When you successfully save yourself time and money, you will almost certainly do it at someone else’s expense


If it were in any way feasible to provide more specialist services to meet ALL of my customers wishes, they wouldn’t need to ask, because I would already be doing it.

Rachel Wild

Can I Collect In Person?

A lot of Wild As The Wind customers live reasonably locally. And there’s quite a few pro’s to the idea of collecting in person… for customers at any rate…

  • They can save on postage.
  • They can hopefully satisfy their curiosity and see where, and if they’re lucky, how their products are made.
  • Plus, they’d get direct access to me to hopefully hang out for a while and get to the bottom of their nagging health issues.

There really don’t seem to be any Con’s… Or, at least, not until you shift your perspective and start seeing it from Wild As The Wind’s point of view… When you do that you start seeing a whole WORLD of CON’s appear from nowhere. Poof!

Unfortunately, one individual asking for special treatment, (and there have been a few), directly undermines my ability to meet the many, many responsibilities I have to all of my other customers. And, in fact, it actually undermines my ability to do a good job for the person requesting preferential treatment also.

So, there are Con’s for you too! It really is a lose, lose, lose situation!

Your Gain Is Everyone Else’s Loss

Whatever your motivation for requesting preferential treatment from a business, you will cost that business time and money.

When you request preferential treatment from a business like Wild As The Wind you actually potentially place such a heavy burden on an already over-taxed system, that it can seriously negatively impact my ability to act in the best interests of all of my customers.

This is because the cost of your request is borne on every level, physically, financially and emotionally.

The stress and strain is felt everywhere, not least because people are trying to circumvent systems which have been exhaustively refined, and have ultimately been put in place to protect their interests… all for the desire, quite often, to save the cost of a stamp.

Plus, instead of checking how and why Wild As The Wind does things in the way that it does, by consulting the FAQ’s on this website, they just phone or email…

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!


Wild A the Wind Is Maxed!

Wild As The Wind, before your request, is already phenomenally labour-intensive, because all of the products are handmade, bottled by hand and often labelled by hand using hand-printed labels etc, etc…

And that’s the tip of the iceberg!

I also want to help my customers find the right information to improve their health and even recover from serious illnesses, so I produce books worth of heavily researched articles on the Wild As The Wind Information Website, (this one), so they don’t have to spend years, whilst ill, trying to wade through all of the wrong information online in order to try and recover their health… like I had to.

Some articles take up to two weeks to research and write… literally!

And, I publish all of this information for free… because I care about your health.

I also have to find the best quality ingredients around the world, order them, locate them when they go missing, then unpack them when they finally arrive, before blending them into your “miracle oil” as one particular product is described by so many of you…

I also have to find bottle suppliers and order many different ones, with different inserts and closures, regularly… unpack them, even though one or two of them have smashed… and then the labels… I have to design the pre-printed ones, and work with printers who seem determined to misinterpret my design brief, then order and pray they turn up on time…

Plus, I have to process orders, go to the post office to send them, find them when they get lost, replace them if they can’t be found.

I write handwritten notes in these parcels, because there’s healing magic in every mark I make on the page…

I get, on average, over 200 emails a day, making it difficult to find the time to develop new products, which I often promise for a long time before they arrive.

Products need to be assessed by Chartered Chemists, and to do this I often have to collate reports containing over 100 pages of safety data and the specific chemical make-up of each constituent ingredient. Once approved I have to design and make more labels, find and order new bottles, as well as register the product with the EU portal… even though we’ve Brexited.

I also offer private one to one sessions (via email),

I do all of my accounts and admin myself…

It’s a lot… and there’s a lot more…

But, I’m sure you get the picture…

Wild As The Wind Wants To Help Wherever Possible!

I have long since adhered to the understanding that boundaries are love. It’s a Universal Principle, in fact.

So is the Law Of Acceptance.

I am very much looking forward to finding the time to write more about Universal Law on this website, because the need is exceedingly pressing… our spiritual evolution is so important at this time. The decisions we make now will either be enlightened or they will be devastating. If we spiritually evolve we can make life amazing. If we don’t make enlightened decisions at this point in our history the future could very easily be appalling. I have answers for those who would know… but, I have very little time…

I love all of the customers who accept and trust me in the way that I do things.

