5G At What Cost?

5G At What Cost?

EMF Tower

It has just been reported on GreenMedInfo that the wireless industry has admitted there’s not a single shred of evidence can prove 5G is safe… There’s no safety test or research into 5G which gives any indication this incredibly invasive technology isn’t harming anyone who comes into contact with it!

5G Rampant Irresponsibility

Surely it is rampantly irresponsible to release a technology, as they have done in two major cities in the South West of England, Bristol and Bath, without first testing 5G to ascertain any harmful side effects?

And, isn’t it rampantly irresponsible in light of the fact that we knew wireless radio operators as early as the First World War were considerbly more likely to die of cancer than those who didn’t come into contact with radio waves. In fact, despite there not being one shred of industry research into the safety of 5G there is, however, a welter of damning research into the deathly nature of wireless tech, including WiFi and mobile phone technologies, spanning the last ten decades, with a massive amount of research concluding the myriad health risks of wireless technologies conducted in the 1970’s.

Urban legend, or truth?: A story is circulating, which I have personally heard from a number of sources, stating starlings in mid-flight fell from the sky, and were dead on landing, when they switched the 5G network on in Bristol.

Did anyone witness this firsthand? Please get in touch, or confirm your sighting in the comments. Thanks.

An except from EMF Is Killing Insects & Birds

A Review of 113 studies from original peer-reviewed publications. RF-EMF had a significant effect on birds, insects, other vertebrates, other organisms and plants in 70% of the studies. Development and reproduction of birds and insects are the most strongly affected endpoints.

Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife: Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment

5G Health Risks

Despite the complete lack of testing to try and prove 5G technology is safe, there is, as mentioned, a growing body of evidence that it REALLY ISN’T SAFE, AT ALL!

5G is heavily implicated in the Autism Epidemic.

Diabetes and renal failure are almost guaranteed in a 5G environment.

The risk of heart failure is also massively increased.

Also, mental health issues are almost guaranteed.

5G Health Risk Video

Total Social Control, A La 1984?

But, perhaps most chilling of all, it’s what they can potentially do with 5G which will strike fear into most men….

They can socially exclude us, brainwash us, make us really sick and basically force us to surrender our will to their wishes…

Insects & Trees

5G Tree Cutting

It has recently been reported that ALL INSECT SPECIES are on a list detailing all the insect species are facing possible extinction.

And, leafy trees will have to be cut down in order to ensure an uninterrupted provision of 5G. Images of formerly tree lined streets, where only stumps and tree guards remain, in Marseilles, Amsterdam, the UK and Ireland, are flushing around the internet.

An urban forest in Cork has been raised to the ground, a city in which I lived for five years.

It’s truly heart breaking!

Bristol Press Grows Increasingly Skeptical

The argument that 5G technology should not have been released until thoroughly tested has been voiced in the Bristol Press.

A 5G article in the Bristol Post explored this subject by delving into a piece in the Observer published in 2018.

On July 14 the Observer reported a peer review of two US government studies which found “clear evidence” mobile phone radiation causes cancer.

Later on, in the same Bristol Post article, they again refer to The Observer, revealing some of those who are best qualified to judge, are now lobbying for 5G to be stopped until we know, for sure, what this technology will do…

The Observer cites a petition signed by 236 experts warning 5G will “massively increase” people’s exposure to mobile phone radiation, which the US study shows may be dangerous.

In the petition scientists and doctors from 35 countries call for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G until independent scientists have investigated the health risks.

Mounting Evidence 5G Is Not Safe

News channels have been steadily recording the growing weight of opinion, and scientific research, indicating 5G is heavily unsafe to humans and wildlife.

But, news about the alarming lack of evidence to suggest 5G might be safe has been very scant indeed.

I am following this story pretty closely, and have to admit to being entirely unaware of any published material, until today, which deals with the lack of research into 5G in support of this technology… but, of course, I am woefully aware of the mounting proof that 5G is a disaster of untold magnitude…

Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe”


The article on GreenMedInfo contains a chilling video of the line of enquiry taken by Richard Blumenthal, which is profoundly scathing of the failures of the governmental protection agencies to even consider the safety of the population in the US whilst allowing 5G to go ahead, really does make the pitiful situation regarding 5G enormously apparent…

Last week, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal grilled wireless industry representatives, who admitted the industry has done ZERO health & safety studies on 5G technology. Meanwhile, dozens of independent studies indicates that 5G is a risk to all biological life.

This is astounding. And it’s appalling! But is it criminal?

Read More About 5G & Wireless technologies…

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  1. Josh Coppersmith Heaven says

    I live in Bristol, and haven’t heard about birds dropping out of the sky. I would if it were true. There is so much disinformation floating around about 5G, the same things that were said about smart meters, y2k, TV and even radio in the past. The internet just makes for an easier and much more convincing. Ironically, everyone is either using 4G or WiFi to post this stuff!

  2. Bristol governing managers not fit for purpose . high time to take our reigns back and do proper job of this mess…

    • In light of Glastonbury Councillors saying no to 5G at Glastonbury Festival, it’s clear that where there’s a will there’s a way! What would you do differently Andy?

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