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The organic essential oils UK market is already very well established.

People in the UK are perhaps more acutely aware of the amount of toxins in non-organic skincare products, and are opting to play it safe by investing in organic skincare and organic essential oils.

According to a recent industry report, published in Business Wire… the organic essential oils UK market is set to increase by:

11% … owing to increased demand for organic beauty and personal care products especially among millennials.

The projected growth rate for the essential oil market globally is 8.83%, which will result in the essential oil global market being worth well over $11 billion by 2022. This means that the demand for organic essential oils is 2.17% greater than for conventionally produced essential oils, although, as a global estimate, the true reflection of the organic essential oils UK market may be that a greater rise in demand for organic essential oils may occur

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Organic Essential Oils

But, are Organic Essential Oils really better than conventionally grown Essential Oils?

The answer to that is a resounding YES!

With petro-chemical pesticides being ruled to be carcinogenic by the courts it is clear that organic essential oils are a much better option. This is certainly reflected within the organic essential oils UK market, even though the court case, that set the precedent where Monsanto’s Roundup is concerned, occurred in the USA.

Organic Citrus Essential Oils

It is especially important to buy organic citrus essential oils.

Citrus essential oils are obtained via a different method than most essential oils. The majority of aromatherapy oils are obtained via a process called steam distillation, regardless of whether they are organic essential oils or not.

Conversely, organic citrus essential oils are procured via a process called cold pressing, which essentially means the oils are expressed from the skins of the citrus fruits, slowly, so as to avoid the citrus skins from heating up as they pass through a series of metal rollers.

As non-organic citrus fruits are regularly sprayed with chemicals in a water-proof waxy solution that the rain can’t wash off, the essential oils obtained from non-organic citrus fruits will have a heavy concentration of chemicals in them.

It is, therefore, vital to only buy organic citrus essential oils.

Organic Essential Oils UK Buyers

Most reputable UK essential oil buyers will endeavour to offer UK organic essential oils as well as conventionally produced alternatives.

Less reputable businesses are more likely to be passing off conventionally produced essential oils as organic. I have already written a lot about the extremely large-scale business of essential oil adulteration, and so I won’t bang on again about it here… Suffice to say, there’s a lot more unscrupulous UK buyers of essential oils that are happy to pass off fake goods as UK organic essential oils than there are businesses like Wild As The Wind, who never countenance such a thing.

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Organic Essential Oils UK Versus The USA

Thankfully, our organic essential oils UK growers are a lot less likely to face challenges that their US counterparts are facing.

In the US, Monsanto is in some way involved in approximately 75% of all food production. Monsanto advocate for chemically intensive farming methods using the products that the courts have deemed dot be carcinogenic.

Monsanto are responsible for genetically modified food production, which when taking place outdoors, sometimes in high winds, can mean that neighbouring crops are cross-contaminated.

Our organic essential oils UK producers are not yet having to deal with this issue, but if the UK signs a trade deal with America, then our days will be numbered…

However, organic essential oils UK producers are not completely unchallenged. Roundup is available on every supermarket and garden centre shelf here in the UK. So organic essential oil UK producers may face chemical cross-contamination, even if they aren’t susceptible to pollen and seed invasion.

Organic Essential Oils UK Prices

Organic Essential Oils UK prices are dearer than the potentially toxic alternatives, but, thankfully there’s a growing number of UK essential oil users who will not buy anything but organic.

Health is more important than anything else, and only Organic Essential Oils UK, from a reputable vendor, can be trusted to deliver the therapeutic benefits UK essential oil users desire.

Organic Essential Oils UK Shoppers Beware!

It is often best to err on the side of caution, but when it comes to Organic Essential Oils UK shopping, then it really is a case of CAVEAT EMPTOR… let the buyer beware!

Shop with UK essential oil businesses that you trust!

Best of all… buy them from us!

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