5G Crisis Seminar

5G & Wireless tech present an unprecedented threat to humanity. Although, if any of you believe in there being any truth to the tales of Atlantis, then perhaps this stupendously beautiful but dying planet has witnessed a similar situation to the dreadful predicament we are being forced to face within this capitalistic greed-driven world fuelled by wireless technologies.

There are a good number of articles on this website detailing the devastating effects to our health and environment from wireless technologies.

Big Tech is producing pseudo-science, just like Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and Big Asbestos before them, etc, etc, etc ad nauseam…

The 5G and wireless technology articles on the Wild As The Wind website are an attempt to help redress the balance so that we can make better informed, more healthful choices for ourselves.

And, there are more reasons, other than blatant bare-faced lying, which suggest the science is flawed…

Why we can’t trust academic journals to tell the scientific truth

But, whatever the case, with non-infectious disease rates sky rocketing like never before, there is something about this modern world of ours which is killing us like flies…

Full List Of 5G & Wireless Technology Articles

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