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Welcome to the UK Alternative Therapists listings page, where you can find practitioners of complementary health therapies within the UK.

UK Alternative Therapists In The South West

There are a larger number of UK Alternative Therapists from the South West, (Gloucestershire, Avon Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire), because Wild As The Wind is based in the heart of these regions,

But, this list of UK Alternative Therapists has been put together with the intention of helping you find a UK based Therapist for your needs, wherever you are.

This UK Alternative Therapists Will Evolve

This UK Alternative Therapists list will hopefully evolve with your help. Please recommend you favourite therapists telling us why you love them so much. You can leave your remarks in the comments, or email them to us. Or you can get in touch on social media if you prefer.

Wherever you leave your UK Alternative Therapists information, it will be scooped up and added to the appropriate section of the list.

UK Alternative Therapists List

Development Coach

Will Houghton :: London

Will Houghton, also known as Phineas Houghton, has been a development coach since 2010. He also provides a hair mineral analysis service.

Colour Healing With Colour Mirrors

Elaine Nuelle: 07734 348821

Somerset, Castle Cary

Hair Mineral Analysis

Will Houghton :: London, but provides services within the UK & Europe

Will Houghton, also known as Phineas Houghton, has been a hair mineral analysis consultant & development coach since 2010. He is the longest serving hair mineral analysis and development consultant in Europe.

I am extremely impressed with this hair analysis test and the support you receive before and after. I hated cutting away quite so much hair for this test, as only a few strands were required for the one I’d done previously,. But the results of this test are a lot more comprehensive and accurate than my previous test… so I’m guessing a few stands aren’t really enough! The initial insights offered along with the test results, followed, soon afterwards, by a full written report as to how to remedy the issues identified by the hair analysis test, is infinitely more detailed than what I received with the test I obtained from a different provider a few years ago. There’s loads of actionable advice to restore balance within my body. Really excellent, especially as there’s no other way I’d be able to get the insights provided.

Rachel Wild

Health & Wellness Consultant

Kristina Jatiova :: Brentwood, Essex

Kristina invites you to :: ENERGISE, BALANCE, and REJUVENATE your Body & Mind one step at the time!

Integrative Nutrition Coach

Kristina Jatiova :: Brentwood, Essex :: Kristina invites you on an holistic health journey with her, so you can repair everything which is undermining your health and happiness, as well as your ability to show up in the world as a mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, spouse, professional, advocate… and, most importantly, a  fulfilled, self-loved individual.


Claire Bainbridge :: Castle Cary, Somerset

Antonia Beamish London


Heartsong Massage with Jon Coward :: Therapeutic Massage


Claire Bainbridge :: Somerset, Castle Cary

Past Life Healing & EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Elaine Nuelle: 07734 348821

Somerset, Castle Cary

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