Essential Oil Challenge Update

Well, somewhat disappointingly, there aren’t enough people signed up for the Essential Oil Challenge to make it viable… but I’m not going to let that little matter deter me.

In fact, there are actually nowhere near as many participants for the Essential Oil Challenge as I calculated would be needed to justify the prizes for the quizzes at the end of each week.

But, d’ya know what?

It’s such an important thing to do, I think it should go ahead anyway….

Essential Oil Challenge Update

Essential Oils UK

As I’ve decided to go ahead, come what may, I’ve been busy trying to co-ordinate everything…

I have also had to rethink things a little to make it workable… I have listed the couple of changes I’m making to the Essential Oil Challenge at the end of this post…

Essential Oil Videos

The great news is, we are still going to make the Essential Oil Videos!

I have spent the last week chatting with the two wonderful people who are going to help me make the videos, and hopefully there will be enough essential oil videos to start the Essential Oil Challenge on Monday of next week.

So, this is the day the information, including the essential oil video, for the first essential oil will be posted on Facebook.

Please have one more go at sharing this just in case someone has changed their mind…

Essential Oil Challenge – In It To Win It!

I have tried to pick through all of the responses on the Wild As The Wind Facebook Page as well as the Wild As The Wind Wellness Group on Facebook.

There’s two really important things you need to do…

ONE :: Please make sure you have liked the Wild As The Wind Facebook Page because this is where I will be posting all of the Essential Oil Challenge information, and it is where the live quiz will take place. (Details of how this all works can be found here :: Essential Oil Challenge)

TWO :: Please check that your name is on this list, and let me know if it isn’t. This is critically important as I will be notifying you when I post content for the Essential Oil Challenge and it’s where the quiz will take place.

If your name is in the list below, but you don’t want to participate in the Essential Oil Challenge please let me know and I will remove it.

Christine Harmer

Mare Bartleet

Kirstie Cottrell

Vicky Long

Karen White Charlton

Carol Seville

Miranda Tiffin

Hilary Jones

Louise Du Bois

Patchouli Julie

Tracey Paynter

Christina Donaldson

Cara Ann Naden

Donalda Hup

Marjorie Nelson

Debs Harris

Essential Oil Challenge Quiz

The Essential Oil Challenge Quiz will take place on Sundays at 8.00 pm.

Further details of how the quiz will work in real time on Facebook can be found here :: Essential Oil Challenge.

It’s going to be hilarious!

Essential Oil Challenge Changes

There’s going to be a couple of changes to how things work.

I’m going to choose overall winners and runners up rather than having one winner each week, and the prizes are going to change to reflect whether you came first, second or third.

The best prize will be reserved for the overall winner of the Essential Oil Challenge, and the runners up will be well worth having, but not as good… obviously! 😉

I will be posting three essential oils per week on Facebook for you to learn instead of five.

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