association Reports and Allergy Advice reports along with organic Certificates and others from trade bodies which my suppliers are members of. All of this paperwork wouldn’t make much sense to you as they are generally pure chemistry reports, but they are vitally important to me, and the Chartered Chemists who analyse my products.

      My website is a trove of information where this subject is concerned. I recommend you start by reading Essential Oil Adulteration
      and following some of the links in that to further your understanding and knowledge of essential oils.

      Happy reading 🙂
      All the very best,
      Rachel x

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