Gratitude Is A Great Detox Protocol

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This is a companion piece to Gratitude Heals, which explains the processes initiated by consciously being grateful, and how healing these can be in more depth.

I strongly recommend you read Gratitude Heals after reading this article

Engendering A Feeling Of Gratitude

Propagating feelings of gratitude and acceptance are probably two of the most detoxing activities you could ever choose to engage in. But, nothing worth while has ever been achieved by forcing the issue. The healing way of engendering feelings of gratitude and acceptance is by allowing them to gently come into being.

Perhaps the best way to do this is to sit quietly and focus on our heart… then imaging it opening up, like a flower, to the wonder of life.

Creative Visualisation Heals

My flower is a Sunflower that bursts with a vivid yellow once I imagine it open… now, how can you do that without a smile spreading across your face?

Creating The Right Environment

It’s important to make sure you are warm, comfortable, and unlikely to be disturbed for five or ten minutes. Perhaps this is best done whilst sipping your warm organic sweet orange essential oil drink first thing in the morning…? Just a thought…

Remembering how marvellous the creative impetus is, behind all life, is, quite possibly, one of the best ways to fast track our ability to feel grateful.

Why Is Gratitude Great For Detoxing?

Experiencing gratitude removes us from states of stress. Stress is eminently toxic, and even contributes to things like weight gain and cellulite!

The principle behind toxicity is holding onto things, whereas the spirit of gratitude is imbued with feelings of acceptance, being in the flow and letting go…


The best way to engender feelings of acceptance is to acknowledge that everything is as it should be, and, for the skeptics… even if that’s not true, there’s sod all you can do about it! So you might as well just chillax anyway!

Ultimately, the choice is to either feel miserable about everything being as it is, or to decide to be happy regardless. To achieve the latter you simply need to accept that other people are choosing something different, and you are simply choosing to be happy. This way you become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

Because other people are choosing to be miserable (and, yeah, there’s a plenty of ’em), and others are choosing to be victims, or they’re choosing to be controlling, (King Canute stylie), or living out some other equally unhealthy pattern, life can look pretty messy. But, we’re not responsible for how life looks, we are only responsible for how we feel in relation to it.

Taking Personal Responsibility Means Not Taking Responsibility For Anyone Else

Probably a good thing too… because simply taking responsibility for how we feel is more than enough of a job without taking on the rest of the world as well!!!

Praying For Acceptance

I love the Serenity Prayer. It’s a great way of focusing the mind on acceptance:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

I then like to give gratitude for everything being perfect in it’s imperfection, for how else would we learn our life lessons and move closer toward enlightenment? And, by that I mean moving toward a greater awareness of who we are as an individual.

That’s all enlightenment is. Self knowledge in a context of Love. Knowing and accepting Self in a state of self-love, whilst acknowledging the creative force behind all things is quite simply Love itself.

Now, who’s not grateful for that?

Forgiveness Heals

When we decide to give gratitude for everything being perfect in it’s imperfection we unleash a powerhouse of healing and a potent means of detoxification.

When we forgive we remember our humanity. When we forgive we allow others to be who they are. When we allow others to be who they are we create the freedom for us to be ourselves.

Now isn’t that just the best!?

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