Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil is the queen of hormone balancing essential oils. It is highly beneficial for PMS, cramps, heavy periods, and hot flushes. It’s aphrodisiacal, euphoric, anti-depressant, and a powerful nerve tonic for all types of nervous debility and exhaustion.

Clary Sage Essential Oil is so abundantly antimicrobial that it will effectively treat bacterial strains that are already antibiotic-resistant, making it a very reliable Acne remedy.

Clary Sage has mild narcotic properties, which stimulates right brain activity, sparking creativity and igniting the imagination.

Clary Sage Essential Oil Main Uses

Calming + soothing + anti-inflammatory

Anti-bacterial + antiseptic + anti-Fungal

Reducing maternal anxiety, fear and pain during labour

Amenorrhea, (menstrual absence) + dysmenorrhea (painful periods)

Mood enhancing + stress reducing

Increases circulation

Reduces stress + aids sleep

Neurasthenia or hyperactivity in children

Relationship problems + emotional turmoil, self-esteem issues & gynaecological disorders

Peripheral nerve tonic

Aids digestion + hypertension + reduces intestinal cramping + flatulence

Muscular aches and pains

Respiratory infections + Whooping cough + asthma attacks + colic

Clary Sage Essential Oil For Skincare

Anti-bacterial + anti-microbial: great for Acne + boils

Boosts eye, hair and skin health

Hydrating for dry or mature skin + sebum regulating

Anti-dandruffSkin inflammation

Hair loss, dandruff,

Clary Sage Essential Oil Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Active Constituents: Linalyl acetate + Linalool + a-Terpineol + Germacrene D + B-Caryophyllene

Combines well with: frankincense + lavender + pine + geranium + sandalwood + jasmine + sweet orange + lemon + neroli + juniper + cedarwood

Contraindications: Clary Sage is an abortifacient which boosts uterine contraction and emmenagogue, which increases menstrual blood flow and thus should not be used during pregnancy. Can cause drowsiness

Clary Sage Oil Interesting Fact: Clary Sage is the most commonly used essential oil during child birth.

*For greater insights into the energetic properties of Clary Sage Essential Oil we recommend you read a more lengthy appraisal on the FACIAL OIL No. 7 page

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