EMF Is Killing Insects & Birds

The EMF story just keeps on getting worse!

Humans cannot survive the mass-scale loss of insect populations currently occurring, because nature will barely be able to survive!

There is a crisis in the countryside – and a massive decline in insect numbers could have significant consequences for the environment

Frightening statistics, like 98% of insects have been lost in Puerto Rico.

Hyper-alarming’ study reveals dramatic decline of insect population in rainforest

In Europe the figures are almost as bad. The Independent reports a general 75% decline in insects which rises to 82% in summer when insect populations should be at their peak.

The number of flying insects has plummeted by 75 per cent in the last 25 years, according to a study that suggests we are approaching an “ecological Armageddon”.

Scientists warn of ‘ecological Armageddon’…

Colony Collapse Disorder

Environment Agency Findings Are Extremely Alarming

A Review of 113 studies from original peer-reviewed publications. RF-EMF had a significant effect on birds, insects, other vertebrates, other organisms and plants in 70% of the studies. Development and reproduction of birds and insects are the most strongly affected endpoints.

Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife: Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment

Senator Patrick Colbeck Testifies Against 5G: Hearing 2018

This video really blows the gaff on the harmful effects of EMF, and how agencies are protecting themselves like crazy against any liability for the harmful health effects of EMF…

Everybody in this room needs to understand the FCC is staffed by former members of telecommunication industry and they are effectively indemnified against adverse health impacts…

EMF Further Reading.

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