I also love my petulant, self-serving customers, who place unjustified demands on my time and who challenge my boundaries by electing to see things from one side only… theirs!

We are all here for each other’s learning!

However, whilst everyone is loved equally, I will not pretend to always like those who challenge me with personally motivated requests… because I know the potential damage this can cause.

Please understand… any attempt by me to save one customer either a modicum of time or the cost of a postage stamp will not have a direct correlation… ultimately, the cost to me is usually considerable in terms of both time and money.

Even handling enquiries for preferential treatment is incredibly disruptive. It is time consuming and stressful simply because the time spent responding to these requests is the time I need, and want, to devote to providing invaluable services to all of my customers.

I cover this in more detail in Can I Ask For Personal Advice Online?

I Already Do So Much For Free…

As mentioned, this includes producing well researched, accurate health information on the Wild As The Wind website, which cannot be found via more mainstream portals, and is consequently helping to change people’s lives.

Please realise, instead of spending this morning writing an article that could potentially change your life, and the life of many others, I am sat writing this… and that depresses me, frustrates me, and makes me wither inside a little…

One of my articles will be invaluable to you one day… as well as being equally important to many others, in time… My articles, whilst not all pertinent to you, will be revelatory and potentially life-saving to others… and perhaps one day I’ll write one which will be equally revelatory for you… But, only if I find the time to write it!

Having been profoundly ill myself, and having to research my symptoms online in an incredibly compromised state, I know how hard it is to get accurate answers to health queries online. It took me years to get to the truth of what was wrong with me, and so it took years for me to start recovering from an entirely unnecessarily debilitating illness.

Writers MUST NOT Be Disturbed

I have been a professional writer for over twenty years.

I, like other writers, write in a very immersive way. This means I always have about 25 windows open on my computer and I flit between them, piecing together the latest peer reviewed research, and horribly dry scientific information, like a tapestry of accessible insight for you to consume.

To be interrupted during this process can mean I don’t get back into the flow of writing for a good hour… or even two. So much recapping has to be done because the information is so dense, and the language so hard to digest, and because I am trying to marry all manner of concepts, ideas and facts together, I need to be completely ‘in the zone’. So, when there’s the slightest disturbance everything is shattered.

Plus, the finished product is never as good as it would have been without any disruption.

My concentration is shattered every time the phone rings, and every time I receive a delivery. It’s shattered by my need to eat and other calls of nature.

All of these things remind me of the Law Of Humanity, and the Law Of Everything Being Perfect In It’s Imperfection…

But there’s ‘imperfect’ and there’s ‘utterly useless’… I need my my articles to be imperfectly USEFUL!

One Person’s Attempt To Improve Their Lot Negatively Impacts Everyone Else

The time a product takes to bring to market is one of the costs of production. So, I obviously have to cost my time into the cost of making and selling a product.

If the amount of time it takes a business to produce a product goes up, because time is being spent dealing with requests for preferential treatment, then the time lost is factored into the cost of the item.

So, one person seeking preferential treatment will result in the increase in retail prices of the end product, over time.

If several people a week seek preferential treatment, this will very quickly put prices up considerably for everyone else… as well as themselves, of course.

As already mentioned, this will also compromise my ability to publish the free health information I provide… which also means, for example, that the need for writing this article to explain to the few what the majority already understand and accept, I have put back the publishing of one of my health articles by at least a week.

As there are quite a few FAQ’s to cover, it will put back the publishing of health information by months.

But, on a more positive note, hopefully these FAQ’s will be read by the many… who will find them useful… and, in doing so, will adjust the way in which they interact with Wild As The Wind, so as to create an optimally beneficial outcome for all concerned.

For this I am grateful, and, of course, I appreciate if this is what happens, then time will be saved further down the line.

Wild As The Wind Do Everything By Hand!

As I hand blend all of the Wild As The Wind products, hand printing and writing many of the the labels, and bottling the essential oils, any disturbance during these activities is also exceptionally disruptive.

