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The Wild As The Wind Oregano & Neem Preparation is potently anti-fungal. It should be used sparingly, but consistently in order to help eliminate fungal skin, toe and fingernail conditions.

Many customers have confirmed the efficacy of the Oregano & Neem Preparation in curing toenail fungus. Others have told us they have successfully eliminated their warts.

My wife purchased a solution for fungal nail infection in Wells market 5 months ago, recommended by you, after having the issue for 3 years. Nothing from the doctor or chemist has worked.
But finally there seems to be a big improvement thanks to your solution. Thank you so much for your advise and help.

On behalf of Susan, from Somerset

Use Flying Oil :: as a preventative preparation to ward off bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.

Oregano & Neem Preparation will soon be phased out in preference for Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation which has a more comprehensive healing action. Not only does it treat fungal infections, it also deals with digestive bacterial and gut infections as well as intestinal parasites.

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil is an extremely potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. For this reason it is being touted as a very strong contender for replacing Western Medicine’s failing antibiotics.

It is certainly deserving of it’s place within the ‘big six’ essential oils we advise people to keep in the Essential Oil First Aid Kit.

One of the very potent constituents in Oregano Essential Oil is the Phenolic content. Phenols help to clear hormone cell receptor sites which become clogged with environmental synthetic hormones called Xenoestrogens. SO, Oregano Essential Oil can help to improve our hormone function.

Neem Oil

Neem Oil can be used as a carrier oil, but it is often diluted itself. It is only when it is being used for serious anti-fungal purposes is Neem kept in it’s concentrated form.

Using Oregano & Neem Preparation

We always advocate using this very potent preparation sparingly, but, as our customers tell us, if you have toenail fungus Oregano & Neem Preparation is definitely going to be more effective than Tea Tree Oil etc…

If you have used Tea Tree Oil on warts to little effect, then you may want to use Oregano & Neem Preparation instead. We have one customer who unfairly afflicted with warts who swears by it!

And, Eva has seen off Verrucas as well as warts with hers…

I was pleased to purchase the oregano and neem oil  from you in order to combat the infection on my toenail.  I ventured to try this on my Verrucas, which had refused to budge despite various treatments, and a short time later I realise they had disappeared. I consequently applied this to a wart on my thumb, and this too disappeared.

A fantastic bonus, I just hope my nail is completely recovered soon.

Eva, Somerset

Our response…

Hi Eva,

Thanks so much. Really appreciate [your feedback].

Sorry it takes so long for the toenail fungus to go. It’s just so hard to get the oil where it needs to be to do a thorough job.

In many ways it would be better if the nail were to fall off for everybody, instead of in just a few cases, as that would mean full and direct access. Unfortunately, that tricksy little fungal infection has somewhere to run and hide if the nail stays in tact. And, don’t forget, it’s fighting for it’s life, and for sure it’s going to go down swinging!

Toenail Infections

Toe and finger nail fungal infections are very serious. They affect our major organs, and if left untreated for years, which is often the case the implications aren’t good.

*The main reason I have been told why people have suffered from fungal infections for many years is because all of the Western medical approaches have failed to work.

Fungal Infections & Diet

Fungus lives on sugar, yeasty foods and carbohydrates. It is best to cut these things out for the duration of your treatment period. I’m afraid this also means cutting out beer as well as bread!


Not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

Directions For Use Of Oregano & Neem Preparation

Apply three times a day to affected toe and finger nails.

Place the fleshy part of the end of the thumb, (the part that bares the thumb print), over the opening of the bottle of Oregano & Neem Preparation. Avoiding exposing your thumb to the risk of cross infection, by putting it in direct contact with the infected nail, push the Oregano & Neem Preparation down the nail by pulling the fleshy part of the thumb firmly over the end of the infected nail.

Repeat vigorously until you are satisfied that you have delivered as much of the Oregano & Neem Preparation as far down under the infected nail as possible. Keep the infected nails cut short for this purpose, and sterilise the scissors after you have used them.

Rub the remainder of the oil around the cuticles of the infected nail, as well as over the surface of the nail. Again, rub vigorously to generate a much warmth as possible, as this will help absorption rates.

Repeat for all infected nails.

Continue using Oregano & Neem Preparation until well after all signs of fungal infection have disappeared.


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

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