WildAsTheWinds On Etsy

Wild As The Wind has been on Etsy since the get-go, and Etsy have done very well out of that arrangement. However, when a competitor posted a negative review about the leading Wild As The Wind product, Etsy refused o take it down.

This particular competitor is on Etsy and so the Etsy platform knew precisely where the comment was from when we alerted them to it. They were also informed the same competitor had joined the Wild As The Wind mailing list and were harassing and threatening us via this also.

Evidence was provided… but, as with the case of the Google review, they refused to take the offending review down.

Etsy knows with absolute certainty the bad review is the work of a direct competitor of Wild As The Wind and they were, prior to making their dubious decision, made privy to some of the discussion relating to Wild As The Wind being threatened by the competitor via the Wild As The Wind mail-outs to our list.

The treats to Wild As the Wind from this very same competitor are very serious, and are based on lies that are easily proved, just like the Google review. Ironically the proof that the Google review is entirely untrue can be substantiated by Etsy sales logs.

By contrast, the Etsy review can be substantiated by an email in the Google system.

This situation is currently ongoing and so we are not in a position to decide whetehr to remove Wild As The Wind from the Etsy platform.

We are going to appeal the decision with Etsy.

So, you can still visit us here: wildasthewinds, although we urge you to use the Wild As The Wind Shop instead. It is a lot easier to use and it has our full range of products, including over 100 Essential Oils. The Etsy shop has a much more pared down stock.

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