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Now’s the time for us all to start talking about Antiviral Essential Oils!

It’s winter, so it’s also cold and flu season. Colds and flu, (aka influenza), are viral infections. And, because colds and flu are viral they present us with more of an issue than bacterial infections… because, sadly, modern medicine has no way of treating viruses… But, thankfully, Mother Nature can!

This is why everyone is so concerned about Corona Virus. But, hopefully this article will bring a much needed sense of hope and calm to many people.

Essential Oils Have Got Us Covered

Essential Oils are variously anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic

There are several Wild As The Wind antiviral essential oil blends available. One is suitable for topical application straight out of the bottle: Thieves Oil 2020. It is ideal for adults and children of ten years and above.

There is also a pure essential oil option containing all of the same aromatherapy oils as Thieves Oil 2020. This is simply called: Thieves Essential Oil 2020

Plus, there is also another pure essential oil option, Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil, which is suitable for adults and children of two years and above.

As it isn’t advisable to use the same essential oils consistently day after day for long periods of time, both Thieves Essential Oil 2020 and Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil can be alternated with each other to ensure continued protections.

In the very important article, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, the process through which our immune system can overwhelm us is explained, resulting in life-threatening outcomes, when trying to fight off a viral infection. An immune response is also an inflammatory response, so anti-inflammatory essential oils are very important for viral infections.

Wild As The Wind Deep Calm Essential Oil Blend is an optimal aromatherapy oil combination to cool the fires of inflammation in our bodies.

The majority of the aromatherapy oils used to make the Wild As The Wind Deep Calm Essential Oil Blend are antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory and immuno-supportive.

Deep Calm Essential Oil Blend may help with chronic inflammatory disorders and autoimmune conditions ranging from digestive disorders, respiratory conditions & allergies to chemical sensitivity, cytokine storms, anxiety & depression, chronic immune activation and trauma…

Learn more about essential oils in these important articles:

To learn more about Anti-Viral Essential Oils read on…

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Anti-Viral Essential Oils

The Anti-Viral Essential Oils listed in this article are a great defence against viral infections, including Covid-19, and using them is an effective way of mitigating infection… but there are other things we can do… Read Corona Virus Prevention & Cures for more information after reading this article.

It is particularly important to share this hope-inducing article, because the mainstream press are telling us, rather hopelessly, the only thing we can do is wait for a vaccine, and, of course, this is causing panic, which will only serve to lower immunity.

IMPORTANT :: Due to repeated requests for the same information around coronavirus, Thieves Oil 2020 and antiviral essential oils an FAQ page has been created. If you have a question which isn’t covered in the FAQ answers please ask it in the comments on the FAQ page by following this link :: Anti-Virus Essential Oils FAQ’s

Anti-Viral Essential Oils Work

Mainstream news, and the tabloids are printing stories saying that Essential Oils cannot protect us against viruses. This is profoundly irresponsible! And will potentially prove to be criminally negligent…?

Sadly, we are being misinformed The following quote is from a government website:

EOs from two different suppliers) were active against the fourteen Gram‐positive and ‐negative bacteria strains tested, including some antibiotic‐resistant strains. Minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) ranged from 0.01% to 3% v/v with minimal bactericidal concentrations from <0.01% to 6.00% v/v; (2) a blend of Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Daucus carota, Syzygium aromaticum, Origanum vulgare EOs was antifungal to the six Candida strains tested, with MICs ranging from 0.01% to 0.05% v/v with minimal fungicidal concentrations from 0.02% to 0.05% v/v. Blend AB1 was also effective against H1N1 and HSV1 viruses. With this dual activity, against H1N1 and against S. aureus and S. pneumoniaenotably, AB1 may be interesting to treat influenza and postinfluenza bacterial pneumonia infections. These blends could be very useful in clinical practice to combat common infections including those caused by microorganisms resistant to antimicrobial drugs.

There are, of course, many viruses… and there’s little financial impetus to test… but here’s a slew of different research which is revealing all sorts of anti-viral activity within essential oils.

Thankfully Science Direct have produced the following report exemplifying why essential oils are so effective against many viruses:

An updated and comprehensive review of the antiviral potential of essential oils and their chemical constituents with special focus on their mechanism of action against various influenza and coronaviruses

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Who Is Most At Risk?

