What Can They Do With 5G?

What Can They Do With 5G?

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They can socially exclude us, brainwash us, make us really sick and basically force us to surrender our will to their wishes…

But Will They?

Sadly, if China is anything to go by then… yes!

Twenty three million people are now effectively ‘persona non-grata’, and are excluded from the Chinese system.

If everything were to be digitised… like it would be if we fully committed to the ‘internet of things’… which we are well on the way to implementing… then… it would be very easy to create digital social outcasts, which is precisely what they are already doing in China.

By a process of social credit points, or lack thereof, all of your movements could be shut down!

How Do Social Credits Work?

The way social credits work within the digital world is that the technology, which is monitoring us, (and a lot of it is), will algorithmically process everything we say and do… so, every time we do something, or say something, that the algorithm deems anti-establishment we will lose social credit from an ever-dwindling account.

If we dip below the prerequisite level of social credit all of our functionality within the digital world would be shut down. It would mean we couldn’t function within the modern world… no buying flights and train tickets, no renting or buying a house… no job!

We’d be on the credit blacklist… just like the 23 million people in China who have fallen foul of the Chinese algorithm… and are now in “Smart Prison”, as coined by Max Igan, in the video interview below.

Igan also likens this situation to ‘thought crime’ from Orwell’s 1984, because, as Igan says…

You could be in bed having a conversation with your wife and suddenly you say something that the algorithm doesn’t like and it determines that Xxxx Xxxx is an irresponsible, untrustworthy person, and it docks your social credit points. And, you don’t know until you go to buy something, and then you say… “Well what do I do?” And, the person at the counter says, “I don’t know… the computer says no”… They don’t know. They’re not to blame… But who do you call? You go online, and there’s no-one…

This is the problem with algorithms… it’s just vast computer software networks operating autonomously…there’s no redress or recourse…

What Devices Are Monitoring Us?

Everything from our mobile phones, our TV’s, our smart fridges and toasters are all capable of monitoring us… and then some… In fact, fridges have even been implicated in mass spamming email campaigns, all carried out under the noses of the unwitting owners of the fridges…

Many of us are being romanced by the idea and ease of the internet of things… but, there’s a dark side, and we need to wake up to the negatives as well as the positives…

How would we defend ourselves if our fridge was appropriated by a ring of international paedophiles to coordinate an atrocious crime if an algorithm somewhere detects “your involvement”, and a crack team break down your door at 3.00am to arrest you with no questions asked!?

Code 46 [Movie]

What is discussed in this interview is similar to how I remember a chilling low budget Sci-Fi movie starring Samantha Morton and Tim Robbins, where, if you didn’t have a computer chip implanted in your body, (if my memory serves me correctly), you couldn’t function within normal society. BUT… normal society was so skewed, by that point, a lot of people wanted ‘out’! The depiction of the fall-out from this scenario was very messy…

It also reminds me of a particularly vitriolic address from David Cameron…

He said something very chilling in one of his televised speeches, insinuating that we don’t need to do anything wrong for government agencies to still trouble us in our homes… or words to that effect…

(If anyone can find information relating to this speech and could send me the link I’d be very grateful.)

I urge you to watch this short video… (It’s less than quarter of an hour in length.) Max Igan has updated his figures for social exclusion since this video was recorded. 23 million people reflects the position in April 2019.

EMF Further Reading.

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