Evening Detox Protocols

Evening Detox Protocols

Rotten On The Inside

This post, which outlines a good number of evening detox protocols, is a companion piece to the Wild As The Wind Morning Detox Protocols.

As with the morning detox regimes, there’s quite a few evening detox options, allowing you can pick and mix how you work with them.

This keeps things fresh to keep you interested, but, more importantly, it stops your body from getting in a groove with the programme!

Not only does the body build up toxins if we eat the same things every day, (pretty much all foods have a toxic element to them), but the good effects you get from an evening detox protocol in the beginning will be lost if the body grows accustomed to it…

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

A lot of the evening detox protocols focus on detoxing things that we wilfully expose ourselves to on a daily basis. If we restrict the time we spend doing things that are having negative impacts on our health, the need for detoxing protocols is also reduced!

Don’t Spend The Evening On The Phone!

Mobile phones are not good for us! It terrifies me to think what the mobile phones that women stash inside their bra’s are doing to their sensitive breast tissue. I try and tell them how dangerous it is, but they’re not interested.

However, the science is coming out. Mobile phones are hazardous to our health.

Turn Off Your Wifi

New research has conclusively proven that electro magnetic frequencies, (EMF’s), from WiFi and mobile devices etc are very damaging to our health.

You can read the series of Wild As The Wind articles devoted to EMF and 5G to understand the full impact of these technologies.

Detoxification Made Easy

Perhaps the best form of detoxification available to us is the one that takes the least preparation! Sadly, because of modern farming methods and modern living in general, as well as an increase in world population etc, there is some preparation time before we can even safely…

Drink Water

And Lots Of It!

Drinking extremely well filtered water with the minerals put back in after the filtration process is complete is absolutely essential to our health.

Water Filter Jugs

If you are using a counter top water filter jug then what you are doing to your water is purely cosmetic.


Water jugs just don’t cut it I’m afraid. They fail to take out most of the nasty stuff that better filters will eliminate… but, they make the water paletable, and so we all feel like we’ve done ourselves a massive favour.

For the sake of convenience, a sink mounted tap is the best way to go.

Or, for about £100 more, give or take, you can go for a whole house water filtration system, which is what I ultimately opted for.

Showering in chlorinated water for 10 minutes is like drinking four glasses of chlorinated water.

*I get all of my filtration equipment from a very small business in Devon that doesn’t even have a website. They are fantastically knowledgeable and can send anything in the post. If you would like me to pass your details onto them please email me.

Evening Detox Protocols Can Be Tough

The benefit of morning detox protocols is that we have just spent the last eight hours or so asleep. This means that we haven’t eaten in the last eight hours and we have spent all of that time healing and regenerating.

Evening Detox Protocols start after we’ve snacked out, coffee’d up and had about as much stress as we can handle!

The body needs to detox more than ever, but it’s in the worst shape to do it!

Evening Detox Protocols Mean Decreasing The Burden

Life style modifications can be difficult because we are all resistant to change. But we don’t need to wait until we’ve made ourselves really sick to make the changes necessary to avert the somewhat inevitable decline into chronic ill-health that most of us are facing.

So, evening detox protocols are all about decreasing and eliminating all the stuff that has placed such a heavy burden on us during the day.

  • Switch to drinking calming teas like Chamomile or Lemon Balm
  • Eat a light dinner instead of a banquet
  • Do not eat anything after 8.00pm at night
  • Make the last drink of the night a glass of water
  • Read a book instead of watching TV or using your computer
  • Socialise in person, not over the phone or via the internet
  • Meet your relationship challenges, but try and have fun instead of rows
  • Avoid toxic relationships altogether
  • Meditate
  • Follow your Circadian Rhythm

Evening Detox Protocols Mean Slowing Down

Perhaps the most effective thing you can do to detoxify in the evenings is to chill out. This doesn’t mean a box-set marathon slouched on the couch with beer in one hand and a box of popcorn In the other.

*We really need to limit our blue screen time because it is completely toxic. Check out the interview with Jack Kruse at the bottom of our Shungite page to learn just how dire computer and TV screens are for us.

*Shungite helps to protect against EMF… the electromagnetic fields that are bombarding us day and night and making us unwell… but more on that later…

Evening Detox Activities

The best activities to engage in of an evening to help detox our bodies and our minds are things that provide gentle exercise and allow you to get yourself out into nature…

Nature is supremely healing in itself, but it also tends to be as far away from modern technologies that we are likely to get. This is what we need to start downloading the days worth of stress, both mental and electromagnetic, that are tiring us out and compromising our immune systems.

Long-term stress is what causes a lot of life threatening health conditions, so finding ways of detoxing the stress, in a healthy manner, is the way forward to a happy and long life!

But balance is also necessary… so don’t stress yourself out by trying to eliminate all the stress in your life. It’s impossible to do, and we need some stress to challenge us to make positive changes in our lives.

Isolation, along with stress, are the two big causes of chronic physical and mental health conditions, and so if you can make your forays into nature a social event, then all the better.

Evening Detox Protocols For EMF

If we work in an environment that requires us to interface with technologies, (and what doesn’t these days!?), then we will have accumulated a lot of electromagnetic radiation throughout the day.

I have written extensively about why EMF is so bad for us and so I recommend you learn about the dangers of EMF in these articles:

EMF :: A New Man Made Evil

EMF The Invisible Killer

So, having spent the day plugged into the matrix, the last thing we need to do is do what the majority of people are doing each evening … and that’s to sit in front of their computers and TV’s consuming even more EMF… We are even eating our dinners in front of them…! C’mon guys!

Instead, we need to make light dinners and sit at the table to eat them. No TV!

Spending meal times with your family, or your partner, if you have them, is vitally important. But, if meal times are used as an opportunity for a family row, then it’s time to start addressing the communication issues, and the problems that sit beneath them, and learn, as a family, or couple, to relate grievances in a respectful manner.

But even a challenging meal time is better than another dose of EMF.

Turn off the WiFi while you eat, and then go for a walk!

*Walking barefoot in nature for about half an hour a day will download all of the electro magnetic toxicity of the day.

*If you don’t have a family or partner, then going for a walk with a friend or pet, or getting involved with a social activity that involves light exercise is the way forward.

To learn how to detox your home from as much EMF as possible you can read: Detoxing EMF & Environmental Radiation

Evening Detox Protocols For Peace Of Mind

Meditation is helping a lot of people to process there ‘stuff’, build a better relationship with themselves, and chill the heck out! Is it time for you to look into what meditation can do for you?

Again, obtaining peace of mind in the evening is about cutting things out rather than adding things in… So, don’t consume news in the evenings, or engage in any activity that is guaranteed to make you miserable and stressed!

Live lightly on this earth in every way.

Follow your Circadian Rhythm

One of the reasons watching TV or working on a computer at night is such bad news is because of the blue light.

As Jack Kruse mentions in his interview on the Shungite page, our screens emit the same level of light as midday sun in the summer, and because our eyes determine what time of day it is, based on the light it perceives, this means that we are completely wired when we go to bed after a late night session in front of the TV or computer.

If we must work with a blue screen at night then we need our Bono glasses!

Going to bed between 10.00pm and 11.00pm is also important if we are to follow our Circadian Rhythms. And, to ignore our Circadian Rhythms means we create stress and exhaust our bodies…

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