This is the recipe compendium page for super healthy recipes on the Wild As The Wind website. It will be regularly updated.

The focus of the recipes in the Wild As The Wind compendium is to make healthy food really delicious whilst also optimising the nutritional value of the ingredients.

This usually means making really simple food, quickly and inexpensively, but not compromising on quality.

*Tip: we can save a lot of money in energy, as well as saving our precious time, by not over-processing our food. By this I mean, over-cooking or over-combining etc… If we save money on the energy used for cooking then we can afford to buy better value ingredients!

How To Use This Page

You can check the ‘Contents’ section below for a list of recipes, but if you want to home in on a particular health benefit of a recipe, or to focus on a specific food, or nutrient, then we recommend you use the search box in the sidebar to the right of this article.

All you need to do is type in what you are looking for and click your return button, or left click the spy glass icon in red to the side of the search box.

What To Search For

You can search for anything in the search box, and if there’s is reference to the item you are searching for on the Wild As The Wind website, then you will be provided with article options to read.

The search box works like a search engine like Google. View it as a mini search engine just for things on the Wild As The Wind website!

Examples Of What To Search For

You can search for anything, but if you are looking for recipes, then search for any of the following…

An ingredient: e.g. Brussels Sprouts

A constituent: e.g. Glutathione

An action: e.g. Detoxing

A specific recipe: e.g. Oriental Brussels Sprouts

Wild As The Wind Recipes

by Rachel Wild

Oriental Brussels Sprouts

Dairy Free Pate

Bone Broth

Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Chocolate

Recipes From Trusted Sources

Since starting Wild As The Wind I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet really lovely, like-minded, health-conscious, spiritually aware and creative people who are all contributing to a healthier, happier world.

I became aware of Many Hands Organic Farm when one of the key workers commented on one of my articles. Using the email extension I was able to visit the website, and was blown away with the work everyone was doing on this incredible farm… Plus, their recipe page is utterly awesome! The whole website is an excellent resource. 

Plus, I’ve met individuals trying to make a difference.

One such person is Stefy, who has a brilliant recipe website called Honey & Zest. The recipes are both mouth-watering as well as healthy and balanced. I heartily recommend you pay Honey & Zest a visit!

And, I met Genevieve Eustis in Southern India, when she was there studying Southern Indian cuisine, and I was having a mild nervous breakdown over the small matter of writing a book.

Here’s Genevieve’s great food website: Most Delicious

I am sure this website will be enough, and more, for everybody! (Sorry, this is an ‘in’ joke… hope I got it right Genevieve!)

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