Those over 50 years of age, and those who smoke or who drink heavily, or have sugar and grain addictions are much more susceptible to viral infection, and are more likely to contract a fatal dose of the Covid-19 virus. This is because Corona Virus specifically targets the lungs, and can replicate faster in an acid environment within the body… hence why alcohol, sugar and grains are an issue.

Also included :: herbal and supplement protocol advice at the end of this article.

Anti-Viral Essential Oils UK

There are a good number of anti-viral essential oils available in the UK and the rest of the world, all of which are extremely effective, and, mercifully, very affordable.

The real beauty of the best anti-viral essential oils is they are heavily anti-bacterial as well as some of them being nervines. However, unlike antibiotics, antibacterial and anti-viral essential oils only kill the bad bacteria without harming the vitally important good bacteria which helps us digest our food and forms 80% of our immune system.

Good bacteria, yeasts and viruses all contribute to our gut health, which is what forms 80% of immune system. So, to understand the importance of good bacteria and good viruses, and why the health of our digestion is the foundation of our overall health, please read the article, Gut Health.

IMPORTANT :: Not all essential oils are created equal. Anywhere between 75% and 98% of all essential oils are adulterated, This means they are stripped of their therapeutic benefits and are often rendered toxic. Only buy essential oils you can trust. In Buy Essential Oils UK I highlight what to avoid. ***ALL Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are of therapeutic quality.

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Lavender Antiviral Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is a very potent and diverse healer with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is also a nevine, with the potential to help protect the Central Nervous System.

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the very few antiviral essential oils suitable for babies, toddlers and children. It must be diluted to very low percentages. Refer to Essential Oils Safety For Babies & Children

Corona Virus is now being shown to affect the Central Nervous System… :: A Beijing Hospital Confirms Covid-19 Attacks Central Nervous System

Other nervine essential oils include:

Chamomile Essential Oil :: Is both sedative, as well as a nervine, which also alleviates insomnia.

Clary Sage Essential Oil: Is both sedative and nervine, used for nervous tension, panic, depression, but also has analgesic anti-cramping abilities also.

Geranium Essential Oil: Is a nervine with an immensely calming aroma.

Marjoram Essential Oil: A sedative and nervine, which is used for anxiety, insomnia

Peppermint Essential Oil: Is a nervine, used for panic and depression.

Vetiver Essential Oil: Is both sedative and nervine, and assists with insomnia.

Also, remove these as much as possible:

It is believed wireless technologies undermines our immune health by 40%!

Full List Of 5G & Wireless Technology Articles

To learn more about natural protocols for Central Nervous System health visit Corona Virus Prevention & Cures

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Copaiba Balsam Antiviral Essential Oil

Copaiba Aromatherapy Oil is one of the best antiviral essential oils for young children. It is safe for use from 6 months.

Plus, Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil is a great alternative to Hemp Essential Oil, which is also featured later on in this list. Copaiba and Hemp contain endocannabinoids which help to regulate and balance many processes within the body. ‘Endo’ refers to our hormonal system.

However, whilst Copaiba Aromatherapy Oil attaches to our body-wide CB2 receptors in the same way Hemp Essential Oil does, it does not attach to our cerebral CB1 receptors. Hemp Essential Oil attaches to both. 

Nevertheless, Copaiba Balsam Aromatherapy Oil is about a third of the price of Hemp Aromatherapy Oil, and shares almost all of the same healing potential.

Copaiba also works to suppress inflammatory cytokines and so will ease viral symptoms.

Aromatically Copaiba is very neutral whereas Hemp is very pungently herbaceous.

Both oils can be taken internally or applied topically at the correct dilution. Please refer to Using Essential Oils for more information relating to diluting essential oils.

For dosage information please visit the specific product pages in the Wild As The Wind Shop.

The individual Wild As The Wind Shop product page links are as follows:

Copaiba Essential Oil

Hemp Essential Oil

Cistus Antiviral Essential Oil

Cistus, or Rock Rose, is extremely antiviral. It also supports the respiratory system by ridding it of excess mucus and blockages. Cistus Essential Oil can treat colds, coughs, bronchitis, flu and asthma.

This is an incredibly important essential oil, but it is one of the more pricey, costing more than Hemp Essential Oil, known for it’s CBD content.

In an effort to offer an affordable option Wild As The Wind sell an ethically sourced Cistus Essential Oil. For those of you who are determined to support organic producers there’s also a Wild As The Wind Organic Cistus Essential Oil.

