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Essential Oils UKI have been asked by so many people to teach them about essential oils, particularly over the last couple of weeks.
Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to share the incredible healing abilities of essential oils with everyone… but the Essential Oil Challenge for me has been trying to figure out how to share my knowledge with you all during lockdown.
I’ve been racking my brains to find the most fun way of everyone learning about essential oils… and, I think I’ve nailed it.

Essential Oil Profiles
I will publish five essential oil profiles from Monday to Friday on the main Wild As The Wind Facebook Page… Hopefully including corresponding Essential Oil Videos… So, that means one essential oil profile a day (they are brief and information dense), allowing everyone the chance  to read and learn one particular essential oil within a day.
This is very doable. Especially if you replay the Essential Oil Videos in the background a few times to drum home the message.

Live Essential Oil Challenge! 

At the end of the week there’s going to be a competition to test you on what you have learned. Yay!
I will write questions in real time on the Facebook Page, and the first person to answer correctly will score a point.
This means that everyone has to be logged into Facebook and on the Wild As The Wind Facebook Page in order to participate.
So, that means we need to agree on the best time! Who would prefer this to take place on a Saturday, and who would prefer Sunday?
And, what time suits everyone…? Please let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.
TO EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST IN PARTICIPATING IN THE LIVE COMPETITION, PLEASE GO TO  THE WILD AS THE WIND FACEBOOK PAGE AND LEAVE THIS COMMENT, “YES, I’M IN!” Also, answer the quick questions within this article about timing and dates whilst you’re there if you like. Thanks. ♥
Essential Oil Challenge Rules!
Everyone must answer every question to be included… so if you don’t know the answer, just guess!
There must be 100 people or else it won’t run… sorry.
There is no maximum amount of entries… the more the merrier!
There is no age limit, although I think you have to be fourteen to have a Facebook Page.
More than one person in a family can enter.
Only UK residents can win the prize as i can’t send the prize abroad… But, people from overseas can enter just for the fun of it… or, they can donate their prize to someone in the UK.
The real prize, is, of course, learning all about essential oils!

Essential Oil Challenge!

We need 100 participants for this. Are you in?
You could win an Essential Oil Starter Kit if you are. The Essential Oil Starter Kit will contain three Organic Citrus Essential Oils.
*** Please share this article on social media. We need 100 participants to make it viable for me to run the Essential Oil Challenge, so until we have reached that number, I won't be able to make this idea work. 

Essential Oil Video

I am really willing to put in a lot of work to make this as easy and as fun for everyone… even to the extent of making Essential Oil Videos for you all.
***I could really do with some help with compiling a Powerpoint presentation for each video… (or some other kind of presentation software if you don’t have powerpoint), to compile all of the the images for the essential oil videos… so, if you’re home schooling and have kids willing to rise to the challenge this would be great!
There’s fifty essential oil points available for each one, which equates to £5.00 towards your favourite essential oil for each presentation created!


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