Can I Collect In Person?

Collecting in person has proven to be excessively disruptive, and has caused all manner of negative knock-on effects which have compromised my ability to run Wild As The Wind in the way it should be run.

Individuals asking for special treatment have collectively undermined my ability to meet the many responsibilities I have to all of my customers, simply by my attempting to meet the extraordinary demands for preferential treatment by the few.

Your Gain Is Everyone Else’s Loss

I have discovered that any attempt to save an individual customer either time or money has ultimately cost me a considerable amount of my time and money.

As I already work around the clock there is no leeway within my schedule to provide certain individuals with preferential treatment. Plus, simply dealing with individual requests for preferential treatment is time consuming and stressful in and of itself. This is simply because the time spent responding to these requests is the time I need and want to devote to providing invaluable services to all of my customers.

I cover this in more detail in Can I Ask For Personal Advice Online?

I Already Do So Much For Free…

This includes producing well researched, accurate health information on the Wild As The Wind website, which cannot be found via more mainstream portals, and is consequently helping to change people’s lives.

Instead of spending this morning writing one of these invaluable articles I am sat writing this… and that depresses me a little…

Having been profoundly ill myself, and having to research my symptoms online in an incredibly compromised state, I know how hard it is to get accurate answers to health queries online. It took me years to get to the truth of what was wrong with me, and so it took years for me to start recovering from an entirely unnecessarily debilitating illness.

I write all of the free health advice so you don’t have to suffer like I suffered.

I write in a very immersive way. I always have about 25 windows open on my computer and I flit between the source material, piecing it together like a tapestry. To be interrupted during this process can mean I don’t get back into the flow of writing for a good hour or even two. So much recapping has to be done and the finished product is never as good as it would have been without any disruption.

One Person’s Attempt To Improve Their Lot Negatively Impacts Everyone Else

The time a product takes to bring to market is one of the costs of production. If the amount of time it takes a business to produce a product goes up, because time is being spent dealing with requests for preferential treatment, then the time lost is factored into the cost of the item. So, one person seeking preferential treatment will result in the increase in retail prices of the end product, over time.

If several people a week seek preferential treatment, this will very quickly put prices up considerably for everyone else as well as themselves, of course.

As already mentioned, this will also compromise my ability to publish the free health information I provide… which in reality means, for example, in writing this explanation I have put back the publishing of one of my health articles by at least a week.

As there are quite a few FAQ’s to cover, it will put back the publishing of health information by months.

But, on a more positive note, hopefully these FAQ’s will be read by many people who are able to find them useful, and in doing so will adjust the way in which they interact with Wild As The Wind so as to create an optimally mutually beneficial outcome.

For this I am very pleased, and I appreciate if this is what happens then time will be saved further down the line.

I Make Everything!

As I hand blend all of the Wild As The Wind products, hand printing and writing many of the the labels, and bottling the essential oils, any disturbance during these activities is exceptionally disruptive.

Imagine a telephone call or a knock at the door when I’m half way through a major calculation or I’m half way through formulating a product.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 has fourteen different ingredients. FACIAL OIL No. 8 has twelve. I make these face oils by the litre. It’s a very immersive process, as well as being very expensive if a make the slightest of mistakes. Any miscalculation, or failure to add all of the ingredients in the very precise amounts required will write-off an entire batch of facial oil, at a cost of hundreds of pounds.

Requests By Individuals For Special Treatment Stress Me Out

I won’t deny it… I’m human!

And, it’s my humanity that inspires me to share all of the hard-won health information I have gleaned over the years with you. It is my determination to do this which means I work seven days a week, usually fourteen hours a day.

I have little to no social life because I am devoted to this end…

So, when someone singles themselves out as being more important than everyone else, which is what they are doing when asking for preferential treatment, it upsets me.

In my eyes we are all equal.

To request preferential treatment makes a mockery of my profoundly held understanding of the equality I know to be the truth of our existence.

Most requests are done in all innocence, and are surely to be forgiven. However, this doesn’t make them any the less thoughtless and inconsiderate.

There are consequences to most of our actions, so it’s best to take responsibility at the outset and act in full knowledge of what we are doing rather than entering into something without a thought only to pay the consequences later…

I am, however, aware that some people are a lot more stressed and pushed for time than others. Some people have all of the time in the world to research their health and visit me in person at one of the markets I do, whereas others have children, jobs, partners and home-life coming out of their ears.

Sadly, I can’t be held responsible for the choices of others… and this issue all relates back to living in a cause and effect world. Our choices have repossessions, and to expect to be treated preferentially by someone else on the grounds of the choices they have no control over, is neither sensible or just…

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