Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth

Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth

Images of strangled waterways, rivers choking in the toxic waste from the clothing industry, heavy metals in chemical dyes and plastics… then more plastic.. and even more plastic, islands of detritus the size of countries in our oceans, fire hoses spewing antibiotics into open water fisheries, coastlines unfit for bathing because of chemical pesticides being used inland, fracking, with its 400+ unrevealed chemicals pumped into the water in high pressure pipes, and then fired, like a rocket into the earths sub-strata, shattering it’s integrity and fouling the water table, all presumably so toxic that it would be a PR disaster to let us know what they are…

Should I go on…?

No need…?

What a mess…!

What Feeds The Machine?

The thing is… a lot of us don’t know how it works…

But what you need to know is that there’s no accidents in all of this… just big corporations with their CEO’s eyes firmly fixed on the profits and a total disregard for humanity in their cold, dead hearts…

Our health is emotively bandwagoned to make big pharma millions… and the green movement has been co-opted to do the same. Just look how dangerous our eco light bulbs are! And 5G and wireless tech…!

We are having the truth spun by those advertising spin-boys, and all of our emotional frailties are being exploited whilst some people are making a mint!

Optimal Toxicity Series

But, before I continue to reveal one of the most appalling abuses of humanity, in the name of profit, I want to make you aware of all of the resources on this website which will help you recover from your toxic exposures. If you have chronic inflammation, or are suffering from an autoimmune condition, or you have had cancer, then there’s a wealth of information for you.

You will find many more detox articles in the Hormone Health series of articles as well as several articles about finding relief and healing from the inflammatory conditions which toxicity causes within the articles about Essential Oils on this website.

Heavy Metal Toxicity & Hormone Health and  Hormone Disrupting Substances both contribute to a compromised immune system which then leads to chronic infections from things like bacterial, and mould / fungal infections etc.

If you think you may be suffering from fungal infections it is strongly advised to read the series of articles on Toxic Mould.

Wireless technology is another invisible toxin which is undermining our immune systems by 40%. Learn more in the series of articles about wireless tech and 5G.

Then there’s the issue of antibiotics.

Other important articles include:

Monsanto, The Ultimate Example Of Madness & Greed

Take Agent Orange. One of Monsanto’s finest products put to catastrophic use in Vietnam.

It was termed a toxic “defoliant”, designed to remove the leaves from trees and plants in areas of combat, but indiscriminately gave practically everyone who came into contact with it cancer, no matter their race or country of origin…

Thank God That Was A Long Time Ago…

Err, hold on a cotton pickin’ second, (or should I say BT cotton pickin’ second?), what we are not being told is that it’s the exact same chemical they used in Agent Orange, that caused all that cancer in Vietnam, is being used in Roundup TODAY, which still graces our shelves in supermarkets and garden centres across these green and pleasant lands.

Court Finds Against Monsanto

And, all this is after a landmark case where Monsanto’s Roundup has been declared cancerous by the courts in America, with Monsanto being made to pay $34 million in damages to a single person… a groundsman, who contracted cancer after using Roundup as part of his job.

This is an absolute must-see video interview with Dr. Zach Bush. Glyphosate is an antibiotic which is not just destroying our soil, but it’s destroying our waterways and oceans. Dr. Zach Bush explains why Monsanto’s Round-Up is so much worse than we thought.

It’s not just Hodkinson’s Lymphoma, which courts are finding Glyphosate in Round-Up is causing… it’s causing all kinds of cancers and it is killing the medicinal properties within plants…

Glyphosate also interferes with Liver function. Because our Livers are our primary detox pathway this means that toxins cannot be eliminated from the body in people who are exposed to sufficient amounts of Glyphosate to cause these abnormalities.

Glyphosate has essentially been found, by Stephanie Seneff at MIT, to shut off the creation and secretion of Bile, which completely compromises our ability to detox and undermines our entire gut health, which is fundamental to our overall health…

***The amounts needed are less than you would think. And, because Glyphosate bio-accumulates, Liver dysfunction is a self fulfilling prophecy in people who have any kind of exposure to Glyphosate…. and, that’s pretty much all of us!


The toxic chemical is called 2,4-D, and nearly 140 million kilogrammes of toxic 2,4-D is sprayed on our food every year! Yes… on our FOOD!


Dioxin, another constituent in agent Orange, claimed 3 million lives during the Vietnam conflict, and because it is still polluting the land, it is still causing abnormal births decades after the fact…

US Food Industry

In America, Monsanto owns the food industry…On top of Roundup, Monsanto also has a monopoly on “suicide seeds”, aka GMO seeds, which are now reputed to account for 75% of the food in the US.

And, what you need to understand about that is that wherever “suicide seeds” are grown there is wholesale spraying of deadly chemicals that contain the cancerous 2,4-D and a whole bunch of heavy metals…

But that’s only poisoning the Americans, right?


UK Food Industry

All of our conventionally reared livestock and poultry are being fed GMO corn in the UK, and now we don’t have environmental protection from Europe because of Brexit, which pretty much guarantees the wholesale poisoning of British lands because the doors are wide open to American corporations, who have gleefully poisoned their own soil and have every intention of doing the same to ours…

But, British householders have been poisoning our soil for decades with Roundup anyway… and we wonder why a little-known condition one hundred years ago, called cancer, is going to claim one in two of us before we reach old age!

According to Wendy Meyers…

Monsanto sells $2B of [Roundup] every year—and they say it’s ok…

And the EPA says it’s ok too.

In fact, they agree with each other so much that the same people who

work for Monsanto move on to high-ranking jobs in the EPA.

BT Cotton

I mentioned BT Cotton earlier. This is Monsanto’s Cotton that is widely grown in India. The current figure for Indian BT Cotton farmers committing suicide, by drinking Roundup, is in excess of quarter of a million, owing to the debt they’ve accumulated since using Monsanto’s suicide seeds.

These dead farmers all mistakenly believed that the debts would die with them. But, they did not. Monsanto transfers the debt to wives and children…

It’s Time For Change!

But how can we force corporations to start caring about the environment, and us, when they have blatantly and egregiously shown absolutely no regard for us up until now?

The simple answer is :: WE CAN’T!

But, what we can do is educate ourselves and stop buying into all of this shit!

It’s Time To Wake Up!

We need to make conscious choices about what we buy so that the world will still be here, and able to sustain life, for our children and grandchildren.

We also need to massively cut our consumption… because that shit doesn’t feed the cavernous hole inside our souls, anyway!

It’s Time To Seek True Fulfilment!

When did we get so bone idle?

When did we lose our sense of adventure, and the sense of excitement from venturing out into unchartered territories…?

It’s like a lot of us are going to have to have our sofas surgically removed before we can get up and get out into nature to find our salvation…!

Technological devices create a vacuum in our hearts and are killing us slowly. Nature will restore us and replenish our depleted energy levels.

We need to put down those deathly devices and get out there… and soon!

Please share this if you know it will inspire someone to see the world differently.

Thank you.


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