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Wild As The Wind are committed to working with wildcrafted essential oils wherever possible. We even prefer them to Organic Essential Oils.

So… what are wild-crafted essential oils…? And, why are you unlikely to have heard about them before?

What Are Wild-Crafted Essential Oils?

Wild-crafted essential oils are oils which have been obtained from plants, or plant matter, that has been grown in the wild. Simple as that!

This very basically means that the plants used to distil or cold press wild-crafted essential oils have not been cultivated.

So, until the point at which the plants are gathered they have not been touched by a single human hand… not even once.

There’s something very romantic about this… but there’s also something very practically important about this also…

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Wild-Crafted Essential Oil Importance

Because wildcrafted essential oils grow in the wild they are free from all pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and lavicides.

Any word that ends in ‘icide’ means that something has died.

Suicide means the death of a person, and regicide means the death of a monarch.

In the case of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and lavicides it means that insects, as well as plants that are considered undesirable, and fungi and the even more insects at the larval life stage of their development.

Ecocide is the death of our environment.

This allows cultivated plants to grow without opposition, but this is not a good thing in the long term.

Insect life is now perilously low. This means that plants aren’t propagated, and inter-dependent species are suffering and facing extinction also.

Wildcrafted Essential Oils Potency

Whilst Ecocide, caused by insecticides and herbicides, and other man-made toxicity, like EMF, is the most dire consequence of conventionally produced plants, there are also other major issues with this method.

Industrial farming does not replenish the quality of the soil, (which is why the estimated number of harvests left on the earth are numbering less than 60!).

*You can find more information about how dire the food production issue is by following the link above and heading to the section entitled Thyroid & Adrenal Glands. (This makes sense when you read that our Thyroids needs vital nutrients like Iodine and Selenium to function, which have been completely stripped out of the earth due to conventional food production.)

However, the soil where wild plants choose to grow are free from all of the things that cause death, and are replete with all of the minerals to feed the plants properly.

Plants that have had to survive insect attacks and the threat of other plants are immensely strong.

So, the essential oils made from wildcrafted plant materials are incredibly potent!

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Wild-Crafted Essential Oils Versus Organic Essential Oils

But, are wild-crafted essential oils better than organic essential oils?

The simple answer is, yes! Wildcrafted essential oils are likely to be more potent than even organic essential oils.

Organic growers still use acceptable products to restrict insect and plant competition for their crops, and whilst they are committed to maintaining the fertility of the soil, replacing minerals that their yields have taken out of the land, the quality of the soil will not be as good as that which has been created naturally over a long period of time.

All forms of commercial production of plants will weaken the plants, and the soil over time. This will lead to the plants being less robust and less able to provide us with the healing and nutritive values that they once could.

It’s why Wild As The Wind loves wildcrafted essential oils, and why we use them wherever possible.

***Organic Essential Oils are still a whole lot better than Non-Organic Essential Oils

Wild-Crafted Oils From Bulgaria

In January I returned to Eastern Europe to buy the latest Bulgarian oils for FACIAL OIL No. 2 and to be sold as individual essential oils.

The quality is exceptional, as usual, but I was also able to buy a Wild-Crafted Rosehip Oil that is out of this world!

Read about our Bulgarian sourced Wildcrafted Rosehip Oil which will be used in our facial oils from now on… along with the amazing Rose Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil and gorgeous Lavender Essential Oil I was also able to source for this year…

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