Facial Oil UKFacial Oil UK

What? Why not just Facial Oil instead of Facial Oil UK?

Does Facial Oil UK even make sense?!?

And even if it did, surely the term Facial Oil UK lacks the poetry to make it deserving of a post in this blog?

But sadly, no! And, here’s why…

Wild As The Wind must have a very ardent supporter in the USA… In fact, truth be known, there’s quite a few Wild As The Wind supporters in the US… which is probably the reason why we gain so many internet visitors from across the pond!

The thing is, it’s Facial Oil UK when they buy it in Bristol, Bath, Wells and Glastonbury, but it soon becomes, Trans-Atlantic Destined Face Oil the moment they slip it into their handbags!

Facial Oil UK Not Facial Oil US!

The problem starts to become real when people confuse Facial Oil UK with Facial Oil US when ordering online.

Wild As The Wind happily sell most of our products online, but we only do so in the UK. With increasing numbers of people in the US being told how wonderful our face oil is, we are seeing more and more website visitors from the US.

And, of course, that means increasing numbers of dissatisfied visitors who are only dropping in to buy our face oils… but can’t!

Sorry! It won’t always be this way!

Facial Oil UK For Now…

That’s not to say we won’t be selling our face oils in the States at some point. We’d love to partner with an ethical independent business in the US to sell our UK facial oils.

Let’s face it, we see enough facial oils pouring onto the UK from the opposite direction… It would be nice to see our UK face oil buck the trend!

UK People Love Facial Oil UK Too

Thankfully, it’s not just US citizens that rave about Wild As The Wind face oils. A quick visit to the facial oil testimonials page will show you just how popular our face oils are becoming here in the UK too.

There’s reviews from all around the UK. And there’s reviews about every imaginable skincare benefit of our face oils, as well.

Facial Oil UK Forever

The UK will always be the birthplace of Wild As The Wind, and it will always be at the heart of what we do.

This will be true even if we send some of our lovely face oil abroad.

Wild As The Wind is attempting to bring a little more integrity back into the world of skincare and cosmetics. And, for sure, it needs it!

Every little bottle of facial oil UK, wherever it is in the world, is a little message of hope and health on someone’s bathroom shelf.

On this basis, we wouldn’t want to restrict our influence in an way, shape or form. We’d carry this message to the moon if we could!

About Rachel Wild

Rachel Wild is the Creative Director at Wild As The Wind. She's been a professional writer for print and digital publication for more years than she cares to remember. She is no longer a 'writer for rent', now very gratefully, devoting all of her time to her passion... writing about health and well-being and sharing it as far and wide as she can. (Please help her!)

Rachel passionately supports creative endeavour and independent thinking. "The future, if it's good, will see a triumph of quality over quantity, substance over style and give rise to truly inspired thinking born of fearlessness and compassion."

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  1. Carlos Lord says

    Hi Rachel, my mum, Karen told me that she had met up with a special lady selling the most devine facial oils on various markets in Somerset. Okay now here’s the thing, I’m a lovely lizard and even though my mum’s getting on a bit I’ve got to say her skin is silky smooth. She mentioned something called “cleanser/toner”? I’ve no idea what it is but she uses them a lot, she even sprays some on her hair but I’m not too keen on that, maybe it’s because when I’m sitting on her shoulder her hair irritates me. Anyway I shall get my mum to send you an email because my claws scratch stuff. My mum says keep up with the good work
    Carlos Lord

    • Hello Karen,

      Good to hear from you. I hope all’s well, and that Carlos isn’t really irritated by the hydrosol at all 🙂

      We’ve been having some fun with the weather of late haven’t we? I hope it’s less windy for you up there! It’s another day on the market tomorrow regardless, but I’m sure we’ll all survive.

      I’ve been having some fun today creating the line drawing images. Do you like them, or are they a bit too crude for your taste?

      Wishing you all the best. Have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you both again at some point in the new year.

      x x x

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