EMF Symptoms & Diseases

According to the most conservative estimates of independent EMF researchers, at least 35% of the population suffers from “mild to moderate” symptoms of electro sensitivity, including:

EMF Tower

Very scarily, research by Prof. Olle Johansson from Sweden shows that several healthy “non-EMF sensitive” students who had their back near to a computer screen or TV set saw an abnormal number of histamine-containing mast cells migrate to their dermis, which is essentially what the body does when it is having an allergic reaction.

In the following presentation he explains that underwriters and insurers refuse to insure things like the health effects of Nano Technology, GMO and WiFi Technologies, whilst at the same time manufacturers are declaring them safe to use. So, as Prof. Olle Johansson observes…

They should be safe to insure

As it is with top execs at Facebook, who know that our brains are being rewired by gaming and social media, refuse to have Facebook accounts themselves, so it is with high ranking execs at corporations that produce digital devices. According to Prof. Olle Johansson the children of these execs don’t use the devices their parents are selling to the children of other people…

Histamine intolerance is very much on the increase and the symptoms are broad and often debilitating. (I will be publishing an article about Histamine Intolerance shortly.)

According to Dr. Martin Pall, extremely low levels of EMF can activate the voltage gated calcium channels in cells, which can cause diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • DNA breaks
  • Infertility
  • Melatonin depletion
  • Oxidative stress

Rosemary Essential Oil protects against DNA damage and repairs nerve tissue.

The EMF levels that Pall refers to are thousands of times lower than the emissions of a mobile phone.

Dr. Pall explains that excessive intracellular calcium, caused by EMF is the root cause of pretty much all of the symptoms and diseases of EMF.

But EMF Is Also A Weaponised System

EMF, being a weaponised system, used minimally for crowd control, can target different organs within our body.

Limit EMF Damage

I feel a little like the person who put together the pamphlets for ‘what to do in a nuclear attack’ who suggests climbing under a table and assuming the foetal position, with your arms over your head… like that’s going to make all the difference… But, here’s a few things you can do to restrict EMF exposure, according to Nicolas Pineault…

Nicolas Pineault, a renowned EMF expert, and author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, recommends doing the following, saying that employing these three tips can reduce EMF exposure by 90%…

His solutions are simple… but, they have to be! We are so addicted to these devices, and so committed to using them in the way we have grown accustomed to, I can’t help looking at some of his suggestions as being very much the compromise. My list would say DON’T, WHATEVER YOU DO, PUT YOUR MOBILE PHONE IN YOUR BRA… AND GET THOSE WEARABLES AWAY FROM YOU!!! Nick Pineault is a little more considered, and a lot more likely to be listened to!

Limiting EMF At A Glance

  • Put your laptop on a table
  • Use a speakerphone or wired headphones when talking on the phone
  • Use “Airplane Mode” when carrying your mobile in a pocket or your bra

***EMF is amplified within metal clad environments.

Keep wireless devices at least one foot from the body.

Always put your devices on a table or bench and keep them one foot away from your body when you are using them.

Keep them at least one foot away when you’re not using them, and turn wireless off. Leave mobile phones and tablets in Airplane Mode.

Put devices in Airplane Mode whilst in transit in elevators, cars and trains.

  • Don’t use wireless devices in areas of low connectivity, such as staircases and elevators. (Mobile phones increase their EMF emissions by up to 10,000 times when the connectivity is low, whether being actively used or just idling.)
  • Use wired Ethernet over Wi-Fi, especially for patients with a compromised immunity, children, pregnant women, the elderly and those who are clearly sensitive.
  • Always keep Wi-Fi routers at least 10 feet from your body, and turn them off at night and when not in use.

EMF Exacerbates Other Conditions

Functional medical doctors and alt-practitioners are all too aware, these days, that they are practicing environmental medicine.

And, they are also only too well aware that EMFs increase sensitivity to other environmental toxins…

They KNOW that EMF exposure acts in synergy with other toxic substances:

EMF Further Reading.

This article is part of a series of articles on EMF and 5G. You can see a full list of all of the articles in the EMF and 5G series by visiting the Household Toxicity page.

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  1. Kirsty Headlong says

    Great information and advice. Is there a device to protect against EMF that you could recommend please?

    • Thanks Kirsty. EMF really contributed to me getting very ill about five years ago, and, like so many others, I am still on the road to recovery… but very much improved these days! Five years ago I couldn’t order my thoughts sufficiently to remember what I was saying, never mind hardly being able to finish a sentence… Plus, I had anxiety and depression with terrible sleep abnormalities.

      The way I have recovered is through using Shungite on and around all of my electronic devices, and through eating an Organic diet and keeping my gut healthy. (I have just had very invasive dental surgery and refused to take antibiotics. Everyone thinks I’m completely crazy… But, I know how long and how hard I had to work to restore my gut health. Without gut health we will be sick… oftentimes VERY sick indeed! Like I was…)

      The way forward is a no sugar, no legumes, no dairy, and no grains diet with plenty of colourful veg and excellent quality organic fatty meats and good sources of saturated fat and Omega 3. Cholesterol is important, too. (Our brains and hormones need cholesterol… I am very sorry to say, but, we are being lied to by ‘big pharma’, because they profit when we suffer. I hope you find the time to read more of my articles, because I do a lot of myth-busting so that people can stay well, or get well.

      Because my immunity was impaired by chronic excessive use of technology, and excessive stress, (I was a writer, and often had to work to horrendous deadlines), I was vulnerable to all sorts of infections. By the time my incredibly robust constitution finally crashed I had it all… bacterial infection, yeast infection, viral infection and parasitic infection… Ye Gads! I was such a mess I’m pretty sure I had early onset dementia.

      This is why i’m so passionate about helping others. My life was miserable!!

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