Imagine a telephone call or a knock at the door when I’m half way through a major calculation or I’m half way through formulating a product.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 has fourteen different ingredients. FACIAL OIL No. 8 has twelve. I make these face oils by the litre. It’s a very immersive process, as well as being very expensive if a make the slightest of mistakes. Any miscalculation, or failure to add all of the ingredients, in the very precise amounts required, will write-off an entire batch of facial oil, at a cost of hundreds of pounds.

Requests By Individuals For Special Treatment Stress Me Out

I won’t deny it… I’m human!

And, it’s my humanity which inspires me to share all of the hard-won health information I have gleaned over the years with you… this in turn has inspired the creation of all of the hand-blended products I have endeavoured to make for you.

In my determination to do all of this I work seven days a week, usually fourteen hours a day… minimally!

I have little to no social life because I am devoted to this end… As I say… I see there is a “pressing need” to publish information to help bring about more enlightened decision-making which will directly influence all of our futures.

So, when someone singles themselves out as being more important than everyone else, which is what they are doing when asking for preferential treatment, it upsets me.

In my eyes we are all equal.

Yup! There’s a Universal Law governing this principle, also! (But, I haven’t managed to find the time to write about it yet for you… go figure!)

Law Of Equality

So, I will precis it here for you, in the context of this article… Warning, it gets a little terse… very quickly!

To request preferential treatment makes a mockery of my profoundly held understanding of the equality I know to be the truth of our existence.

Most requests are done in all innocence, and are surely to be forgiven. However, this doesn’t make them any the less thoughtless and inconsiderate.

There are consequences to most of our actions, (Law Of Cause & Effect… also not written about yet…), so it’s best to take responsibility at the outset and act in the full knowledge of what we are doing rather than entering into something without a thought or care for anyone else… Not least we will only have to pay the consequences later… Or someone will… Like me, and then you… It gets really cyclical sometimes!

Luckily for those who would place unnecessary or selfish demands on others, I have briefly written about the Law Of Responsibility, so, if this is you… please dive straight in by following the link provided.

Some Wild As The Wind Customers Are More Stressed & Pushed For Time Than Others

Preacher, preach thyself!

Or, put another way, (in which it makes a lot more sense!)…


I get it… everything is for our learning, so that we can then integrate that understanding into the way in which we live our lives… (as I am trying to do here…)

It’s how I arrive at the point of being able to forgive those who do not respect my time, or appreciate quite what I do for them!

And, this is where your forgiveness of me is needed… I’m not a mother… so I’m late to the game where this is concerned… I’ve never, for example, had to deal with a customer proclaiming:

I hate you, you have ruined my life!

But, I know for some of you this is a daily reality, whilst also trying to a nutritious meal on the table after a hard day at work! Quite honestly, I don’t know how you do it!!!

So, what I’m saying here is, I get it! I really am aware that some people are a lot more stressed and pushed for time than others. Some people have all of the time in the world to research their health and visit me in person at the market, whereas others have children, jobs, partners, elderly relatives, pets and their own health issues coming out of their ears.

And I feel for you.

But, the Law Of Responsibility still applies despite my concern and heart-felt understanding.

Beacuase Universal Law is immutable, and it states, I can’t be held responsible for the choices of others…

So, if I have just described your life, then this is your burden, as well as your bounteous opportunity, to inspire change in how you decide to do things, all rolled into one lovely big heaving mess of human imperfection…

And, of course, that’s because this issue relates back to living in a cause and effect world.

Our choices have repercussions, and to expect to be treated preferentially by someone else on the grounds of the choices you have made, when those other people have no control over what responsibilities you have decided to take on, is neither sensible or just… And, it’s going to get you nowhere, fast!

And, it’ll often do the following…

  • Break relationships
  • Waste your time, and others
  • Result in outcomes you don’t enjoy
  • Leave you none the wiser and very likely to make the same mistakes again and again and again so you rinse and repeat the pain!

Isn’t it time for CHANGE!?!?!?!

Come on Alice, let’s go down the rabbit hole… Universal Law

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