Just for the record, out of all of the essential oils in this list for viral infection and respiratory support, this is the one I choose for myself. I also use Thieves Oil 2020 regularly, as well as Lavender Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil.

I also drink Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil in my water… one drop per glass up to three times a day, sometimes warm, sometimes cold.

***It is safe to use up to twelve drops of essnetial oil in any combination per day. For more information about essential oil safety please refer to Using Essential Oils.

Tea Tree Antiviral Essential Oil

Perhaps the most commonly known antiviral essential oil is Tea Tree Essential Oil. This essential oil, which is also known as Ti Tree Essential Oil or Melaleuca Essential Oil, is an absolute powerhouse of healing, but is gentle enough to be used on young children.

Tea Tree Essential Oil, like Lavender Essential Oil, and Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil, is one of the very few antiviral essential oils suitable for babies, toddlers and children. It must be diluted to very low percentages. Refer to Essential Oils SafetyFor Babies & Children

Tea Tree Essential Oil is not only an anti-viral essential oil. It is also antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. These are the main four ways in which we become infected, and so Tea Tree Essential Oil is a great panacea for pretty much all of the most apparent health threats that exist today.

Unfortunately, the creation of Super Bugs and Super Viruses, means that in extreme cases, the power of Tea Tree can be overwhelmed.

In those instances, it’s time to bring in the ‘big guns’!

Oregano Antiviral Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil is, without doubt the most potent anti-viral essential oil available, but like Tea Tree Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oil is also antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, but in a more potent form.

And, Oregano Essential Oil contains a good amount of Phenols, so it is brilliant for detoxing hormone receptor sites of toxic synthetic hormones which are present in modern fabrics, home furnishings and plastics, which seriously compromise our health. Our hormones are chemical messengers which maintain the fine balance of our bodily functions, keeping everything in balance. Any challenge to our hormones will ensure a deterioration in our overall health. For more information read Hormone Disrupting Substances & Cures

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Cinnamon Antiviral Essential Oil

The gorgeous smelling Cinnamon Essential Oil is another aromatherapy oil which is a potent anti-viral essential oil that is also antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

Cinnamon Essential Oil is also immune boosting, and so is a great preventative as well as a great cure for most of the common infections we’re likely to contract.

Clove Antiviral Essential Oil

Another gorgeous smelling aromatherapy oil, Clove Essential Oil is another potent anti-viral essential oil that is also antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

Clove Essential Oil is also homeostasis supporting aromatherapy oil, and so, just like Cinnamon Essential Oil, it is a great preventative as well as a great cure for most of the common infections we’re likely to contract.

Rosemary Antiviral Essential Oil

In the world of aromatherapy, the combining of aromatherapy oils makes these healing oils more potent. The combining of Clove Essential Oil with Rosemary Essential Oil is a very good example of this.

Rosemary Aromatherapy Oil is another anti-viral essential oil with antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial actions.

Thyme Antiviral Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil is yet another anti-viral essential oil with antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial actions, as well as being a great immune-boosting tonic!

Thyme Aromatherapy Essential Oil comes in different chemotypes. Thyme White Essential Oil is more antioxidant but can irritate the skin in some cases. Thyme Red Essential Oil or Sweet Thyme Essential Oil is less irritating to the skin.

Thyme Aromatherapy Oil is also vitally important for hormone balance… as is Clary Sage Aromatherapy Oil.

Very Affordable Antiviral Essential Oils

Two of the most affordable essential oils in the Wild As the Wind essential oil range are two of the most affordable antiviral essential oils in the world.

These incredibly affordable antiviral essential oils are Gurjum Essential Oil and Palmarosa Essential Oil

Gurjum Essential Oil

Gurjum Essential Oil is a profound healer that shares many of the expansive healing properties of Copaiba Essential Oil.

Gurjum Essential Oil should be in EVERYONE”S first aid kit!

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa Essential Oil is another profoundly healing essential oil which deserves a place in everyone’s first aid kit!

Not only is Palmarosa Essential Oil an antiviral aromatherapy oil, but it is also a very important anti-ageing ingredient used in many cosmetic products..

Palmarosa Essential Oil is an affordable alternative to Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil which is used in FACIAL OIL No. 2.

Basil Antiviral Essential Oil

Sweet Basil Essential Oil is antiviral, antimicrobial as well as being a potent antioxidant.

