Hormone Health Products

Hormone Health Products

Hormone Balance

Wild As The Wind make several essential oil based products which support Hormone Health. These products, as with all Wild As The Wind products, are made using therapeutic grade essential oils and base oils.

The Wild As The Wind Hormone Health Range are gentle, but very effective.

I explain the best way of using the Wild As The Wind Hormone Health Products towards the end of this article…

Why We All Need Hormone Support

Hormone problems are rising sharply. For example, PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is really on the increase… some estimations suggest 20% of women in the West now have it.

I personally believe stress is a massive factor… so anything we can do to mitigate stress levels is going to be helpful.

Reading and applying the information covered in Morning Detox Protocols and Evening Detox Protocols will really help…

The incidence of Acne is now likely to affect 90% of people worldwide, at some point in their lifetime. Acne is an hormone issue.

Synthetic Oestrogens Are Everywhere

Environmental Toxins are implicated in most hormone health issues. The most common synthetic oestrogens, or Xenoestrogens, are the chlorine in our water, till receipts, plastic food packaging that leech Xenoestrogens into our food and the fire retardants used on all of our soft furnishings in our home.

To read a lot more about these enormously dangerous synthetic oestrogens I recommend you read the Hormone Health Series of articles here on the Wild As The Wind website.

Rogue hormones, or environmental Oestrogens, aka Xenoestrogens, are having a devastating effect on us… I really urge you to read this series on Hormone Health. It’s based on the latest research, and the dangers of Xenoestrogens are interspersed with information around how our hormones work, and how vital they are for our emotional, mental and physical health.

The Liver & Hormone Health

It’s vital to keep your liver as detoxed as possible, as it’s your liver that gets rid of old and rogue hormones.

Morning Detox Protocols offers a number of protocols for helping to cleanse the liver, which are very effective…

These Citrus Essential Oils are also immensely useful for keeping the liver in great shape.

Consider doing Coffee enemas also!

How Hormone Health Products Work

The Wild As The Wind hormone supporting oil blends have been designed to work in tandem with each other… Hormone Detox is the primary hormone supporting product that is foundational to the other Wild As The Wind products. All of the other hormone supporting products are interchangeable, but Hormone Detox remains the anchor for them all.

Hormone Detox

Hormone Detox has been developed to help both men and women rid their hormone cell receptor sites of Xenoestrogens. When our hormone cell receptor sites are occupied with Xenoestrogens our natural hormones have nowhere to dock, and we soon develop hormone imbalances.

Once a Xenoestrogen has attached itself to our hormone cell receptor site it refuses to let go… EVER!!!

Because Xenoestrogens are in everything from the plastic packaging around most of our foods, which then leech into the contents, to all of our soft furnishing, including pillows, duvets, and mattresses and sofas, cushions and carpets etc… it’s impossible to avoid them entirely!

So, a product like Hormone Detox is eminently useful to everyone! Men and women alike.

***Hormone Detox is not suitable for children under the age of six. This blend must be further diluted for children under 14 years of age at a ratio of 3:1 base oil to Hormone Detox.

Hormone Detox blasts the Xenoestrogens off our hormone receptor sites thereby permitting our natural hormones to function properly again.

Hormone Detox should, therefore, be used by everyone in conjunction with one of the companion oils…

Hormone Detox Companion Oils

The companion oils are currently:

  • Hormone His & Hers
  • FACIAL OIL No. 2
  • FACIAL OIL No. 8
  • Hormone Balance

The reason I developed Hormone His & Hers is because not all men want to use FACIAL OIL No. 2 (although there’s a growing number who do!)

Hormone His & Hers Will Be Reformulated In 2019

Hormone His & Hers is going to be slightly reformulated in 2019 and it will replace the current Hormone Balance product.

The reason for phasing out one of the hormone balancing products is because people are finding the process of deciding which complimentary hormone support product to choose in conjunction with Hormone Detox a little too confusing.

The hormone support products clearly need to be simplified and streamlined.

Consequently, Hormone His & Hers will become a little more expensive, but it will cover all of the hormone balancing requirements, for both men and women, when used in conjunction with Hormone Detox.

Presently, it is necessary for some women to buy three products to achieve optimal hormone balance. After the reformulation of Hormone His & Hers, only two products will be required across the board.

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