We Know We Are Being Lied To

Serious Health Alert!

Social media has been ablaze with accusations of hundreds of millions spent on paid ads telling untruths about political candidates in the run up to the UK election, and everywhere we turn we see yet another Boris Johnson lie exposed.

No-one believes a word politicians tell us any more.

And, we are fast waking up to the scandal surrounding the grand heist being committed by the pharmaceutical industry, which ultimately reveals the healthcare industry is there to make other people wealthy, instead of making us well…

Part One in a series of articles… The second is :: It’s Time To Keep Calm & Take Our Power Back!

Part Three :: We Are Being Played & Vaccines Will Be Our Reward

We Know We Are Being Lied To

Isn’t Corona Virus a brilliant diversion from all of the dreadful headlines against Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and other world leaders? Could it be that somehow this simmering story has been blown out of all proportion by the billionaire owned mainstream media to deflect attention away from political stories which threaten to negatively impact their vested interests?

We all know why Maggie Thatcher declared war on Argentina over the Falklands… and, it delivered the desired result… she secured a convincing majority in the next election. There’s nothing like a bit of jingoist genocide to improve popularity scores for the perpetrators! (God help us all!)

So What Are Those Who Rule The World Up To Now?

Could it be that the elite and powerful are attempting to perform an even greater power-grab than they have already secured?

It’s not as if we are putting up any resistance, is it? We have, in actual fact, systematically watched our human and civil rights be eviscerated in recent years… all handed over for the illusion of a safer life.

Boris Johnson refuses to commit to keeping UK in human rights convention

We are always fed the idea our security will be preserved if we take the course prescribed to us by our political representatives…. but, there’s few of those among us who don’t now realise our political representatives are not representing us at all.

Instead, we now know, they only represent the interests of corporations and banking institutions… That’s why their so-called safety measures have resulted in Jihadi John beheadings for aid workers and ram raids, stabbings and shootings on London bridges.

Is Corona Virus Yet Another Power-Grab?

Yes, Corona Virus, or the much more sinister and militaristic sounding Covid-19, which it has been officially named, most certainly does exists. There’s no denying that.

But, as I explain in Anti-Viral Essential Oils, it is only slightly more likely to cause fatalities than a typical flu virus. There really is no cause to panic… AT ALL!

So why are we all panicking? And what is happening to world-wide commercial interests as a consequence?

Well, Corona Virus is having a devastating impact on trade precisely because we have all read the sensational headlines and have exploded into a state of hysteria, right on cue!

Learn the best herbal and supplemental vitamins to take to boost your immunity, and find out which essential oils are anti-viral. Also, learn the best techniques for staying calm and avoiding ANY winter illness… Protect yourself from Corona Virus.

Who Profits From A Destabilised Economy?

Bankers and venture capitalists profit from a destabilised economy.

Opportunistic politicians like Trump and Johnson, who are only the lackeys of the banks and corporate world, also indirectly profit from a destabilised economy, because it inures their position and they get to exercise draconian powers… all by stripping away our human rights and civil liberties… which exposes us to further risk of exploitation later down the line…

But why I am focusing on Johnson and Trump? Well that’s because the US controls c. 19% of the world financial market and Britain controls c. 21% That’s a cool 40% when you add them both together…

Who Loses In Times Of Financial Instability?

Why! WE DO, of course!

And, frighteningly, most of us are one pay cheque away from destitution.

So, what if the country goes into lock-down and you can’t get to work?

After losing out on a couple of pay cheques is your house going to get repossessed? And if it does will you stop buying the line that homeless people are just feckless and deserve their fate?

And, will you start attributing the responsibility for all of our deeply unsatisfactory predicaments to those in power instead of blaming the disabled, poor and appallingly paid immigrants for all of our woes?

I hope so. Because if you do, you will be “woke”, my friend… and then there will be the potential for very real and meaningful change!

Disaster By Design

It has never been more important to watch this free documentary which exposes the devices used by the rich and powerful to get the public to submit to their will… It’s time for change…

Before you watch the video please be aware Part Two to this article has now been written… The second is :: It’s Time To Keep Calm & Take Our Power Back!

Important Update To This Article

Mainstream news, and the tabloids are printing stories telling us Essential Oils cannot protect us against viruses. The following quote is from a government website. We are being lied to about protocols which could keep us safe and prevent a pandemic! How do these billionaire owned newspapers get away with it…?

EOs from two different suppliers) were active against the fourteen Gram‐positive and ‐negative bacteria strains tested, including some antibiotic‐resistant strains. Minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) ranged from 0.01% to 3% v/v with minimal bactericidal concentrations from <0.01% to 6.00% v/v; (2) a blend of Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Daucus carota, Syzygium aromaticum, Origanum vulgare EOs was antifungal to the six Candida strains tested, with MICs ranging from 0.01% to 0.05% v/v with minimal fungicidal concentrations from 0.02% to 0.05% v/v. Blend AB1 was also effective against H1N1 and HSV1 viruses. With this dual activity, against H1N1 and against S. aureus and S. pneumoniaenotably, AB1 may be interesting to treat influenza and postinfluenza bacterial pneumonia infections. These blends could be very useful in clinical practice to combat common infections including those caused by microorganisms resistant to antimicrobial drugs.


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  1. In the USA we’re being fed the same lies. Our California senator told us that taking vitamin C and Chinese herbs are useless against the Corona virus. Yet no one I know or anyone they know has the Corona virus. But the federal government just gave bankers and Wall Street a $1.5 trillion bailout. California governor Newsom just got a blank check for s billion dollars to spend as he pleases. The USA treasury surely has a virus.

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