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Organic Meat & Our Fraudulent Economic System

Soil Association LogoWe, at Wild As The Wind, advocate the moderate eating of healthy meats, particularly organic chicken liver, Organic Lamb and the brown meat of Organic Chickens, found on the legs and underside of the bird. We are also strong advocates of making bone broth from the carcass of Organic Chickens, especially if the neck and feet are used.

Check out our Organic, Dairy-Free, Chicken Liver Pate recipe!

So, why organic? And why no pork and beef?

These are big questions, and so we will deal with the issue of not eating pork and beef in another post. But, the very basic answer is that these meats are not essential to our health, and the farming of these poor animals is incredibly cruel and profoundly destructive to the environment, particularly using modern industrial farming methods.

We love all animals, but we recognise that we are as much a part of the food chain as any other beast on this magnificent planet… we are all fair game.. well, actually, not exactly… humans have mastered the art of self preservation and have forcibly subdued, and monopolised the lives of some of the most intelligent and affectionate animals in the world, making their lives an abject misery from the day of their birth until the day of their tortured death.

Of course, all of this is entirely unnecessary, but treating animals well is a bit more costly, and corporate farmers aren’t interested in losing a penny of profit even if it would mean the difference between an endurable existence, and an agonizing, appallingly, wretched life for these long suffering animals.

Eating animals that have been reared in factory farms is detestably inhumane for the animals, but it really isn’t good for us either.

Answering the question of ‘why no factory farmed meat?’ pretty much explains the reason why we advocate organic only.

Organic Standards

The organic standards set for organic farmers doesn’t just affect the healthiness of the products for the consumer. It also significantly improves the conditions on the farm for the animals too.

There are some farmers who will slaughter their animals on their own farms, taking the animal on its own to the place of slaughter. This is infinitely better than mass slaughters, where the terror of death allows Adrenalin to overwhelm the animals as they die. Adrenalin is an hormone we really don’t need to be ingesting from any other sources. We are producing way too much Adrenalin ourselves, we certainly don’t need to be sourcing it from our food as well!

Although they rear cattle, we love Higher Hall Farm in Devon, which is endorsed by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Peter and Samantha, the couple who own Higher Hall Farm, adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare, slaughtering their animals individually on the farm.

Why No Organic Meat At Your Local Butchers?

And now to the issue that inspired this post… I have just called a very lovely butcher in Wells, F Griffiths & Sons, who clearly demand high standards of animal husbandry from their suppliers. I enquired as to whether they supplied organic meat to which they, somewhat ruefully, informed me they used to, but they’d had to stop when “they” changed the rules a few years back.

It appears that butchers are not allowed to supply organic meats alongside conventionally produced meats any more.

Did you know that!?! I didn’t, even though I know of quite a few butchers in Bristol that used to supply organic meat, who don’t any more.

Now, call me an imbecile if you like, but the way I look at it is this… if we can’t trust butchers to achieve the monumentally difficult task of keeping the organic meats separate from the conventionally produced meats, then perhaps we shouldn’t be trusting our butchers at all?

In fact, I’d suggest that if they were likely to fail to achieve this task then it would perhaps be best if we kept sharp implements and dangerous machinery away from them as well!?

As far as I can tell, keeping one thing away from another is akin to being able to place a round peg in a round hole, and anyone that is incapable of doing this would likely be a wide eyed, drooling, motor-functionally challenged individual, typically of the age of six months or under!

Perhaps you can tell by my tone I am a little vexed by this realisation…?

What No Organic Meats At The Butchers Means

Well, obviously, it means that you can’t buy organic meat from your lovely local butcher any more if your butcher is anything like F Griffiths & Sons, who, after the regulation changes, wanted to honour and respect the relationships they’ve had with their suppliers for well over half a century!

But it also means that the supermarkets win out… BIG time!!!

For some reason supermarkets are still allowed to stock both conventionally produced and organic meats alongside each other in the charmingly florescently lit shopping aisles, amid enough plastic to cause an environmental crisis in a small country.

