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Please note :: Flying Oil has been replaced by Thieves Oil 2022.

Flying Oil

This hand-blended oil is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic and has been created to protect us from all likely infections which can be contracted whilst flying. Hence the name Flying Oil.

It also protects us from the synthetic Oestrogens, aka Xenoestrogens, contained in the fire retardants used regularly on inflammable materials within commercial planes.

And, the beauty of Flying Oil is that it remains extremely useful whilst on holiday. It makes for a great insect bite balm, and is better than an antiseptic cream for cuts and grazes.

But there’s plenty more applications for Flying Oil than just these…

Flying Oil Applications

Flying Oil protects us against the following:

When To Use Flying Oil

Aside from using Flying Oil during your flight or on holiday, Flying Oil is useful for protecting us from infection when visiting hospitals, doctors surgeries and work during flu season.

Flying Oil can even treat pre-existent infections at a systemic level.

It is also useful for protecting our DNA from the damage done due to exposure to wireless technologies at work and at home, or in any public spaces within towns and cities.

And, finally, Flying Oil can be used topically to treat skin yeast infections.

For more information about the uses of Flying Oil and the different methods of application please read :: Using Flying Oil

Flying Oil is extremely potent and should not be used by young children under 5 years of age or by older children for long periods of time. For age restrictions and contraindications please read :: Using Flying Oil

Flying Oil History

The Flying Oil recipe is largely based upon a potent medieval preventative medicine known as Thieves Oil. As the name suggests Thieves Oil was created by and worn by thieves to aid them in their nefarious exploits to combat the mortal danger they were exposing themselves to.

Thieves Oil was used during the sixteenth century plague in Britain by a team of grave robbers and thieves. The plague, or black death as it was also known, was highly contagious and deadly. The thieves needed an incredibly effective preventative medicine to protect them against certain death after exposure to the virus which caused the lethal condition.

For the full story of thieves oil go to :: Flying Oil

Wild As The Wind Flying Oil

Wild As The Wind Flying Oil is available in 10ml and 30ml bottles which are permitted to be taken into the cabin with you during flights.

If you are a nervous passenger it is strongly advised for you to use your Flying Oil to perform Vagus Nerve massage before and during your flight.

For full information about the Vagus Nerve, and how to perform a Vagus Nerve massage go to :: Using Flying Oil

Why Is Wild As The Wind Flying Oil So Important?

Flaying Oil protects us from a whole host of health risks whilst flying:

  • Repeated exposure to infections and pathogens.
  • Risk of Aerotoxicity (from recirculated air which is fed via the engines).
  • DNA damage from the fire retardants which our seats and blankets are doused in.
  • To keep us calm, especially if we are a nervous passenger.

Flying Oil Ingredients

How To Use Flying Oil

Flying Oil can be applied on the face, (around the nose and mouth), or massaged into the Vagus Nerve points behind the ears. One or two applications will be fine for a short haul flight, but hourly reapplication on long haul flights is advised.

Stop using Flying Oil during stop overs, and reapply immediately before entering the plane for your onward journey.

For all of the other uses of Flying Oil, plus how to massage your Vagus Nerve please refer to Using Flying Oil.

Contraindications :: However, there is a very minor risk of causing more harm than good in tachicardic cases where a slow heart beat is registering, aka Bradycardia. Our heartbeat is regulated by the nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for accelerating the heart while the parasympathetic nervous system has the function of slowing it down. The Vagus Nerve governs the parasympathetic nervous system and so it slows the heart rate down. Thus, in people with extreme and prolonged Bradycardia, Vagal stimulation has very occasionally resulted in cardiac arrest but only in very extreme cases.

Flying Oil Other Uses

  • Aid digestion (apply topically to abdomen)
  • Parasitic infection (apply topically to abdomen up to five times daily)

Flying Oil must be stopped after 10 days of continuous usage and not resumed again for at least a week, due to the Oregano Essential Oil content.


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

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