5G Claims Our Hedges As Well As Our Trees?

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This news is appalling!

Not only are tens of thousands of mature trees earmarked for ‘the chop’, in our towns and cities across the UK, as part of the 5G roll-out, but it looks like our hedgerows are due to be destroyed along our railway lines, as well.

Hedgerows in Ireland have been torn out and cropped to ground level at the height of the nesting season!

5G Claims Our Hedges As Well As Our Trees?

The 5G roll-out story seemingly lurches from set of appalling circumstances to another.

This latest piece of news, from the Irish Times, is pretty gut churning. It really does beg the question; ‘where has our humanity gone?’

Why can’t we see what we are doing is madness?

We Need To Act Now!

Authorities have ‘out sourced’ the felling of trees and the ripping out of hedges to private contractors.

I live next door to a person who employs a number of people, all of whom are regularly contracted to cut down trees and provide hedgerow management services by the local council. None of them are tree surgeons, and I’d be surprised if any of them have a chainsaw license.

I have witnessed them perpetrate a number of environmental travesties, but when I have challenged them about their actions, they have laughed in my face.

Wanton Destruction Is Breathtaking & Heartbreaking

Irish Rail has rejected claims it had engaged in “wanton hedgerow destruction at the height of the nesting season” by cutting back trees and hedges on a stretch of the Dublin to Galway rail line.

Green Party spokeswoman on forestry and animal welfare Pippa Hackett had posted pictures she took which she says illustrate the scale of vegetation removal along the line.

“What I have witnessed over the past week has been catastrophic for our birds and biodiversity. I have seen many incidences of severe hedge-trimming, even hedge removal, during the cutting season, but never have I witnessed such wanton hedgerow destruction at the height of the nesting season, with hedges on the point of bloom. Nests, chicks, and biodiversity have been mulched to the ground,” she said.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Environment & Science Editor

Irish Times

Wanton Destruction Of Trees & Hedgerows

Whilst Irish Rail denies “wantonly” cutting down and removing large amounts of hedgerow, it has been admitted that leafy trees interfere with 5G signals, which is why so many trees in our towns and cities are being destroyed.

***However, 5G is also said to travel through the thickest of walls, and can travel much further distances than is broadly thought.

A Verizon advert at the beginning of Scientifically Backed Serious Concerns About 5G Safety, is presented by a 5G expert who explains 5G technology is being underestimated. The Verizon advert clearly states a 5G signal will travel 3,000 feet, which is over half a mile.

Thus, there is absolutely no need for 5G transmitters to be 100 metres to 200 metres apart!

But, it also surely means something as flimsy as leaves, or as insubstancial as a hedgerow, when compared to thick stone walls, could not be presenting this technology with the issues it’s claimed they’re causing…?

Horror Show Coming To The South West?

Is the situation in Ireland about to be repeated in the South West of England?

The South West is going to be the first to be supplied with 5G from rail passengers.

Read more here: South West Of England :: First Trains To Get 5G

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