NHS Being Held To Ransom Again!


There’s no honey pot quite as attractive as the NHS to a cash-lusty psychopath.

With most of the national utilities and services, bought and paid for by the tax payer, now sold off, at a fraction of their actual worth, to the already ridiculously wealthy… leaving the nations beloved NHS a shining beacon to the cravenly exploitative…

Once the envy of the world, operated at an incredible efficiency, with 95% of resources devoted to healthcare delivery and only 5% being awarded to the administration… it is now a beleaguered, and sorry spectre of it’s former ebullient excellence.

The NHS has been cynically and wilfully run down so the puppets of the commercial world, those gurgling, careening, career politicians, can hand over the last vestiges of our national wealth to the filthy rich at a pittance. Those ministers, who we have elected to serve our interests, have done nothing but rob us, the tax payer, blind, with their wheeling and dealing on behalf of corporate interests. And, their disregard and disrespect for the electorate has never been so self-evident. It can now only be seen as sheer and utter contempt.

The government has starved the NHS, but it still remains an immensely attractive vessel, just brimming with tax payer money, waiting to be plucked. On the one hand, it has been run down, and on the other, we have been groomed to believe the government line… all with a view to making the NHS ready for the taking, and, for the love of God, with tax payer approval.

How long are we going to sit back and let these thieves do their worst?

The system is corrupt!

We need to wake up! And fast!

May be the latest sleight of hand by the government, in it’s awarding tax payer money to corporate interests, will make even the most stalwart fence sitter fall off their perch?

A charity, who has saved the NHS around £700,000 in the last seven years, by providing a fleet of out-of-hours blood supply delivery vehicles, all manned by volunteers, has been discarded in preference for a deal with a private firm that’s costing the tax payer, (that’s you and me folks!), a cool £14 million.

Through our own enquiries we have found out that UHCW has chosen to pay a company for work we have previously done free-of-charge… We are devastated that the NHS could make such an award without consulting us.

Mark Lavery, Chairman of the discarded charity

The story is out there in plain sight, reported in Nursing Notes, an online resource that serves the nursing industry… But, it will remain to be seen how many papers, purporting to serve the public interest, will run a story alerting us to the latest way in which we are being roundly ripped off…

To understand how and why this is happening I urge you all to watch the brilliant documentary, Four Horsemen, a feature length documentary by Ross Ashcroft. In my estimations it is the most intelligent appraisal of the situation we find ourselves in, adroitly revealing the sinister economic and societal machinations which have led to us being so horrendously let down by the systems set up to serve us.

Please return to this video after reading the rest of this article.

Why Do I Defend The NHS?

The simple answer is… because one day I may break my leg!

Modern medicine is brilliant at repairing broken bodies, and for this reason alone I absolutely applaud it.

As I have never broken a bone I presently have no need for the NHS.

Health Professionals Want To Heal Us.. But What About Big Pharma…?

The rest of this article is partly borrowed from a previous article I wrote, entitled New Skincare Business :: The Launch, The Laughs & The Lows, which, as some of you may guess, has a little to do with starting Wild As The Wind.

It is a very personal account of the motivations and impetus behind Wild As The Wind, and details my personal health journey after my health fell off a cliff a few years ago. (It’s because it’s happened to me that I’m so passionate about trying to help it not happen to you…)

Back to Big Pharma…

Sadly, Big Pharma is all about the drugs! It wants health care professionals to provide diagnoses because there’s a drug protocol hanging off the back of every single last one of those puppies.

Because, ultimately, it’s all about the money!

And don’t go thinking that just because you don’t pay for your prescriptions, or you pay very little, that the NHS in the UK, or insurance companies elsewhere, aren’t haemorrhaging cash to pay Big Pharma the exorbitant cost of the deficit. Prescriptions in the UK, as we know, are subsidised… which effectively means that one of the most profitable industries in the world is being subsidised by the tax payer.

I occasionally get really “animated’ about this!

I pay for all of my treatment because I only consult with alternative practitioners. I pay for all my meds, because I use vitamins, essential oils and herbs to treat my maladies…

And, I also pay for all of the blood pressure meds, antidepressants and gut-rot meds for everyone else… when I absolutely know that the drugs don’t work and are doing more harm than good.

It’s the cost of keeping the permanently ill, and pathologically irresponsible ageing population of the UK rattling on as many as 30 different drugs a day! There’s way too many people willing to pop pills and not ask any questions that have, to a large extent, brought the NHS to it’s knees…

If you aren’t convinced I’m telling it how it is then you need to watch the video below… It’s vey short and features Peter Rost explaining how corrupt Big Pharma is.

Rost is the former Vice President of Phizer, and author of the sensational book which really blows the gaff on any pretence that Big Pharma is, in any way, concerned about you… Very quickly you will learn that Big Pharma is only interested in lining it’s own pockets… at the cost of our financial, physical and mental health…

Peter Rost is author of :: Whistleblower : Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman

According to Pfizer…

Pfizer has a rich heritage of working within the UK since our first facility was opened back in 1952.

Pfizer is the largest drug company in the world, and is worth a whopping

US $52.54 billion

The Drugs Really Don’t Work

The problem is, the drugs are designed to treat symptoms and not provide cures, so the Drugsters have you hooked for the rest of your life, turning a very tidy profit for not doing you any good whatsoever.

Whenever it’s called out for charging too much for drugs or outright price gouging, the pharmaceutical industry’s standard defense is to assure the public that its profits will be used to develop even better drugs in the future. Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli clung to that defense in late September when asked to explain his sudden decision to hike the price of a longstanding anti-parasitic drug by more than $700, prompting a collective eye roll among medical experts and an outraged public.

In reality, a good chunk of pharmaceutical “research and development” comes from the subsidized labs at universities and the National Institutes of Health, and now angry consumers and even some prominent politicians are demanding that the industry put its money where its mouth is.

Large pharmaceutical firms are some of the most profitable companies in the world, so what do they spend all their money on, besides advertising and hefty salaries for rich kid CEOs? Sure, some profits are reinvested to fund research and clinical trials, but hundreds of millions of dollars are also spent on political operations every year, and federal law requires that drug companies disclose this political spending to the public.

Read more at Truth Out

But, aside from buying our politicians so they vote in favour of big drug corporations at the expense of the proletariat, and buying our media, and generally brainwashing us into believing that alternative medicines, which have been practiced for three thousand years or more, are ooooh so dangerous, what else are they up to…?

Watch this and weep…

Wading Through The Waste!

There was so much misinformation and subterfuge put out there on the net by Big Pharma that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees… for a while, at least. And, their bunkum usually makes for compelling reading… They sure know how sell you stuff!

More than once I nearly allowed myself to be convinced of going down the Western Medicine route… I even entered into the monumental time wasting process of going to see my doctor and allowing myself to be referred in several directions… What, the hell… what could it hurt…?

Well, the indignity of some of the examinations deeply hurt my feelings… I felt violated and very much diminished as a human being… a slab of meat! My self-esteem was severely damaged. I was vulnerable. I was massively run down. I was exhausted. And, the whole experience robbed me more and more of my energy, my resilience and my self-worth.

It also hurt my bank balance… the petrol for travelling significant distances, the exorbitant car parking fees… the prescriptions I ended up not taking after looking into them…

And, it hurt my prognosis. The stress of it all helped to compound my illnesses.

Last, but not least, it robbed me of several days of my life that I’ll never get back again, and exposed me to distressing experiences that could, if I’d let them, weaken my immune system, stress me out and depress me… but, instead, I always prefer to forget all about them and focus on what’s fun in life!

Dr. Mark Hyman has a much more enlightened view of the role of modern medicine…

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