Eat Chocolate Every Day If You Know What’s Good For You!

Eat Chocolate Every Day If You Know What’s Good For You!


This has to be the best news ever! (Well, it is for an age old chocoholic, anyway!)

This article outlines the main benefits of chocolate for our health. Dark chocolate is, without doubt, a superfood… and if you can figure out how to eat it without any sugar, then you could quite possibly live forever!

You really should eat chocolate every day if you know what’s good for you!

***And, it just so happens that I’ve created my own dairy free, sugar free, belly-fat burning, altogether scrumptious, yummy chocolate, and have shared the recipe on this very website!


This article is based on a more lengthy article featured in GreenMedInfo. The GreenMedInfo article refers to the book upon which the findings for their article were based.

This is another important article on chocolate on the GreenMedInfo website :: 6 Powerful Health Benefits of Cacao

Chocolate Can Protect Against The Flu

On top of all of the other health benefits from the flavonoids in chocolate, the latest research supports the fact that a cup of hot chocolate, or a couple of slabs of dark chocolate, a day, will protect us against contracting flu.

Now, that has to be better than having a jab that’s as likely to work as eating your own ear wax!

Chocolate For Heart Health

Chocolate protects the heart and head from cardiac arrest and strokes…

The serious science of dark chocolate as a health food began with the 2003 publication of the finding that flavanol-rich chocolate increases nitric oxide with the desirable effect that the blood vessels dilate. Since then, studies have shown that dark chocolate can prevent cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and protect you from dying from a heart attack…

Dark chocolate also does the following for heart related conditions:

  • Significantly lowers blood pressure
  • Improves arterial elasticity
  • Improves blood vessel dilation
  • Improves blood flow (even for those with congestive heart failure and have been unresponsive to drugs.)
  • Improves atherosclerosis and has very positive effects on cholesterol.

Do you see why it’s a good idea to eat chocolate every day if you know what’s good for you…?

Chocolate Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

Yes… you heard me correctly! Eating dark chocolate has been shown to reduce your risk of diabetes!

…dark chocolate improves blood sugar by significantly lowering insulin resistance and significantly improving insulin sensitivity… just as dark chocolate benefits obese people with high blood pressure, [it also has] blood sugar benefits for people struggling with obesity. When obese people eat dark chocolate, their blood sugar levels go down significantly.

Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss

This just gets better and better! Dark chocolate, with no milk and sugar, (but still delicious if you use my recipe!), has been shown to help us lose unwanted weight!

Not only will eating dark chocolate not make you fat, it will help you lose weight. Read that again: The words won’t change. Eating dark chocolate helps you lose weight.

Dark Chocolate For Brain Health

It just goes on and on…

In a world full of junk food and toxins, would you believe that chocolate could reverse all of the ravages of rapid decline that modern living is imposing on a lot of us? Well, it can!

Amazingly, eating dark chocolate reverses age-related memory decline: it actually increases memory function. Double-blind research shows that dark chocolate improves cognitive scores, including processing speed, executive function, language and working memory, in seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), which is huge because there are no drugs that effectively treat MCI.

And chocolate’s cognitive powers are not confined to seniors. College students given dark chocolate perform significantly better on memory tests.

Dark Chocolate For Hair Health

One of the reasons we suffer from prematuring greying hair is due to dietary deficiency. Chocolate has been identified as one of the most important foods to consume to avoid early onset of greying hair.

Not only are the nutrients in chocolate very important, its ability to de-stress us must be a factor also. Stress and trauma are known to speed up greying hair.

Chocolate Makes Us Happy

Our happiness is dependent on the correct chemical and hormonal balance within our bodies. Chocolate, through it’s particular chemical compounds, has the ability to affect both in a really positive way…

Eating dark chocolate can improve negative moods and reduce stress and anxiety by producing calmness and contentedness. It can also energise your mind and significantly improve mental fatigue. Chocolate may help you fight stress and anxiety at a very fundamental level: when exposed to stress, people given dark chocolate have lower levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

There’s more information in the GreenMedInfo article, and there’s links to the book that these articles are based on… Perhaps it’d be a good present for someone…?

Do you now believe me that it’s a good idea to eat chocolate every day if you know what’s good for you…?

Please let me know in the comments. Thanks 🙂


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