How Do I Contact Wild As The Wind?

Wild As The Wind Contact

You can contact Wild As The Wind if you are unable to find the information you need within the Wild As The Wind website, or Wild As The Wind Shop.

Please make best endeavours to find the information you require via the information provided online as responding to emails is time consuming, and often means the same piece of information can be sent to hundreds of people, requiring a new email to be typed up and sent out to each and every person, simply to say the same thing.

Contact Wild As The Wind Via Email

Contact Wild As The Wind via email using one of these two options:

Email Option No. One

Your first option to email Wild As The Wind is to click on the following link and follow the instructions on the Contact Us page.

The manual way of finding the Contact Us page is to go to the ‘Wild As The Wind’ button in the main menu, above, and hover over it until the drop down appears. The second item in the list is ‘Contact Us’. Click on this and follow the instructions provided there.

Email Option No. Two

Click the envelop icon in the sidebar (if you use a desktop or laptop) or at the bottom of any of the Wild As The Wind website pages, including this one. The envelope icon is the first in a series of icons, most of which relate to social media platforms, and are dark grey in colour, turning light grey when you hover over them.

This will open up an appropriately addressed email within your default email account. Please note, if your email account is not open when you click on this icon, this action will prompt your email account to open. This may take up to c. 20 seconds, depending on the processing speeds of your computer. Please be patient. *If you repeatedly click this icon then a new email will be opened for each click.

Contact Wild As The Wind Via Facebook

We would prefer you to contact us via email as an email from you will rarely, if ever, be overlooked.

Messages sent via the Wild As The Wind Facebook Page are less likely to be dealt with in a timely fashion, and you do run the risk of a Facebook Message being overlooked as the notifications are none too visible for messages on the Wild As The Wind Facebook Page.

By Telephone

Telephone enquiries of any kind are fraught with problems, and are unwelcome unless you have researched your query thoroughly on the Wild As The Wind Website.

Most answers are available within the Wild As The Wind product pages or via the FAQ section.

Why are telephone conversations impractical and problematical?

  • Most enquiries are resolved by the issuing of links to online information, which cannot be done in any workable way over the phone.
  • Most telephone enquiries are met with an answerphone because there is no-one manning the phones 24/7
  • Telephone discussions are time consuming and necessitate the repetition of the information already provided on the Wild As The Wind Website.

If you still wish to contact Wild As The Wind by phone the number is:

Wild As The Wind Landline

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