Now, I don’t know what the average IQ of a seventeen year old, oft acne afflicted, ex-glue-sniffing, cider-drinking, rollie-smoking, disenfranchised, disenchanted, unenchanting shelf stocker at your local supermarket is, but I know they sure as hell haven’t been to butchery school and spent years learning their trade prior to gaining their qualifications, like your local butcher has.

Testy!? What me!? Whatever makes you think that?

Supermarkets Are Shit

Okay… perhaps just a little testy! But swearing really does take the edge off!

I’ve already accrued a significant amount of Karma for being horribly judgemental towards shelf stockers, so laying into those poor little defenseless supermarkets is going to definitely put me on a fast track to hell.

But sometimes, you’ve just gotta admit, it’s worth it!

I’ll pray for redemption afterwards 😉

You may have gained an inkling, through the press, that supermarkets are bolting their farming suppliers to the floor on price, making it impossible to glean a living profit from producing and selling their wares. This is why farming subsidies, (that are royally exploited by gentlemen farmers so they can do sod-all-else other than clog up our country lanes with their latest Landrover gas guzzlers whilst they ruin every God given Sunday with their shot gun fire), are necessary.

Yes, farming subsidies are a necessary evil for small farmers because of the heinous buying practices of supermarkets, but the amount of corrupt claims, often made by multi-millionaire toffs, makes benefit fraud look like a paltry idiots game!

And, it’s not as if you don’t pay enough tax already, is it? So! How does it make you feel to know that you are effectively subsidising one of the most lucrative forms of business on this planet? (I’m talking about Supermarkets here, although gentleman farming is a very elitest big money-spinning business also… And there’s no need to get your hands dirty… The printing ink on government subsidy application forms is nothing like news print! And filling them out is, well… nothing like farming… But who gives a damn about that!?!)

Perhaps the example of Wlamart, who now own Asda in the UK, is useful here…?

The six adult Walmart children, who are reputed to have never done a stroke of work in their lives, own more wealth than approximately 40% of the American population, give or take a few dollars…

For lazy-ass people who have contributed NOTHING to society to own this level of wealth is, frankly, offensive enough, but to know that Walmart’s routinely advise new employees how to apply for food stamps because they don’t pay them a living wage, is… well… in my opinion… FRAUD!

And again, it’s an hell of a lot more fraudulent, in the economies of scale, than the comparitively miniscule benefit frauds that people, like the Walmart’s, want you to believe are the problem with our economic system.

Ooh! I seem to be getting a bit serious! Hmmm… I’m genuinely feeling a tad hot under the collar.

But, in my defense, it really is very bloody hard not to feel annoyed when there’s such blatant, gut-wrenchingly offensive, bare-faced, appallingly arrogant exploitation of pretty much everybody on the entire planet going on right under our noses and no-one is doing the faintest thing about it!

The Walmart’s cost the taxpayer 6.4 billion dollars in the US according to Forbes.

Societal Structures Are Consciously Engineered To Further Enrich The Wealthy Few

Mark Blyth provides economic insights in easy-to-understand bite-size chunks. I love him 🙂

He’s a Scottish Economics Professor living in the US.

For an incredibly well made documentary made by a British filmmaker, Ross Ashcroft, founder of The Renegade Economist, The Four Horsemen really blows the gaff on what is really happening… I hope you find the time to watch it! It is excellent.





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  1. As if by no small coincidence, Tesco, (the supermarket that forced all employees in Clevedon, and presumably elsewhere, to sign a contract which allows Tesco to force staff to stay behind to remedy work deemed to be done badly, which was then routinely used to extract 10 hours unpaid labour a week from certain staff members… yes, you guessed it, for doing entirely different work!) announces a major employment cull today… 1,700 store managers are facing the chop.

    They are all over Twitter declaring that it’s Meat Free Monday today, as well!

    For peats sake… what have they got against me…? I mean, really!?!?

  2. And today Sainsbury’s announces major job cuts too!


  1. […] Supermarket policy decisions result in the destruction of our arable land, force farmers to adopt modern farming methods, thereby often losing a lifetime of local farming insights, and put local businesses under so much competitive pressure that a lot of them go bust. They also suck 80% of the money out of a local economy, that then gets invested elsewhere. […]

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