The short answer is: Sorry, but no!

Here’s the long answer…

Can I Ask For Personal Advice Online?

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to relate a recent online request for info…

The enquirers name has been changed to protect their identity.

You will also find Can I Collect In Person? very useful also.

Some People Insist On Using Up All of My Time…

This message came via Facebook…

I have tried to contact you on email and Instagram. I need to restock some lavender but just want to know what lavender is better for sleep? Also if you recommend any other oils for sleep And some recommendations for anxiety also best way to take them for bed. I currently rub on my feet

My response, having been insisted upon, was as follows…

Hi Xxxxxxxx,

I have seen your email. Sadly, my sister in law has just had a massive cerebral aneurysm this week and is somehow managing to cling to life, and my brother has been in hospital having lost two stone in eleven days. Consequently, I have been unusually busy this week.

My family invest their faith in conventional medicine. It’s difficult.

I am happy to answer your questions and also help you get to the root cause of your issues, in personal, one on one, email consultations, for which I charge £70.00.

Please let me know if this is of interest and I will provide you with specific information of how this works.

Best wishes,

Rachel no stress at all, priority is family right now! Reply when it suits you! I am going to go ahead and purchase the lavender rather then the spike lavender. I like to use the oils for daily use for example in the shower in the bath, for after fitness for when I’m ill for aftershave etc ! So just looking at a company more close to home and was wondering how it compares to a big company such as Dotrerra. At this moment in Time I won’t have a consultation just yet

Before stating my response I would like to reproduce a customer testimonial which addresses the key point in this message. It is clearly stated on the Wild As The Wind Testimonials Page, as well as the Essential Oil Page.

Wild As The Wind Versus Do Terra…

There are a lot of people who are working for [Do Terra in Malta] and there is quite a bit of info being distributed on how to use them whether food wise, for cleaning, health wise and many work shops on emotions etc using these oils.

They say there are the only oils that can be ingested. You make your own blends if you wish. I find them very different to yours. Yours are more upmarket in my opinion and not the same at all to these.

Stefy, Malta

Aside from this, the fact the enquirer continued to pursue their line of enquiry after telling me “priority is family right now!’, really made me feel especially exhausted… and that they expressed their concern for my family by telling me I should put my family first really sent my heckles right up. People regularly tell me what I should and shouldn’t do, quite often they are young and inexperienced and believe themselves to be all-knowing and infallible, as in this instance, as though they have some God-given right to do so… I bristle every time…

Now to my response to their message above…

I’m sorry, I haven’t made myself clear… The only way in which I share my expertise for free is through all of the freely available information on my website. If you have questions about the oils, and their healing applications, over and above the information supplied, that’s when you book a consultation. So, my last message WAS my reply to your queries, so please don’t expect another. I hope that this clarifies things for you.

Incidentally, essential oils work differently for each individual. This makes the one on one sessions invaluable, quite aside from the fact it is completely unfeasible for me to deal with enquiries of this nature because I work around the clock as it is.

I do four markets a week. I make all my products. I am currently formulating new ones. I deal with all of the legal and bureaucratic side of things. I handle all of the ordering and unloading of deliveries of raw ingredients. I do all the bottling, printing of labels and writing of labels. I research and write all the articles on the website. I run the Wild As The Wind Online Shop. I run the Etsy Shop. I handle all of the finances and do all of the book keeping. I do personal one on one sessions. I publish in other publications. I run all of the social media accounts.

I work, I eat, I sleep. I don’t have a social life. And, writing this message to you now will likely mean that instead of getting 6 hours sleep tonight before a gruelling weekend of markets, I will get 5 hours and 45 minutes, which will negatively impact my ability to serve my customers as well as I normally do.

I will be making products until 1.00am tonight.

As you can probably tell by the tone of this final response I was a little incredulous I was even having to write it. I don’t believe in having to justify why I need to set boundaries, but I have found people regularly misunderstand when a boundary is being delineated unless I really spell it out for them. I find this incredibly challenging.

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