Like Oregano Essential Oil it contains Eugenol, and thus should not be used consistently. Essential oils containing Eugenol require regular breaks to allow the body to detox this bio-accumulative constituent.

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Thieves Oil 2020

Several of the above aromatherapy oils are in a Wild As The Wind essential oil mentioned earlier Thieves Oil 2020.

Clary Sage Antiviral Essential Oil

Clary Sage Aromatherapy Oil is not an anti-viral, but it is vital for hormonal health and it blends brilliantly with most of the above oils. It is also a nervine, which protects the nervous system from the adverse effects of viral infections.

It is profoundly antibacterial, but it’s also a natural sedative and analgesic, so it’s great for when you have the flu and need a good nights sleep to help you recover.

Getting enough sleep is THE best way to stay well and heal when we get unwell!

Other Important Aromatherapy Oils

Frankincense Aromatherapy Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil is an amazingly healing oil, which is great for pain and as an immuno-stimulant! Prevention is better than cure!

Research has shown Frankincense Essential Oils calms cytokine storms (viral symptoms) and increases activity of white blood cells.

Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is uplifting, antibacterial, and a great tonic. It can be taken internally to recondition the digestive track, and it is profoundly antibacterial. Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil is a great one for using during illness, but will help support our immunity all year round.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil can be used continuously for long periods… but, it is always good to take a break from everything every now and then… Everything will ultimately prove toxic with over use… it’s why we vary our diets, and change shampoo brands etc…

Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp Essential Oil plays a vitally important role in ensuring optimal immunity. The cannabinoids in Hemp Essential Oil modulate macrophages which clear out pathogens and toxins.

Because we have cannabinoid receptors in every part of our body, taking Hemp Essential Oil, with it’s full spectrum cannabinoids is one of the most fortifying things for our immune system there is.

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Learn What’s Really Going On With Viruses

Viruses are actually not alive… This is why most of the advice we are being given is bogus.

This doesn’t mean they can’t make us ill. Read this article to find out more and then come back here for some really important herbal and dietary supplements we can take to prevent infection and seeing off Corona virus if we do get it.

Why Everything You Learned About Viruses is WRONG

Aromatherapy Oil Blends For Preventing Viral Infection

Obviously using aromatherapy oils, or essential oils, is an excellent way of preventing viral infection as well as treating the infections themselves, but it is important that we take a good break from Eugenol containing aromatherapy oils, and those containing Phenols, especially if we are taking them internally.

***This is the main reason why I advocate the use of pre-blended aromatherapy oils for those that are new to essential oils.

There’s two Wild As The Wind blended products which I would advise people to use as a great preventative as well as treatment for viral and bacterial infections, as well as immune-boosting support, and these are…

Thieves Oil 2020

Thieves Oil was the name given to grave robbers who operated during the time of the black death… a viral infection which almost certainly resulted in death.

The thieves who had direct contact with the virus on a daily basis thwarted infection owing to their secret blend of essential oils. It was only after they were caught and forced to reveal their recipe did anyone get to learn of this healing and preventative combination of aromatherapy oils.

Additional Natural Protocols To Stay Well

This section has now been moved to a dedicated Corona Virus article because this one is already quite long enough!

To learn more about natural protocols for Central Nervous System health and Corona Virus prevention and management visit :: Corona Virus Prevention & Cures

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The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

Deepen your knowledge by using the Wild As The Wind Recommended Resources

Another resource you may find useful can be found by following the link below. *Please note, I use sources from the Recommended Resources list as well as sources from the Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources list when researching articles for the Wild As The Wind Blog.

Best Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources.

Wild As The Wind use a number of resources when deciding which essential oil formulas to put together for optimal healing and efficacy, as well as to support any health claims we may make.

We use the industry ‘bible’ on essential oil safety: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals [2nd Edition] by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, to establish the safety of the Wild As The Wind formulations.

We owe a particular debt to GreenMedInfo, and, of course, the teachings of Penny Price and Patricia Davis.

Many of the scientific studies used to inform the claims made on this website are via GreenMedInfo, as well as via Dr. Josh Axe, Ty Bollinger on the Truth About Cancer website as well as, on the odd occasion, Dr. Eric Zielinski

Other resources include:

  • PubMed
  • WebMD
  • Robert Tisserand
  • Dr. Robert Pappas
  • Dr. Mercola
  • AromaWeb
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