Aero Toxic Syndrome Causing Serious Illness In Frequent Fliers

Do you think you are breathing clean air when you fly?

Sorry. I’m afraid you’re going to have to think again.

The air being pumped into aeroplanes is the recycled air that circulates around the engines, and is often toxic as hell!

Why Haven’t We Heard About this?

Well, somewhat unsurprisingly, the airlines know all about this, and are not only remaining passively quiet about it… they’re actually trying to make sure we don’t learn about the toxic risks of flying…

Economics Keeps A Lid On Aviation Toxicity Story

There’s two economic imperatives that are influencing the airlines decision to keep a lid on this horror story…

The value of the aviation industry, from producers of planes to the airlines themselves

The amount of compensation airlines would have to pay to the severely ill pilots and members of the public who have inhaled catastrophic doses of toxins  whilst flying.

Toxic Air

Cognitive dysfunction is a lot more common amongst pilots than we could ever image.

The video below defines the key aspects of the situation as it stands.

It also makes it clear that companies like Boeing are going to “continue doing what they are doing whilst they’re getting away with it”… i.e. before deaths of pilots and passengers can be scientifically, and incontrovertibly attributed to toxic air on planes.

Astounding Boeing Comments On Reddit

A programmer who worked at Boeing shared his experiences on Reddit. I advise you to read the whole thread and weep!

Here’s an excerpt.

To be fair, the aging aircraft division that I was in was notoriously bad, even for Boeing. It was where they put people that the union wouldn’t let Boeing fire. I would conservatively estimate 30% of my co-workers were full-blown sociopaths who would actively work to sabotage and ruin other people’s work. Another 50% of the people there blatantly goofed off all day, reading the newspaper or books with their feet up on their desks (literally). The remaining 20% were people who actually cared about airplane passengers not dying and worked themselves half to death to keep things afloat. I’ll give a quick shout out to Anastasia, James and all the contract workers who actually did their jobs. There are probably a few thousand people around the world who aren’t dead because of you.

Aerotoxic Association

The Aerotoxic Association is dedicated to supporting victims of toxic air, and taking the airlines and plane manufacturers to task over the many allegations of serious illnesses being contracted after flying on planes that suffered toxic air incidences.

As Alisa Brodkowitz, U.S. Attorney and aerotoxic syndrome expert. once stated,

“…the only thing filtering this toxic soup out of the cabin air are the lungs of the passenger and crew.” 

This post has been inspired by a number of posts on, particularly this one, which deals with this subject in a lot more detail :: Aerotoxic Inconvenient Truth

As we’ve reported previously in articles such as, “Asbestos of the Sky” – The Aviation Industry’s Darkest Coverup,” the aviation industry has been designing planes since 1963 to pull ‘bleed air’ from their jet engines into the cabins, profoundly compromising the health of their passengers and crew alike.

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